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| 7 Elementals | 200+ Advanced Skills | Libsdisguise |

| 7 Elementals | 200+ Advanced Skills | Libsdisguise | 2.2.0

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Required Dependencies
MythicMobs Premium v5.3.5-v5.4.0 | Libsdisguise
This is because I learned how to use Libsdisguise with MythicMobs, and so much more !

Got more ideas? Add it yourself or tell me to add it!
Its simple, yes but it's also advanced and it is working!

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What do you get:
- 7 Elementals
- 200+ Advanced Skill

(Aura Skills, Score Skills, Stance Skills, Missile Skills, Meteor Skill)
- Hex Colored Names
- Libsdisguise Skins
- Premium Support (Discord)

- Elemental Spawn Eggs Addon
(Requires Crucible - Verify on Discord for item download)

Video Showcase:
Water Bender

Fire Bender

Air Bender

Earth Bender

Dark Bender

Light Bender

Ice Bender

How to install:
Open the "Packs" rar and drag "Elementals" folder inside MythicMobs -> Packs Folder.
Open the Libsdisguise folder and drag both "Skins" and "SavedSkins" into Libsdisguise folder.

Tested with Paper. [ 1.20.1 #171 ]
Tested with MythicMobs version. [ Premium Build 4722 ]
( I use premium features )

Known issues: None

Contact me through MythicCraft or join my Discord

Digital product
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7.49 USD
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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

Best Mob Pack I have ever seen 10/10 the mob Skills are Fire!
I really loved the previous version, and it worked very well even without mm premium, players from my server love them to, thanks for the good work, cant wait to try the new update.