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Required Dependencies
Modelengine 3.0.0+, Mythicmobs, MythicCrucible, ItemsAdder

As of the time of writing this, Warden extended is currently the only resource I know of with custom bossbar textures for a custom boss

Warden Extended is a custom boss with 2 stages, custom bossbars, and craftable functional items. the resource also includes a vanillamobs.yml, this will modify the vanilla warden to spawn a "warden soul" upon its death, players can use a corrrupted totem (one of the craftable custom items included) on a warden soul to summon the revived warden. the boss will drop custom items including warden bone fragments and sculk scraps, which can be used in the creation of functionsl custom items. (MythicCrucible is required for the custom items to function correctly)

Feature list:
- 8 Modelengine models with animations
- A 2-stage boss with multiple skills and attacks
- 10 custom items with custom models, textures, recipes, and MythicCrucible configs
- 2 custom bossbar textures (one for each of the 2 stages)
- "Decoration" Mythicmobs for all 8 Modelengine models (they just sit there and look cool, they only have 1 hp)
- Occasional updates introducing new content (until I can't think anything more to add)
- A full custom armor set with recipes (requires ItemsAdder until I can figure out how to get it to work with Crucible)
- A full custom tool set with recipes
- Support (Just leave suggestions/bug reports in the "Discussion" section)

Custom Mobs

Warden Soul (Spawned when a vanilla warden dies and used to summon the Revived Warden):

Revived Warden (Boss form 1):


Destabilized Warden (Boss form 2):


Sculk Grappler (Summoned by form 1 to hold players in place. The screenshot looks a bit weird but it looks fine in-game):

Soul-Infested Destabilized Sculk (small enemies summoned by form 2):

Spikes (form 1):

Spikes: (form 2):

Custom Items:

All items have recipes or drop from the boss, the heads, arms, and horns are all functional in some way. the heads can be worn, the arms let the user use the spikes from either form 1 or form 2 of the boss, depending on the arm, and the horns can be used to play the sound of the warden roaring.

Custom Armor:




Custom tools:

Sonic Cannon:

1: place all files in the correct place
2: run /mm reload, /meg reload and /iareload (or restart the server)
3: merge the resourcepack generated by modelengine into Itemsadder's resource pack and run /iazip
4: download and install the resource pack generated by Itemsadder
If you're not using Itemsadder just use the pack generated by modelengine, custom armors are not usable without Itemsadder.

Known Incompatibilities (IMPORTANT!):
- Nova plugin: Nova's WAILA feature seems to completely break my custom bossbar textures, I've tried playing around with the resource pack files to fix the issue but I can't seem to find any solution. If you can find a way to succesfully merge the packs then go ahead, otherwise it's recommended to disable Nova's WAILA feature and make sure not to have the WAILA resources in your texture pack.

Upcoming features:

In Progress:
- Custom enchantments with MythicEnchants Technically done but unusable until ME updates and fixes important bugs
- Custom Blocks
- A sonic boom cannon item Done
- Animated Texture for the Sonic Cannon
- More mobs, blocks, items, etc. that aren't directly related to the bossfight (basically turning this into a deep dark expansion rather than just a custom boss)
- An actually decent trailer
- Maybe a custom mini revived warden pet with MCPets

Please DM me on MythicCraft for any questions, suggestions, or bug reports
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