1. wolf_awwent

    Toast Cannon 2022-12-25

    Includes: ● Toast Model ● Tosast Cannon Model ● Mythicmobs Config ● Pre-made item resourcepack
  2. wolf_awwent

    Gargoyle | CustomModel Boss 1.0.0

    Includes: ● Bbmodel ● Mythicmobs Config ● Schematics of map
  3. SilentTail

    LibsDisguise Deluxe Menu! 2022-11-03

    The only Disguise Menu! - Disguise Pack Bundles - Funny Quotes for EVERY Disguise! - Permissions Sorted! Drag & Drop! Showcase
  4. tomins

    Basic Hallowen pack 1.0

    A basic pack of Halloween mobs
  5. wolf_awwent

    Graceless Omen | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 2022-09-30

    Graceless Omen =This Pack include= – Model of the Graceless Omen with 18 smooth and high quality animations - 5 model VFX - 14 skills - 1 Spawner with animation
  6. S

    Forty Exquisite Skills V0.1

    This is an advanced skill pack containing about 40 high-quality custom image skills and several Bosses. Advanced snow storm particles (bedrock particles) are used. If your minecraft version is 1.12.2. With the free plugin and model in the skill pack, you can release these excellent skills...
  7. wolf_awwent

    Horror Pack | CustomModel Mobs 2022-09-13

    Horror Pack =This Pack include= – 1 Granny – 1 Red Ghost ( The Tag-Along ) – 1 Slit Mouthed – 1 model skills
  8. Buguser

    ✨Buguser's Village Guards✨ - Easy village defense and more! v1.1.0

    This pack adds a new guard to your server, that can be upgraded and hired. Guard upgrades are protected against server restarts and reloads so players don't have to worry about losing progress. Village Defense: Village Guards will attack all nearby hostile mobs and players attacking them...
  9. wolf_awwent

    False God | 2 Phase | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 1.0.1

    False God =This Pack include= – Model of the False God with 22 smooth and high quality animations - 2 phase - 4 dodge or block attack - 13 skills - 1 Spawner with animation - 2 Spawn and Death animation - 3 Model engine skills model ( Vfx include ) - 3 Minions - 3 Model Items - 11...
  10. A

    Fox expansion pack 1.18.2

    Adds 8 variants of minecraft foxes, as shown in this video: Theyre nothing too complex, but I think they're fun. Modelengine required to show the...
  11. XiaoYue

    3mobs surprise bag 2022-04-02

    ModelEngine 3 mobs surprise bag contact me on discord 燐小玥#4423
  12. Nocsy

    Fantasy Pack - Vol.1 2022-02-25

    ✨Note: This pack is meant to go alongside Toffy’s Elf Pack which IS NOT INCLUDED as part of this product. So make sure to check it out ! This pack includes : Ganondorf (Boss – 1st phase) Ganon (Boss – 2nd phase) Bokoblins & Moblins (3 minions – 2 brutes) Fairy pet (MCPets support) ️ 6...
  13. Noobio

    Yet Another Slime Pack (idk if there was any) [FREE] 1.17.1+

    Just a FREE pack that contains 4 slime boiz 3 biome slime and 1 boss (AKA King Slime) Included Random Spawn for 3 biome slime Yep I definitely don't copy Terraria Also check my other resource plos i need mone Also leave a rating so i could improve Here my discord id in case smth go wrong...
  14. xlsalvolx

    ☘️ Slotty - Friendly slot machine ☘️ 1.3

    Meet slotty! Slotty is a friendly slot machine which will be happy to give you free stuff in exchange of his delicious tokens! - Approach him and he will say hi - Right click on him and he will start talking - Don't hurt him or he will get angry - Feed him his tokens to try your luck! -...
  15. Trep

    ✨‍ LOTR ‍✨| FULL Pack | Elfs, Dwarfs, Orcs, Hobbits and More+ | 1.17.1 0.7

    ✦ A Middle Earth mob pack, unseen on this website ✦ The LOTR pack is a MythicMobs pack that contains Multiple Races, each race has it's own normal varient and a garrison varient. More will be added everyday, since this is still WIP. ✅ 18 Models ✅ 4-8 Animations Per Model ✅ Mythic Mob Files...
  16. Darwin

    ★ Predators And Prey ★ | Custom mobs for your forest 1.0

    Predators And Prey Add life to your forest! ⋆ Drag and drop installation ⋆ Lightweight ⋆ Complex behavior This pack contains: 1. ModelEngine models with animations 2. MythicMobs configs 3. Configured random spawning system Installation: 1. Unzip archive into your server folder 2...
  17. Darwin

    ★ Rocks And Logs ★ | Spawnable resources 1.0

    Rocks And Logs Clean and easy way to add renewable resources for your RPG or adventure server! ⋆ Everything is configured ⋆ Lightweight ⋆ Follows client resource pack: This pack contains: 1. ModelEngine models 2. MythicMobs configs 3. Configured random spawning system Installation...
  18. Nocsy

    Skeleton Pack - Boss & Mobs 2021-10-16

    This pack includes : Heidard, the Necromancer : 11 animations 2 animated textures for the flames 8 different attack types with variations (2 close attacks, 3 different projectiles, 2 summonings, 2 AOE, and a rush) Skeleton Axe Brute : 7 animations 4 different attacks (a fast handle hit...
  19. V

    [MythicMobs] Vaskel's 110 Mobs Bundle (SALE) 1.0

    ❖ 110 Mobs Bundle ❖ • Say hello to a whole new variety of mobs! • The 110 Mobs Bundle is a bundle of MythicMobs which contains 110 Mobs in total • If you’re looking for something to spice up your Minecraft worlds, then this is it. This Bundle includes • Mobs that are classified into 11...
  20. MexBotDude

    MexBot's Scarab Hive Pack (Bosses, Items, Mounts & Enemies) 0.0.1

    "You wake one you wake them all... MexBot's Scarab Hive Pack features 6 Monster Insectoid Models for their respective Hive, each Family comes with a different Damage passive. The pack offers CustomAI such as Enemies Evolving over time, Queens egg laying, Mounts, Items, and 1 Boss Fight for each...