1. MythicCraft

    MythicMobs v4.11.0

    The #1 Custom Monster Creator Website | Manual | Discord | Changelogs If you love MythicMobs and want to continue seeing free releases, please leave us a 5-star review! MythicMobs allows server administrators to fully modify all attributes of monsters on your server, and even create your...
  2. HSDadmin

    Town Super Monster Pack 1.0

    TownSuperMonster_Pack_v1.0 1.contain MOBS ‖●Holy Pie 3+ Monster ‖●Evil faction 2+ monsters ‖●Evil faction 1+ BOSS ‖●Randomly refreshed merchants 2+ items ‖●Drop items 5+ ‖●Auxiliary battle items 3+ Contains multiple item skills, BOSS/monster skills All monsters in the world will refresh...
  3. T0xic

    ⭐️World Mob Pack⭐️| 100% Optimized | Improved Vanilla Mobs 2.13

    ✦ WORLD MOB PACK ✦ The World Mob Pack is a MythicMobs Custom Boss Pack that has 30 custom mobs that each have 2 new abilities and 1 passive effect. If you're looking for something to stand out from the rest of the servers this is it. My 5+ Years of MythicMobs experience has brought me to...
  4. V

    Items help

    I have a server on pebblehost and the items wont work. When i try to get an item it wont give me it and they wont appear on mobs. it worked on minehut but it wont work here. When i run the command to get an item it says. Could not get item: Item is improperly configured and returned null.
  5. FatPuffer

    I cant seem to get Mythic Artifacts to Work.

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, please tell me if I did anything wrong regarding that. I have the mythic artifacts .jar installed but I seem to get any skills to work. This is the item: BEEHIVEONASTICK: Id: stone_sword Display: "&5Beehive On A Stick" Options: Model: 500 Skills...
  6. Nekear

    How to set mob custom name via api

    The question is simple but the answer, i guess, not because i haven`t found how to set custom name to a recently spawned mob yet. ***** MobManager mm = MythicMobs.inst().getMobManager(); ActiveMob man = mm.spawnMob("jamman", actionLocation); ***** (sorry, for the first time here and can find...
  7. L

    25 Minutes of Mythic Mob Bosses

    Hey there, I created a server called The Outer Realms and mythic mobs is a fairly large feature on the server. This video showcases every boss ranging from very simple to extremely complex. Play this server now IP: The server is getting remade and I just wanted to thank the...
  8. S

    I pay for mobs / skill creation !

    Hi, I am looking for someone that would be able to create some mobs/skill ideas that I have, for a good price ! He would know how to use skills effects, particles, sounds effects etc. No need to LibDisguises the mobs, Im only searching for skills on simple mobs. All the work would be well...
  9. Nexlemav

    Looking for a Winter Pack

    Has anyone created a Winter pack with deer, elves, penguins, snowmen, Santa, etc? Is there anything like this available? I'd pay for premium mobs!
  10. D

    Now free! ⭐Fantasy Mobs Bundle #1⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mobs 1.3

    Fantasy Mobs Bundle #1 ✅ Custom Model ✅ Custom Animation ✅ Custom AI ✅ Random Spawning ✅ Custom Drops ⭕ Goblin ⭕ Goblinbomber ⭕ Troll ⭕ Ogre These mobs mostly inhabit swamps, dark forests and mountains. Goblins and Goblinbombers like chilling underground. When they spawn they rise out of...
  11. SociopathJeff

    MythicMobs - Disguise problem

    Hello everyone, although I have made all the settings correctly, disguise does not work on some mobs. ProtocolLib & Lib's Disguises both latest version. I'm using Paper 1.16.2 NOTE: Doesn't work properly in RandomSpawns. It comes up properly when I spawn it with the command.
  12. joniomega

    [FREE] Blackblood Pirates 2020-05-19

    This Mobs where made for a rpg server i wanted to make. But i had some problems and now i want to share them for free in this website. I don't have any problems if you use them on your server or monetized propose. If you need any support you can enter my discord in the link on the right...
  13. B

    [FREE] Odin the All father boss mob 1.0

    Now for the 3rd mob in the Norse boss mobs series. Face of against the mighty Odin! With a total File size 1.5x bigger than the Dark Elf , Odin is certainly a boss that will you let you know why they call him the All Father! The Download contains - Odin Mob YML File - Odin Skills YML file...
  14. B

    [FREE] Giant Surtur Boss mob 1.0

    The download contains: - A Mob file containing Surtur and Draugr - A skills file containing the projectile Skills - A random spawns file - Item files - Droptables file for both Surtur and Draugr * Draugr is a super basic mob that Surtur rallies during fights , you can choose to do without by...
  15. EnderWrecker

    Random Mob Spawn Conditions

    I am trying to create a mob that only spawns underground. I tried using the altitude condition but it doesn't seem to be working. If there is a condition that only allows mobs to spawn underground, or if there is something I am doing wrong please tell me. What I Am Trying...
  16. Ali_Alibekov

    Japan Pak 1.13.1

  17. MooshroomStatus

    Certain... Vibes [Mythic Mobs Aura Tutorial Pt. 1]

    Language: English Tutorial: Video Tutorial Discord: Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay between uploads. Here's a tutorial on how to use the Aura mechanic, the most versatile and easily the coolest mechanic in the entire plugin! My most humble opinion of course...
  18. H

    Panda Types

    As you know in minecraft 1.14 we have some new mobs. One of them are pandas. But as I mentioned in this thread there is no way to specify their genes or types. Please add this feature to plugin. Best wished for Christmass...
  19. Barney

    ⬛ Ancient Mob Pack ⬛ 1.1

    Wicked Beast Skills: - Transformation | When killing a player, the wicked beast will transform into a more powerful form gaining resistance and strength. - Bloodlust | When killing a player, the wicked beast dashes to another target to eliminate with a radius of 100. - Feast | When...
  20. Barney

    ⬛ Wizard Mob Pack ⬛ 1.1

    Gravity Wizard Skills: - Crushing Gravity Force | Applies many debuffs and damages nearby enemies. The gravity "crushes" nearby enemies. - Gravity Ball | Shoots a ball of gravity and on contact with an enemy, it will slow them. - Gravity Defys | Creates a line of gravity that links onto...