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MythicMobs Free/Premium v5.6.2
Introducing "World Mob Leveling"
Where hostile mobs adapt their strength,
growing more powerful with each level they ascend.

Got additional ideas? Feel free to add them, or inform me to incorporate them!
It's straightforward, and it gets the job done!

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What do you get:
- World Scaled Levelling from Spawn
- All hostile mobs are levelled
- Level is shown in Display Name
- Zombie Villager RandomSpawning
- Pre-made Config Included
- Fast Support (Discord)

How to install:
Open the "Packs" folder in ZIP and drag "World Scaling Mobs" folder inside MythicMobs -> Packs Folder.
Replace your own config.yml in MythicMobs with the downloaded one.

Tested with Paper. [ 1.20.4 #440 ]
Tested with MythicMobs version. [ Free v5.6.1/Premium v5.6.2 ]

Known issues:

Contact me through MythicCraft or join my Discord

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