1. MexBotDude

    MexBot’s King Oondasta & Trex Boss Pack 0.0.2

    This Pack includes - King Oondasta Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death) - T-Rex Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death) - Armored T-Rex Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death) - King Oondasta Mount Model (6 Animations...
  2. V

    ❖ [MythicMobs] Vaskel's Forest Pack ❖ 1.0

    ❖ Forest Pack ❖ • Say hello to a whole new variety of Forest mobs! • The Forest Pack is a bundle of MythicMobs custom mobs that has 15 custom mobs that each have their own special and unique skills to show! • If you’re looking for something to spice up your forest biomes, then this is it...
  3. S

    Flowers mobs pack 0.02

    PM me if you have any question Discord: 氟氯碳姆路#2181
  4. MythicCraft

    MythicMobs 5.0.3

    The #1 Custom Mob & Skill System Website | Manual | Forum | Discord | Changelogs If you love Mythic and want to continue seeing free releases, please leave us a 5-star review! Mythic allows server administrators to fully modify all attributes of monsters on your server, and even create...
  5. HStrike123

    Boss DarkAerials 1.8 - 1.16

    Ok Hello Everyone I'm a Newbie so I want to sell my Boss I made Information: Health: 6999 Damage: 13 Equipment: Stone Sword Now let's show Boss's Skills: TheDarkShoot: Cooldown: 28 seconds Information: Boss shoots 3 dark rays, repeated 2 times, when hit will lose 4 health and blindness (Damn: ...
  6. L

    25 Minutes of Mythic Mob Bosses

    Hey there, I created a server called The Outer Realms and mythic mobs is a fairly large feature on the server. This video showcases every boss ranging from very simple to extremely complex. Play this server now IP: The server is getting remade and I just wanted to thank the...
  7. P

    KingArthur 1.0

    Minecraft 1.14.4 MythicMobs-4.9.1 You can watch the video here Lines: 750+ Skills: 14 send me your email after you buy this boss Discord - 吹雪#6488
  8. S

    [SEARCHING] Need Bosses Creator

    Hello there, Me and my team are recently searching for a MythicMobs user that knows alot about the plugin and knows how to build a good and intense boss fight. We need 2 bosses with good particle animations and hopefully, armor stand animations (it is not required). If anyone got the time and...
  9. Infro

    Infro_'s Forsaken Temble Pack 1.11

    Thx for 362 purchases!!! History upon the Dungeon Pack Mysterious clan of Death Heralds are snatching people all over the world and do what think they can do - decide one's fate. For an unknown reason they chained and tortured several innocent people. It seems like on of these people is the...
  10. B

    Looking For Work (Paid) Complex Bosses - ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ#0664

    I am experienced with MythicMobs and create just about anything you want. My prices are negotiable, starting at about $5 for simple bosses. You can pay me on Paypal or Venmo. I am very prompt and very fast. Discord: BlueeDreaM#0664
  11. Infro

    Infro_'s Random Spawn Mobs Pack 1.13

    Thx for 362 purchases!!! Purpose of the Mob Pack This pack is brilliant idea for those who want to add simple and interesting mobs at the same time to spawn across the server world. It brings several mobs and bosses with different spawning conditions and chances. It is perfectly diversifing...
  12. J

    How to make Trailers Boss

    I watched the trailer, and I loved it. That huge devilish boss made me want to team up with my servers players and fight it! The only problem is, I have no idea how to make it. Ive read the manual, watched a few tutorials, but I haven't seen how to make a boss that doesn't look like a vanilla...
  13. xlsalvolx

    ♨️❄️ FireFrost pack ❄️♨️ 1.17

    Hello again! This time i bring to you a pack of ice and fire. This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicCrucible pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft version). You can watch a video of this pack here: This pack...
  14. SulphurSlap

    Spawner Help, multiple bosses, don't know how to fix.

    I have created a boss in which the boss's assistant shows up and says a dialogue, after the dialogue is finished, the assistant is removed and the boss is summoned. Now here is the problem, I have created a spawner that summons the assistant, after the assistant is done with his dialogue...
  15. Infro

    Infro_'s World Bosses Pack 2.6

    Thx for 362 purchases!!! History upon the Pack Five known villains that have a power of all five elements of nature are now threatening the entire world. Each of them is a master of his force of nature and knows everything about it. They have their cruel plan and strong will to execute it...
  16. justnohacks


    Introducing new bosses for your server! These challenging bosses will engage your players and will make your server look unique in front of the thousands of servers that are out there. This is a premium resource and is able to be purchased on mc-market, the download will lead you to it. So...
  17. pinkpig3777

    How to Disable McMMO Exp Gain

    MythicMobs Version: MythicMobs-4.3.3-SNAPSHOT (should work on any though) Spigot Version Used: 1.12.2 (should work on any version though) Description: Have you ever wanted to disable McMMO experience gain while fighting bosses so players can't farm exp? Well now you can! Please note: The...
  18. Awesome_Dante

    [Boss] Herobrine V 1.1

    So you think you have what it takes to defeat Minecrafts greatest threat? Go ahead and try your best. Few can defeat Herobrine... Can you? This Herobrine boss is a great monster to challenge your players with. He has a variety of skills to combat your players and has many cool particle effects...
  19. Infro

    Infro's DarkEstate - Raid - Structure, Mobs and Skills 1.5

    History upon the mobpack: A so called Cult of the Damned that recently started invasion on most known strongholds, fortresses and cities finally captured the old Estate of long forgotten mage. They are looking for an ancient scrolls which will give them more power. The only one who can stop this...
  20. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack Beta 1.0

    Supported Versions 1.11.2-1.16.5 Download not available for you? Purchase it ---> HERE <--- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Translations planned for: French, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian after release V-1.0...