1. hectozul

    Squid Game First Game Mob - Red Light, Green Light 1.17

    Hi, this mob represents the doll of the first game of the series, Red light - Green Light. You need to create a region with World Edit named luzverde Summon the mob outside the region. As in the series, the players can move during the music but if they are still moving after it ends the mob...
  2. ikanataa

    Fire and Ice Mage 1.0

    The best of Classes! Fire and Ice mage contains more of 20+ skills !
  3. discozombie88

    Need Help with Making a Mounted Mob

    I am trying to create a Skeleton that rides an Iron Golem but it isn't working correctly. The skeleton doesn't mount on spawn but instead summons the Iron Golem and mounts when attacked. When it is already mounted, the skeleton still uses the skill to spawn more Iron Golems, which I can't find a...
  4. V

    ❖ 10 MMOCore Basic Spells Pack for Magic User classes ❖ 2021-03-27

    ❖ Basic Spells Pack Info: - Consist of 10 Basic MMOCore Spells meant for Mages/Wizards and the sort. - Sends Mana Cost messages! ============================================ Contents: - Flame Bolt - Ice Chain - Frozen Shock - Lightning Shock - Blaze - Erosion - Stone Skin - Reveal...
  5. MythicCraft

    MMOCore v1.7.1

    From the creator of MMOItems, BountyHunters, and PinataParty, we bring to you a whole new RPG solution! Replacing outdated and popular plugins, we aim to provide people the same customization and features there old favorite plugins used to offer. In development for over 6 months, and bug tested...
  6. MythicCraft

    MythicMobs v4.12.0

    The #1 Custom Monster Creator Website | Manual | Discord | Changelogs If you love MythicMobs and want to continue seeing free releases, please leave us a 5-star review! MythicMobs allows server administrators to fully modify all attributes of monsters on your server, and even create your...
  7. o_james

    Particleforge - Mythic Mobs - Skill Bundles 2021-03-07

    1. Slash Bundle This Bundle Contains: - 18 Different Slash Variants - They can be used as a single Slash or be combined to advanced Combo skills - Use them to enhance your own bosses, classes, items etc. Create completely new skills by: - changing the particles and their sizes - changing the...
  8. Unsavable

    How to setup a duration on a skill?

    I'm trying to use a the pull mechanic to pull all the mobs towards a player (no problems there at all) but the problem is that I want the pull to be for an extended duration, but the duration needs to be a variable so I can upgrade it over time using MMOCORE. This is what I have so far. Its...
  9. S

    Summon mobs skill not working

    I'm trying to make a mob summon minions but it won't work. here is what I put. Mob skill: Skills: - skill{s=Minions} @self ~onTimer:20 Skill: Minions: Cooldown: 10 - message{cooldown=30;m="<><&co>My king I will not fail you" @PlayersInRadius{r=10} - delay 10 -...
  10. S

    I pay for mobs / skill creation !

    Hi, I am looking for someone that would be able to create some mobs/skill ideas that I have, for a good price ! He would know how to use skills effects, particles, sounds effects etc. No need to LibDisguises the mobs, Im only searching for skills on simple mobs. All the work would be well...
  11. Fortepsai

    Elite Creatures Mob Packs **ALl packs Updated** 1.14+

    1 dollar price in the link is just for redirection to our discord it was the minimum i could have set it doenst represent any payment so dont worry . Fellow MM users and players! We proudly present you Elite Creatures resource packs! These packs obtain animated models,sounds, skills and...
  12. J

    Conditions 'NOT'

    Hey, I had a quick question regarding conditions. bellow you can see a line of code from a skill and it has a condition if the player is wearing that item in there offhand this effect will activate. however is there an option to have this skill activate if the person is not wearing the...
  13. K

    Skill will not trigger without a timer

    I am trying to make the skill attacks LizardAcid and LizardLeap. Both do not work unless they are on timers. Why is it necessary to specify a timer? I did define a cooldown for both skills so I don't know why a timer is required. Is there a way to do this without a timer? Thanks. Lizard Mob...
  14. joniomega

    [FREE] Blackblood Pirates 2020-05-19

    This Mobs where made for a rpg server i wanted to make. But i had some problems and now i want to share them for free in this website. I don't have any problems if you use them on your server or monetized propose. If you need any support you can enter my discord in the link on the right...
  15. drThunderbuckle

    OnTimer not working

    I made a mob with several skills, and I want it to use those skills on timed intervals. I have the trigger set to onTimer:200, but it seems to default to onCombat no matter what I do. Here is the code: - lightning{d=5} @PIR{r=10} onTimer:200 >50% In this thread somebody said that onTimer...
  16. F

    Skill Problem

    I have a problem whit a mob, I created a skill but it doesn't work, I don't know where is my error please help Mob: Astro: Type: HUSK Display: '&f&lA&3&ls&f&lt&3&lr&f&lo' Health: 6000 Damage: 11 Equipment: - DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE CHEST - DIAMOND_LEGGINGS LEGS - DIAMOND_BOOTS FEET...
  17. S

    Skill that changes the Weather

    Hello everyone ! Hope you're doing well on thoses times. I wanna set a Boss that when he spawns, the weather changes. I tried this but this isn't working : Skills: - weather{type=storm;duration=6000} ~onSpawn Any Ideas ?
  18. S

    [SEARCHING] Need Bosses Creator

    Hello there, Me and my team are recently searching for a MythicMobs user that knows alot about the plugin and knows how to build a good and intense boss fight. We need 2 bosses with good particle animations and hopefully, armor stand animations (it is not required). If anyone got the time and...
  19. Nova

    Boss Abilities Not Working

    This post can be deleted
  20. Foxical

    Hiring Paid LF experienced skill creator.

    Me and my dev are looking for someone experienced with creating skills, experienced with the particle system and such to either help us create our own skills quicker / with more quality or to create skills for us. These are all pretty basic 'sword skills' from Sword Art Online that aren't too...