mythic mobs

  1. MooshroomStatus

    Manatech Golem 2021-04-09

    CREATED FOR 1.12-1.16! IF USED IN LOWER VERSIONS, SOME SOUNDS/PARTICLES MAY BE MISSING! This boss was imagined in the essence of creation where magic and machine were fused together to create anything from new armor, weapons, technologies, and even monsters! Take your swing at the Steam Golem...
  2. MooshroomStatus

    Orc Pack 2021-04-09

    A chaotic mob pack of moderate mobs to fight as well as a special boss. The mobs are intended for battle as medium-level fights. Can be solo'd with normal diamond equipment, but is difficult without bonus attributes or enchantments. (No configured drops. That's entirely for the pack owners to...
  3. LoganRaven

    How can I use my own Skin.png for MythicsMobs ?

    Hey guys I was wondering how can I use my own skins that I has in my "skin" folder of the plugin LibsDisguise for MythicsMobs Here is a picture of where my skins files are located
  4. Ceberus

    Nightmare Phantoms 0.5.1

    Required Lib's Disguises, Optifine and ResourcePack:
  5. Antony_XP

    Mythic Items and Custom Item Model 1.14+

    What can I do to use the Custom Model Data of items in the resource pack? I thought that the string Data, but this is not true, by writing a command, I can still do this, but I don't know how to assign it to an existing mythic item. I saw in the manual the ability to add NBT tags, but the...
  6. Blazingshadow17

    Mythic Mobs Don't Damage Eachother

    Whenever a Mythic Mob uses this for damaging - basedamage{m=1.0;ia=false} @target It doesn't damage other Mythic Mobs, it works on players and vanilla mobs. Here are the two skills I'm combining to cancel Weapon Damage NoWeaponDamage: Skills: - CancelEvent and WeaponUser: Cooldown: 0...
  7. U

    Silent Option not working?

    Hello all, I have been using MythicMobs for the past few days with no problems. Today I was creating a Flying Demon for my Nether World (Ghast disguised as player) to find that the Silent option is not working. It still does that screeching Ghast noise every 5 seconds even when I have "Silent...
  8. Larvvy


    Add Mythic Mobs compatibility with the plugin Advanced Spawners. So when both plugins are working in one server the mythic mobs and the Advanced Spawners Mobs don't work very well. Both plugins break when they're together in the same server.
  9. EnderOliver

    [Artifacts] Mythic artifacts is not loading

    I recently purchased mythic artifacts but was greeted with this error message in my console. I tried looking up installation guides or anything of that sort but nothing was helping my issue. I run a 1.15.2 spigot minecraft server. The error message is below: [23:02:58] [Server thread/ERROR]...
  10. ggonzo

    Help, New to this

    I've been trying to mess around with all the different types of settings and I got it working for this boss I wanted to make but now it is just breaking everything, help please it will be greatly appreciated
  11. ajsgamer

    Is it possible to get MythicMobs API for free?

    Where can I find MythicMobs API for making my own plugin?
  12. B

    [FREE] Dark Elf Mini Boss 1.2

    This is a mini boss I made while experimenting, I designed it to be absolute terrifying while fighting. Only way to find out if I'm right is to download it yourself ;) The Download Includes: - Dark Elf Mob yml file - Dark Elf Skills yml file I will continue to update it and support for as...
  13. B

    [FREE] Giant Surtur Boss mob 1.0

    The download contains: - A Mob file containing Surtur and Draugr - A skills file containing the projectile Skills - A random spawns file - Item files - Droptables file for both Surtur and Draugr * Draugr is a super basic mob that Surtur rallies during fights , you can choose to do without by...
  14. S

    [SEARCHING] Need Bosses Creator

    Hello there, Me and my team are recently searching for a MythicMobs user that knows alot about the plugin and knows how to build a good and intense boss fight. We need 2 bosses with good particle animations and hopefully, armor stand animations (it is not required). If anyone got the time and...
  15. N

    Sheep Shearing Question

    So i had this idea of shearable sheep that drop other things like andesite, cobble, etc. and i was wondering if anyone knows if its possible with mythicmobs plugin. Any help would be awesome.
  16. C

    Hiring Paid Looking for experienced MM creator

    Hello! I'm currently working on an server that has multiple game modes. We are looking for an experienced creator who is looking for some medium size projects. Max budget: 40$ Project description: 1. Pets We want some EULA friendly pets to sell for real money. These pets must be invincible...
  17. B

    Custom mobs and items wont spawn
  18. Ldii

    Combat Engineer pack 1.0

    There will be more content after a while! This pack contains: 1. Turret (shoots at your enemies) 2. Heal machine (heals all players in a range) 3. Secure lamp (throws all enemies) 4. Generator (energizes all tech around) 5. Garage (makes battle cars) And items that spawns these machines!
  19. ambroz11

    How do you change head of a mob let's say skeleton king to a player head?

    How do you change head of a mob let's say skeleton king to a player head?
  20. PasteK25

    Change Stances Issue

    Hello guys ! I'm trying to make a MythicMob that have 4 stances (Fire, Water, Earth and Wind) and I want him to change stances in a cicle (Wind => Water => Fire => Earth => Wind ...) on interact with the mobs. But when I interact with my mob, he just do the 4 stances in once but I can't make him...