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| 80+ Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | 4 Bosses | 400+ Skills | 6 Healthbars | 100+ Items | 10+ Drops |

| 80+ Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | 4 Bosses | 400+ Skills | 6 Healthbars | 100+ Items | 10+ Drops | 2.4.4

- Updated to support Paper 1.20.6
- Updated to MM 5.7.0 #5090
- Fixed "SPELL_MOB_AMBIENT" issue
- Fixed "SNOW_SHOVEL" error
- Removed Holo mechanic from Alien
- Rewrote a TIP message when attacking Alien
- Changed The Greatest Knight health from 50 to 500 HP
- Added more information in packinfo.yml
- Removed "Faction" from most MISC mobs
- Added a new mob "Forest Guardian" that only spawns in Dark Forest and will have a skill shooting roots after players
- Because it is so unstable and does only work half the time I've decided to remove "MOTHER_OF_PHANTOM" and "PHANTOM_MINION"
- Increased Gorgon's life from 500 -> 1500
- Changed the bold text "&l" to "<bold>"
- Added FancyDrops to all bosses, that includes a leaderboard where it shows how much damage dealt per player, it also adds hologram name on itemdrops, glow outline on itemdrops
- Zombie Bomber now spawns another entity as a bomb instead of using totem, it makes it so much more smoother when spawning bombs and more customizable
- Added a new example mob that shows information about spawners... Example use it in spawn or in a arena with a spawner... Hologram will disappear when mob from the spawner has been spawned and when the mob is gone, the hologram will re-appear...
- Totally Rewrote Alien
- Added more conditions to Lucky Villager's spawning
- Removed duplication of Custom Mobs, so remove old pack and install this
- Tested With 5.6.0 Free/Premium
- Tested With Paper #426
- Added a new WorldGuard example to show you how to set specific level on mobs in a specific WorldGuard region. It's simple, yet can be hard and frustating for others.
- Optimized Alien Spawn's meteor effects
- Removed duplication of RandomSpawns from Lucky Villager's RandomSpawning file
- Removed "onground" condition from Alien RandomSpawn
- Added entitytype condition to all spiders
- Added more conditions to "CAVE_MINER_SUMMON_TNT", such as incombat and inclam/nearclaim
- Added Brush item to CaveMinerdrops
- Changed Gorgon's Equipment setup, now Gorgon's equipment is added as a drop
- Added a new mob "INVISIBLE_CAVE_SPIDER", swapped Invisible Cave Spider with Invisible Spider, now Invisible Cave Spider spawns under 50Y and regular invisible spider spawns above 50Y
- Added a new mob "ZOMBIE_CAVE_MINER" which has a chance of spawning a TNT and despawning itself, however if you kill it first it got a chance of dropping valuable items(ingots)
- Added random names to KnightClan Minions

Gorgon Changes:
- All Gorgon files has been renamed/changed to either a new name or uppercase, delete old files before updating
- Gorgon Minions will now rally the player triggering it
- Gorgon Minions now have effects on death
- Fixed Gorgon's combat system, now when activating "SKILL_RAPID_ONSLAUGHT" it'll increase in damage and effects
- Fixed activation for Gorgon's skill "GORGON_INSTANT_SUMMON"
- Changed Gorgon minions dmg and hp stats
- Changed Gorgon's messages

The Greatest Knight Changes:
- The Greatest Knight's files has been renamed, delete old files before updating
- The Greatest Knight's skill "SKILL_FORCEPULL" will now throw players in the air
- The Greatest Knight's items has been tweaked

Zombie Changes:
- Zombie Skilled got a duplication of a option setting, that's gone now
- Zombie Skilled skills has been increased in chance
- Zombie Skilled skill "SKILLED_BASH" has been fixed
- Zombie Skilled has increased life, changed Head texture
- Zombie Horde can now summon random custom zombies
- "ZOMBIE_HORDE_START" name has been changed to "ZOMBIE_HORDE_SUMMONER"
- Zombie Horde has been tweaked
- Zombie Explosive has been tweaked and effects are more alive and has a smooth movement
- Totally re-work of Zombie Runner skills
- Zombie Ninja now has a textured head, kinda a fix for that
- Zombie Stunner can now stun ANIMALS and PLAYERS in a radius of 10, max 10 entities around
- Fixed Zombie Thrower's skill
- Fixed Zombie Bomber killed itself with bombs
- Changed "Bomber" name to "ZOMBIE_BOMBER"

Example Changes:
- Splitted "Region & Healthbar mobs" into more files
- Renamed "Region & Healthbar mobs" to "Region, Biome, Healthbar, and More Examples"

- Added 1 new skill example that will setname with set levels
- Added 2 new AI skill examples to show you how to activate skills or deactivate skills
- Totally changed how examples are shown and added small descriptions to every example.

Other Changes:
- All boss names now doesn't have "boss" included in name when using /mm m spawn <>, example /mm m spawn THE_GREATEST_KNIGHT
- Optimized Creeper Bluff
- Increased Blasting Radius for Creeper Bigboomer
- Decreased Poison Frog's spawning chance
- Moved "ZOMBIE_END" to Zombies file
- Moved "SKELETON_END" to Skeleton file
- Totally changed how Knight Clan Minions despawn when Banner Holder has been killed
- Fixed "Knight Leader" not spawns on mount when randomly spawning in the world (it did spawn on mount when spawned by command or egg)
- Changed "ARCHER" name to "SKELETON_ARCHER", changed head texture to fit skills, changed particle colors, fixed "ARCHER_SHIELD" skill
- Changed "SNIPER" name to "SKELETON_SNIPER", changed head texture to fit skills, changed particle colors

- And so much more! Bug fixes, small adjustment, files renamed etc.
- Tested with Paper #392 1.20.4
- Tested with MM Premium #4929
- Splitted all RandomSpawns into separated files like I did with mobs files
- Splitted all Tier Droptables into separated files
- Added an Example Mob that only targets nearby players in a short period of time and then goes into passive mode, and will repeat this
- Added a DistanceFromSpawn Levelling example with skills, instead of using MythicMobs own system of World Scaling
- Added a Dummy mob, a compact and practical enemy, to assess your damage output.
- Added Herobrine (Disabled by default, enable it by increasing the randomspawning chance)
- Removed Zombie Horde rally
- Changed how Zombie Horde spawns
- Decreased the Zombie Horde chance of spawning
- Added a tutorial folder inside the pack for installation for Herobrine skin
- Huge leak with the exp drops from bosses was found and is now fixed, it is highly recommended to update!
- Increased the range a Crystal can teleport away (10 -> 20)
- Crystals can now teleport more randomly and it can go up and down
- Tested with #70 1.20.4
- Tested with MM Premuim v4902
- Fixed "The Eye" ondeath drops
- Fixed "The Eye" other skills from activating when healing or onspawn
- The Eye's minion summoning has been adjusted and decreased the amount a bit
- The Eye can now drop it's head/eye
- The Eye has been tweaked a lot, less particles everywhere but not that noticeable
- The Eye's skill "SKILL_STUNBURST" can now damage players
- The Eye can now target players around when in spawning state
- All boss items has now been changed, it contains a lore with a description now
- Changed "Dangerous Bee/Angry Bee" name to "Stinger Bee"
- "Stinger Bee" can now only be found in specific biomes (PLAINS,SUNFLOWER_PLAINS,FLOWER_FOREST,BIRCH_FOREST,DARK_FOREST)
- Added a new mob "Arid Marauder", only lives in desert as a Husk mob