mythic mobs

  1. Marcato

    Mythic Dungeons 1.0.3

    ⌚ !! PRICE CHANGE WARNING !! ⌚ The premium version of the plugin will be going up in price with the introduction of dungeon and room generator features, so get the premium version at a discount while you can! Support | Manual | Issue Tracker Introducing Mythic Dungeons, the ultimate...
  2. F

    All my mythic mobs are default skins that are named "OUT OF DATE" please help!

    I Recently updated to the newest version of premium mythic mobs and all my mobs look like this: How do i fix this?
  3. 1

    Bosses Pack [1] 1.16-.1.18

    This Pack includes 4-7 Mobs! All this has been made more than in 7 hours There is more info in my discord server! Trust me it is worth it to buy. They are cool af and 50% off for 1-2 weeks FireSpirit: - Shoots flaming arrows around him (Deadly) - Custom Sounds - Teleports 0.25% - Makes a cloud...
  4. Noobio

    Beenatour, the Queen of Stinger 2022-03-16

    I really love the Queen Bee in Don't Starve: Together so i decide to remake her xd (Kleiplsdontsue) So yea she basically hit you with her stinger Summon Killer Bees to swarm u Shoot Needle if you try to escape Scream to make Killer Bees run faster and bang u Charge at you if you go too far Here...
  5. Noobio

    Bing ChillingZ the Sword Guardian 2022-03-14

    Ah yes BING CHILLINGZ A bonus gif xd This is my second first model !! This boss pack include Mythicmobs Skills He have 3 main move: - Swing you and bash you with his shield - Jump up and slam you - Guard himself to block you Yes and this also include an altar that summon him When you right...
  6. Axel578

    MMGen - The ULTIMATE Mythic Mob GUI / Panel 3.5

    MMGen is the mythic mob IDE that you all have been waiting for ! Simple and intuitive, it's meant to make your mob coding process faster and more efficient. MMGen is three things, first, it's a mythic mob code editor, with a syntax checking tool and a code suggestion engine, every essential...
  7. Akyrion

    [MiniBoss] Mom's Claus || Boss + Schematic || Mythicmobs 0.1

    Video Showcase: ✔️ Free Support ✔️ Map included ✔️ 1.16+ ✔️ 1.17 ✔️ Easy Installation
  8. iFab1x

    Zeus ≈ [FREE] 1.1

    ZEUS is a very powerful boss that you can use on your public server or with friends 100% configurable. FREATURES - FREE BOSS - DECENT SKILLS - 100% CONFIGURABLE - NEW BOSS SHOWCASE SUPPORT Discord: Soon ( ! ) You are free to use all the settings as you like.
  9. D

    ⭐Ores - A new way of mining⭐ - Model Engine 1.0

    Ores - A New Way Of Mining ✅ Custom Models ✅ Custom Animation ✅ Custom Drops ⭕ Coal Ore ⭕ Iron Ore ⭕ Gold Ore ⭕ Copper Ore ⭕ Lapis Ore ⭕ Diamond Ore ⭕ Emerald Ore Provide your players with a new way of mining! Ores have to be mined by attacking them like mobs. Create pickaxes with...
  10. RazorPlay01

    DesertPack by RazorPlay01 1.1

    ---------------------------------------------- DesertPack by RazorPlay01. ---------------------------------------------- This is the update of my previous pack called cactuspack in this I have added a new type of mob with a new mechanic and several very random rewards...
  11. Kiselyok

    Im need some help with skill

    Hi, im trying to make skill with particles like pentagram or magic seal, but im wanna do it in front like throwing fireball or something. Can somebody tell me how its working? I see on chinese sites skills like i need, but they didnt free
  12. Vizcorp

    Muichiro 1.0

    I create simple boss Muichiro from Demon Slayer with 4 Skills DEPENDENCIES - LibsDisguises
  13. E

    Wraith Mob 1.1

    A ModelEngine model and MythicMobs config I made. The mob has Walk, Idle, Attack, and Death animations, as well as a simple projectile skill. I might add another skill or two later on, and update the model since though I'm proud of the face, the model could be a lot more interesting and...
  14. E

    Improved Chicken Model 1.0

    This is literally just a slightly better-looking chicken that I made for fun, use it however you want, the download also has a mythicmobs config for the chicken. The Chicken also has a walk, idle, and death animation.
  15. MooshroomStatus

    Foroth, Evoker of Shadow 1.1

    Only works for 1.13+, as previous versions of the plugin are no longer supported. This is a recreation of my first boss I ever made! He's bigger, scarier, and deadlier than ever. He first made his appearance back in 2016. 5 years later, he was modified using the latest mechanics and plugin...
  16. 22Hause

    Jabali Mob 2021-05-16

    This package contains Model and MM Configuration Discord: 22Hause#6653 Animations: Idie: Walk: Attack: Death:
  17. MooshroomStatus

    MooshroomStatus Otherworldly Pack 2021-04-09

    WHAT'S INCLUDED?: - Fire Revenant - Cosmic Stormcaller - Void Creature - World Edit arena schematic (Cosmic Stormcaller) - Disguises.yml DEPENDENCIES: - LibsDisguises - MythicMobs - ProtocolLib VIEW HERE:
  18. MooshroomStatus

    MooshroomStatus Fantasy Bundle 1.1

    Since I've finally created my first 3 boss packs, I'm adding a selling feature that allows you to buy them at a discounted price! Individually, their total is $13.50, but I'm selling you the 3 boss (and other orcs) bundle for only $10! I really appreciate this community's undying support and...
  19. MooshroomStatus

    Void Creature 2021-04-09

    An entity of dark matter, sent out to hunt the Revenant for his treasonistic ascent from the Nether World, will devour everything in it's path until it's job is complete. Can you expel this entity of darkness before the Universe ceases to exist? WHAT'S INCLUDED?: - Void Creature Boss -...
  20. MooshroomStatus

    Cosmic Stormcaller 2021-04-09

    WHAT'S INCLUDED?: - Void Creature Boss - Disguises.yml DEPENDENCIES: - LibsDisguises - ProtocolLib - MythicMobs VIEW HERE: