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Really excellent plugin, and in my view, the performance improvements alone did make the separate release a reasonable ask on the developer's part. I hope to see an update for 1.20.6 in the future, as I've been running into a good number of problems trying to get servers set up in 1.20.4, and my best option seems to be updating altogether. Good stuff - would also love to see BetonQuest/Citizens hidden NPC integration :) Models that appear and disappear as needed throughout questlines would open so many possibilities.
Only been playing around with this for an hour or 2 but it is a huge improvement over other plugins i've tried in the past such as Advanced Enchants. Enchantments are integrated into the game almost like an actual update and not a weird buggy addon. Hopefully we get a build for 1.21 soon(Few minor errors preventing enchantments from being applied to weapons).
Very good plugin, but there is an issue that I would like to report. I hope the author can check if it can be optimized.
The following is the report content (my usage version is the paid version of 5.7.0):
In the entity options, if the ImmunityTable: true option under Modules: is enabled. So, the refresh injury interval in the damage skill group will not work on creatures that have this option enabled. Similarly, the setnodamagematches skill cannot reset it.
This issue will directly cause players to lose most of their damage from multiple damage skills. For example, I created an item where a player attacking a target will emit a sword light, which can cause damage to the attacking creature. However, when facing creatures with ImmunityTable enabled, the preventive function within the knife light damage did not take effect, directly resulting in damage loss.
For this issue, I hope you can make optimizations. Finally, thank you for your excellent plugin, which has enabled me to implement many fun designed monsters
Excellent drag and drop custom Mob pack. I've been doing my own custom Mytic Mobs for a while, and this pack taught me a lot more mob & skill mechanics. Well worth the money 10x over!!!
Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm thrilled to hear that the custom Mob pack has helped you learn more about mob and skill mechanics. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and confirms that the effort put into creating the pack was worthwhile.
Please Update for 1.20. or 1.21
Please update! Alot of things have moved forward causing the need of 1.20.6+
Have purchased but cannot use plugin till updated to 1.20.6, please update asap.