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Cheap and High Quality for lazy people like me.
very cool boss! i hope u can add that players can spawn him with the shrine :D
MythicEnchants is probably the best Custom Enchant plugin out there at the moment in terms of utility and options, and it works great for the most part, however updates are pretty infrequent, and there are some annoying bugs (Custom enchant names don't show up in lore correctly atm), but if you need great and customizable enchants, MythicEnchants is the best option.
Getting an invalid plugin.yml error. Looks like the plugin wasn't properly built at all.
Hey there. If you report the error, I may be able to fix it... but nobody else has ever encountered this issue before. Your jar file may be corrupted.
Truly mythical plugin. No great alternative for this -- and it even comes with its own party system.
Legendary plugin. Support is absolutely zero from the creators themselves, and the plugin is barely updated -- but it's such a powerful tool that I can't recommend it more. Works really well on any type of server. Though don't bother buying premium, it's practically the exact same.
takes forever receive your downloads discords as much use as a chocolate fireguard for support, it's probably worth the money but i just cba with inconsistency and waiting around for a download, either use tebex so sales are done according or do website to discord link downloads section for paid with token access.
Insane plugin with tons of versatility, i made a surface dungeon that has massive cliffs and wanted there to be a part where after clearing out a set of mobs, the collapsed rocks explode, no other plugin had smth that worked that way, except in very roundabout confusing methods, while this one gave me an easy to use layout with no confusing sign typing, and a super easy way to understand what was going on. The developer is very responsive and just should be given all the praise. Ive had many issues with other developers, but i assure you that you would not find them with this one.

Please get this plugin instead of the alternatives, this person really deserves the support.
Beautiful! Really well made and amazing sfx!
Nice models and pre config. I will waiting for more armors c:
Note that plugin (HappyHUD) is currently unusable, look at their discord for more information. This serves as an alternate layout if you are lazy and want something besides the default. After retexturing every file I realized I paid for a tutorial on how to use happyhud except his english is poor and he is somehow reluctant to give you support? I guess he forgot that his customers are the ones that write his reviews. The pixel art is very rudimentary to the point where you question why it's being sold, the design actually protrudes and looks bad when using shaders.
195+ Models that are amazingly crafted and put together. Especially for such an affordable price
Classes are very fun and functional, would highly recommend it. Hope to see more in the future!
it's pretty good but why install the plugin and trident enchanting with riptide will broken . plz fix it and i will love u
Modeling is well done and added animations, this is free and a great product. Come on people, this needs more 5-star love!