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MythicMobs Premium v5.7.0, Crucible if you use the items


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Single Tower
A tower that focuses on high damage to a single target, making it effective against powerful enemies.

Multi Tower
A tower that targets multiple enemies at once, dealing moderate damage to each, ideal for crowd control.

Bomber Tower
A tower that launches explosive projectiles, causing area-of-effect damage to groups of enemies.

Mines Tower
A tower that places explosive mines around its vicinity, detonating when enemies step on them.

Gatling Tower
A fast-firing tower that shoots a rapid stream of projectiles at enemies, perfect for high DPS.

Flamethrower Tower
A tower that spews flames, dealing continuous fire damage to enemies in a cone.

Sniper Tower
A tower with a long range that deals high damage to enemies from a distance.

Spawner Tower
A tower that periodically spawns mobs to attack enemies.
- **Zombie**: Spawns zombies to fight enemies.
- **Skeleton**: Spawns skeletons that shoot arrows at enemies.
- **Spider**: Spawns spiders that quickly chase and attack enemies.

Healer Tower
A tower that heals nearby allies over time, ensuring sustained support during battles.

Poison Tower
A tower that releases poisonous clouds, dealing damage over time to enemies within its range.

Electric Tower
A tower that zaps enemies with lightning, dealing instant high damage and possibly stunning them.

Wither Tower
A tower that releases a wither cloud, causing the wither effect and high damage to enemies over time.

Aegis Tower
Protects the player from all forms of damage and negative effects.

Obliterator Tower
Causes a massive explosion, dealing significant area-of-effect damage.

Stormcaller Tower
Summons lightning strikes to damage enemies.

Repulsor Tower
Throws nearby entities away from the tower, creating a repulsion effect.

Fleetfoot Tower
Grants nearby players a speed boost using potion effects.

Haunted Tower
Emits creepy sounds to unsettle and scare enemies.

Warp Tower
Teleports players away to a safe location, ensuring they dont get teleported into blocks.

Deluge Tower
Changes the weather to rainy, and can also trigger thunderstorms.

Skyward Tower
Grants nearby players the ability to fly for a limited time.

Magnet Tower
Pulls entities towards the tower, centralizing enemies.

Lifebreath Tower
Provides oxygen to nearby players, useful underwater or in suffocating environments.

Burst Tower
Shoots projectiles in a ring around itself, hitting multiple enemies at once.

Torrent Tower
Releases waves of water or lava, damaging entities in its path.

Nourisher Tower
Feeds nearby players, restoring their hunger.

Butcher Tower
Automatically kills nearby animals, useful for gathering resources.

Growth Tower
Uses bonemeal to accelerate the growth of nearby plants and crops.

Frostbite Tower
Shoots icy projectiles that damage and slow down enemies.

Quake Tower
Causes periodic earthquakes, dealing area-of-effect damage and knocking back enemies.

Freeze Tower
Slows down or temporarily freezes nearby entities, hindering their movement.

Barrier Tower
Creates temporary barriers or walls to block or redirect enemies.

Gravity Tower
Alters gravity around it, causing enemies to float or be pushed down forcefully.

Haste Tower
Increases mining and attack speed for nearby players.

Magnetize Tower
Attracts dropped items within its range towards the tower.

Cleansing Tower
Removes negative status effects from nearby players and allies.

Piercing Tower
Shoots projectiles that can pass through multiple enemies, hitting each one.

Blinding Tower
Emits bursts of light that temporarily blind nearby enemies.

Web Tower
Shoots webs at enemies, slowing them down and potentially immobilizing them.

Sentry Tower
Deploys small automated turrets or drones to attack enemies within range.

Meteor Tower
Summons meteors from the sky to crash down and damage enemies.

Banishment Tower
Temporarily banishes enemies to another dimension or location.

Elemental Tower
Randomly changes its attacks between fire, ice, lightning, and earth.

Magma Tower
Creates pools of lava around it to damage and deter enemies.

Gale Tower
Generates strong winds that push enemies away and slow their movement.

Shadow Tower
Creates areas of darkness that hide players and disorient enemies.

Dolphin Tower
Grants nearby players the Dolphins Grace potion effect, allowing them to move faster underwater and swim more efficiently.

Stone Skin Tower
Grants nearby players and allies increased resistance to damage by turning their skin to stone.

Flare Tower
Shoots flares into the sky to illuminate large areas and reveal hidden enemies.

Water Tower
Shoots water streams at enemies, pushing them back and dealing minor damage.

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