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MMGen is the mythic mob IDE that you all have been waiting for !
Simple and intuitive, it's meant to make your mob coding process faster and more efficient.
MMGen is three things, first, it's a mythic mob code editor, with a syntax checking tool and a code suggestion engine, every essential coding tool are integrated into the software. Second, it's a mythic mob GUI, with a built-in skill editor. Then third, it's a dummy server panel, yes, you want to look at what your mob look like in one single click !
The tool is updated since 2020, the date of the first beta release !

look at this video about how to use MMGen:

The biggest features about MMGen:
  1. Code suggestion
  2. Syntax Checking
  3. Skill GUI
  4. Custom Mob GUI
  5. Skill Preset
  6. 3D Viewer for skill target range
  7. Skill Line Generation
  8. Random Mob Generation in one click
  9. Random AI-Based Skin generation
  10. Dummy server panel
  11. way more..
A little view of what you can do with MMGen:

Or what MMGen Looks like :

You can't imagine the number of features available, and the software is growing rapidly !
any issue with the software ? or just have a question ? don't hesitate to go on the Discord
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Excellent Software, just missing particle viewer for all skills :)