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Very good job I like it I had to addapt everything to AI but I think it's good.
I love your girls, wofl_awwent!
The overall quality of that plugin is really bad.. i dont get why its so popular? Because if you want to stay up2date with your server you face many errors and problems because this very high priced Plugin still isnt up2date with your MC-Version... All other Plugins i know even the free ones are updated fast. Thats a shame.
I want you to list all the old versions, I need it. I downloaded an old version from the History page, but the download page is the latest version. (I'm using Microsoft Translator and there may be some grammatical errors)
Plugin itself is ok but it seems abandonned and dont get any further updates so better not buying it in current state its a waste of money.
doesn't work in 1.12, nothing to say more
The plugin system is good. The functions and possibilities to make dungeons are endless (and will be even more with future updates), but the lack of some basic functions are bothering me. You can't disable global announcement of deaths (all players in the server receive it, not only party/dungeon members). You can't translate the messages AT ALL, not even the prefix. Integration with Party and Friends would be excellente too.
These are all features that are planned and are on the way. In fact, I added the ability to disable the death message announcement shortly after you brought it to my attention in the support chat...

In short, the plugin is receiving constant updates, and I read every feature request and bug report I get, but I am one person and can only implement features so fast. This isn't my full time job (yet) after all. :)
Updated and suggestions may be implemented.
Very Good. wolf_awwent i'm waiting for more of your models!
thanks <3
Have worked with T0xic for over a year and have consistently used many of his resources for all my servers whether it be for production or for friends. This pack has very balanced, and well modeled pets with great support that can help you set everything up! :)
Thank you appreciate your review =)
No more updates or anything else. I was lucky to not have bought this.