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This pack is incredible. the animations are challenges and the boss is insanely hard . if you want players to feel achieved and work and play for weeks on your server to get it. this is for you!!!
4 stars for now, but the Boss is so cool, it works perfectly, just drag and drop, but my problem is that's why I put it into 4 stars is that we bought it and when there's a new update how do we get it since I refreshed the page and it says "Buy for X amount" like do we have to buy it again every update that sounds messed up.
Thank you, I have learned a lot of new ideas
The mob is fun to play around with and it is helping me practice with creating my own mobs using MythicMobs. By the way to make this perfect change the summon mummy code to this

Cooldown: 20
- message{m="&e&l<><&co> Let's see how you deal with the dead!"} @PlayersInRadius{r=40}
- sound{s=entity.zombie.ambient;repeat=1;repeatInterval=5;} @Origin
- Summon{mob=husk;amount=2;radius=2;onSurface=true;} @PlayersInRadius{r=40;limit=1;sort=FURTHEST}

if you dont your just gonna get
✗[33m Config Error for Mechanic line '[4mSummon{mob=mummy;amount=2;radius=2;onSurface=true;}[33m' in 'Unknown': [37mThe 'type' attribute must be a valid MythicMob or MythicEntity type.
in console
Love that you added more blocks, tho I noticed there's still a lot of them that are missing.
10/10 rating, good model, fun skills and relatively modular if you're using the suite of Mythic plugins. Excellent content
pretty good, author is very helpful too
excelente paquete, el creador brinda ayuda apenas lo solicitas!!
Epic pack, but even better creator. Elias goes above and beyond to help out with any questions.

He even made a video specifically because I needed to be shown how to add his pack, and he did so within the hour.

If he makes more classes, at this good of a price, with this good of a support?

I will keep buying. I rate this 420 out of 10!
What an amazing addon with a low price, Thank you so much for providing this pack.
Not a single update in months, do not waste your money on abandoned resource.
Hello can you update to 1.17 pls
Elias Couss
Elias Couss
power orbs works in 1.17, enter to the discord server if you need help with the installation:)
Scam. Nothing in the pictures linked are in the pack.
sorry for that because i was upload wrongs file, i will fix it soon
Very good pack I definitely reccommend it.
Space Doggo
Space Doggo
Thank you :)
Super service, helped solve all my problems with getting the model onto my server, and the model is also really cool so definitely would recommend.
Great pack for basic skill learning.
Pretty cool! thanks for sharing.
Great particle effects for a fun boss that is challenging but not over the top! The files came organized and everything worked from the go. Running on Java 1.16.5
Thank for your review. Hope you have fun <3