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| 80+ Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | 4 Bosses | 400+ Skills | 6 Healthbars | 100+ Items | 10+ Drops |

| 80+ Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | 4 Bosses | 400+ Skills | 6 Healthbars | 100+ Items | 10+ Drops | 2.5.0

Required Dependencies
MythicMobs Free/Premium v5.7.0
I'm incredibly thankful for all 300+ purchases. Your support means the world to me!

Introducing "Custom Mobs"
A pack to enhance your server's gameplay.
Upgrade now for exciting adventures with unique creatures!

Have more ideas?
Add them, or let me know to include them! It's both simple and advanced, and it works!

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What do you get:
- 80+ Custom Mobs
- 6 types of healthbar


- 400+ Skills (Mostly every mob got 1-3 skill)
- DropTable Tier Drops (I, II, III, IV, V)
- Hex coloring
- 100+ Item Drops & Equipment

(Custom randomized attributes & enchantments)
- Region Mobs
(Examples of spawning in different locations such as structures, biomes, worldguard regions and by using conditions)
- Random Spawns
- 4 Bosses with Minions + Skills
- Random Names Skill
- Custom Head Drops
- Premium Support (Discord)

Mobs from my Levelledmobs resource, but updated!

Zombie Horde
Spawn a group of zombies

Explosive Zombie
Will explode on death, but you don't know that

Sprinter Zombie
Will run after you if you are in range

Jumper Zombie
Randomly jumps and will jump towards you

Thrower Zombie
Throws you up in the air and away

Stealth Zombie
Invisible but you can see on the ground that it follows you

Skilled Zombie
More advanced zombie, can pull you and teleport randomly away, got alot going on

Charged Creeper
Regular charged creeper but will make a big hole

Undead Creeper
A creeper that won't die on explode and will constantly explode until killed, it only creates small holes

Bluff Creeper
A creeper that explodes flowers (I like this)

Will equip armor, and create a sky rain of arrows

Water Creature
Spawns only in water and don't let it hit you

Mother Phantom
A huge Phantom that can spawn, but is also kinda a miniboss with a bossbar, can spawn minions that helps

Sam The Snowman
Angry snowman that is insane, throwing snow at you and can only spawn in snowy areas

All of the new mobs.

Enderman Teleporter
Whenever it teleports it got a chance of spawning an endermite

Ninja Zombie
A ninja that will make a jump attack and slice you up

Angry Wolf
Alpha wolf that spawns small wolf to help, and will howl to rally them after you

Knight Clan
Knight Leader (Small boss)
Mount Ravager
Knight Minion Weapon
Knight Minion Archer
Knight Minion Banner Holder
A group of Knight's and if you don't know how to kill them, then you a screwed. A hint, kill the banner holder first and you will help yourself

End Witch
A witch that only spawns in the end and shoot projectiles and gives random bad effects

A zombie that walks around and will drop bombs

Hardcore Pillager
As the name says, a hardcore pillager that increases its damage when low on health

Lava Cube
A magma cube that only spawns in nether and is harder than a regular magma cube and spawns magma blocks underneath (blocks will also remove itself again)

End Zombie
A zombie that only spawns in the end with a custom head

End Skeleton
A skeleton that only spawns in the end with a custom head and warps around

Angry Bee
A bee that is constantly angry and one hit will almost kill you, so kill it before it hits you

Hardcore tank that's hardcore to kill

A skeleton that can burst shoot and create a shield

Creeper Ore Changer
It can change blocks to ores, only grass, stone, sand and dirt.
(Only tested with Lands and it works, remove itself near claims)

Lucky Villager
Low chance of spawning, will give you items from Droptables Tier V if you right-click it

End Blaze
It's not like a blaze, it's more particles flying around and will shoot you

Invisible Spider
Spawning invisible Spiders

Only spawns in the desert and is a tornado that pull players towards it and damage players

Poison Frog
Spit poison and leap towards players to damage them

Invisible Enderman
Like the invisible spider, but just an enderman where you can only see their eyes

Zombie Stunner
Stuns mobs around it when it dies (not players)

Zombie Scrambler
Throw items on the ground away, but doesn't attack players

Rancie Pig
Spawns as a normal pig and if you kill it, it'll change into a zombie pig and attack you

Drowned Shifter
Tries to drown you if in water

Webber Spider
Shoot webs after you

A mob that summons through a meteorite and then spawns when hitting the ground

3 Crystals
Different kinds in world, nether and the end. Like Lucky villager, but you need to find it to get a reward, got a chance of exploding and you need to be fast because they can teleport away

Aggressive Strider
A Strider that can attack players and if it's on lava, it can shoot players.

Shadow Caster
A unique Nether mob resembling a Wither Skeleton. When it spots you, it goes berserk, transforming into a spectral being that relentlessly pursues and attacks, blinding you.

Lifewisp Guardian
Heals nearby passive entities and players. Only spawns in specific biomes, such as Cherry biome.

Arid Marauder
A desert mob that shoots a wave of dust that damage entities it hits.

Spawn it, hit it, and output damage, use it with a spawner and have it in your spawn for fun.
Can't be killed, will heal itself.

Invisible Cave Spider
Spawns only in caves

Zombie Cave Miner
Has a chance of spawning a TNT and despawning itself, however if you kill it first it got a chance of dropping valuable items(ingots)

More will be added.
The Greatest Knight

The Eye


Chat Healthbar

Actionbar Healthbar

Hologram Healthbar

SetName1 Healthbar

SetName2 Healthbar

Bossbar Healthbar
A showcase of how to use the new "SPAWNER EXAMPLE" mob.
Below are a variety of examples showcasing different features and functionalities
- Demonstrating WorldGuard functionality including despawn out of region, setting level in a WorldGuard region, and combinations of both.
- Creating Spawner hologram information to display timer or cooldown information.
- Using variables to adjust experience levels or points based on mob level, with customization options available.
- Setting a displayname with the level included for clarity.
- Customizing healthbars with six options available, and potential for additional creativity.
- Implementing levelling mechanics in skills, such as setting mob levels on spawn, randomizing mob levels on spawn, adding levels upon player kill, adjusting levels based on time of day, or setting levels based on spawn height.
- Exploring AI functionality in skills, including utilizing AI to target nearby entities or cancelling AI altogether.

This list will continue to expand over time, providing further examples and assistance as needed.

Try the free version, it also includes all vanilla mobs and levelling, but I will not update it anymore.
This is a new better version of all custom mobs from that resource + so much more.
Levelledmobs was buggy as hell.

How to install:
Drag and drop the "Packs" to the "MythicMobs" folder.
All config files will now be located inside "Packs" folder.

Tested with Paper. [ 1.20.6 #137 ]
Tested with MythicMobs version. [ Free v5.6.2/Premium v5.7.0 ]

I haven't intentionally made use of any Premium features, and if I have done so by mistake, I will address it accordingly.

Only MythicMobs plugin, nothing else.

Known issues:
- LunarClient blocks bossbar



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Latest updates

  1. Custom Mobs - UPDATE - 2.5.0

    - IT'S NOT TESTED ON 1.21 YET !!! - Fixed Crystals, they was broken - Changed how "Dummy" heal...
  2. Custom Mobs - UPDATE - 2.4.4

    - Updated to support Paper 1.20.6 - Updated to MM 5.7.0 #5090 - Fixed "SPELL_MOB_AMBIENT" issue...
  3. Custom Mobs - UPDATE - 2.4.3

    - Increased Gorgon's life from 500 -> 1500 - Changed the bold text "&l" to "<bold>" - Added...

Latest reviews

Excellent drag and drop custom Mob pack. I've been doing my own custom Mytic Mobs for a while, and this pack taught me a lot more mob & skill mechanics. Well worth the money 10x over!!!
Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm thrilled to hear that the custom Mob pack has helped you learn more about mob and skill mechanics. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and confirms that the effort put into creating the pack was worthwhile.
the best configuration, and if he sees something wrong, he solves it at once, and listens to his customers.
Thank you for your kind review! I'm glad you're happy with the configuration and my quick resolutions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
this pack is great and the price is just right and the seeing the support from the dev is just great.

i tested every mob from this pack and so far no problem and it includes examples on how to add more features to the mobs and the syntax and good for beginners who are still learning on how to code YAML files

to the dev thanks for this pack!
Thanks for the positive feedback!

Happy to hear you're enjoying the pack and finding it helpful.

Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance or further improvements. Happy crafting!
Best mob pack i have ever seen not a waste of money highly recomend loved it its amazing its so cheap i think something of the quaily should be 50 dollars its an amazing pack highly recomend
Thank you for the glowing review! I'm thrilled to hear that you consider Custom Mob's the best mob pack ever. Your recommendation and positive feedback mean a lot to me. Glad you love it, and we appreciate your support!
So easy to install and loads of fun for my Minecraft Clubs! Its great value and well worth it. Thank you for this!
Thanks for the great review! I'm thrilled to hear that Custom Mob's is a hit at your Minecraft Clubs. Your feedback means a lot!
Amazing resource love it. Dev responsive and helpful and resource updated (as of 30.12.2023).
Thank you for your encouraging feedback! I'm delighted that you find the resource beneficial.
gets often updated with new features
Thanks for noting our frequent updates! Your review and 5 stars are greatly appreciated!
i just see the video on site and buy it no thinking
Great! Thank you for your review!
Finally someone makes custom mobs so well done, without bugs, and if you happen to have them the support is excellent.
Bad support = A developer that doesn't care.

I care so,
Thank you for your comment!
10/10, such fun mobs to work with and most come with random spawning too :) !
Definetly worth the 9euros.
Thank you for your comment, I appreciate every word!