1. Tof

    Toffy's custom armor V1 1

    This pack includes: Option 1: Resource pack for vanilla usage (usable with any plugins if you wish). Option 2: Oraxen files to import the armor in the plugin Oraxen. Instructions on how to use option 1 with MMOitems. Instructions on how to spawn the items in via commands (no plugins)...
  2. Elias Couss

    Power Orbs Bundle v1 Agramon Edition 0.2

    This Pack Includes: - Mythicmobs Config - MMOitems Config - 5 Power Orbs - Damage Of Skills Modification - Radio Modification - Lore Modification - Heads Modification - Premium Support - Server Discord Rank - Version: 1.13 to 1.16.5,1.17.1 - Plugins Requiered: MMOitems...
  3. sachingorkar

    Rotten Creatures 2021-03-17

    Rotten Creatures [reposted] A mobpack that adds 10 new zombie varients with there own abilities/skills oh hi its been a while and also a long gap between skeleton pack but no worries i am back at work and the next pack is rotten creatures/zombie varients all info is given below have fun Mob...
  4. Shadownat3

    Mmoitems Vanilla Tools, Armor and Weapons 1.0

    Need Mmoitems items that have the same stats as vanilla but are actually mmoitems? If so this is the right place where you can find all vanilla armor, weapons, and tools as vanilla items. Here are some photos to help you understand what this really is. Swords: Armor: Tools: Bows: Wands? I...
  5. MythicCraft

    MMOItems v0.0.1

    Welcome to MMOItems! Documentation | Legacy Version | Issue Tracker | Discord | Metrics | Trello Make sure you download MythicLib first! MMOItems is best used in 1.14+ Join our discord / our website in order to get daily dev builds! Unique Item Types (wiki) MMOItems introduces brand new...
  6. V

    Items help

    I have a server on pebblehost and the items wont work. When i try to get an item it wont give me it and they wont appear on mobs. it worked on minehut but it wont work here. When i run the command to get an item it says. Could not get item: Item is improperly configured and returned null.
  7. xlsalvolx

    Radiant pack 1.3

    Purity is here to challenge your reflexes! Are you fast enough to avoid the hazards of 10+ skils of this powerful divinity? This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicCrucible pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft...
  8. drThunderbuckle

    Viking Pack 2020-06-06

    A pack that comes with 5 basic vikings, Bjorgolf the pyromancer (high quality boss), 2 artifact weapons, 5 disguises, and custom drops to be used for custom recipes. Basic Vikings: Hunter, Warrior, Brute, Sharp Shooter and Soldier. All of them are melee except for the sharp shooter who has a...
  9. xlsalvolx

    Void pack 1.10 update

    Hello, i'm finally done with this new darkness themed pack! This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicCrucible pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft version). You can watch a video of this pack here: This pack...
  10. Shedopen

    Drop Type not found

    i made the item SWORD_OF_HIGHLANDS in the items.yml but it doesn't work. Note: Not even the example items that already were in items.yml work.
  11. L


    Hi so I have this splash potion: Krev2: Id: splash_potion Options: HideFlags: true Color: 216,4,0 PotionEffects: - CONFUSION 200 2 - HUNGER 200 2 - SLOW 200 1 But it doesn't work! When I throw it it doesn't apply the potion effect to me! Can somebody please tell me why? Thank...
  12. HyperFierce

    Custom Weapons/Items Question

    HI all, I am attempting to make a Golden Blade(golden sword) and a Golden Rod(blaze rod) that can do 1000 damage but only have 1 use. I'm not really seeing a way to go about this though. For instance, when i add DAMAGE_ALL: 1000 to my sword, it looks terrible. As far as the blaze rod goes, I...
  13. PieCreeper

    Already Exists Mob Equipment Chances

    MythicMobs allows you to modify what item a mob hold or what armor a mob wears. My idea is you can set it so there is a chance it will hold an item or wear armor instead of it being 100% of the time. You can insert multiple items it can hold or wear and there'll be a chance that it is either one...
  14. bailey

    Applying effects when holding an item [Artifacts] [FIXED]

    I'm trying to make an item, that when being held, gives the holder the fire resistance effect. This is what I have, but it doesn't work. FireCoral: ItemStack: ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack v: 1631 type: FIRE_CORAL meta: ==: ItemMeta meta-type: UNSPECIFIC...
  15. tiradorus

    Change the text while giving and receiving an item from Operator

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to change the written text when the console or and operator do the command "/mm items give <player> <ItemName>" I've searched directly into the plugin.jar, but i only have found .class files, and none are configurable :S Thanks for the answer!
  16. C

    mm i import problem

    Hi, I have a problem after i import items : i can't get them in any way because they're not registered in good format. It worked with MythicMobs 4.3.2 but now i have the 4.5.6 version, which doesn't understand this language : e.g. : fil_solide: ItemStack: ==...
  17. xlsalvolx

    Scarlett Pack 1.10

    Hello, i'm back with another pack! Scarlett awaits in the rose forest! This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicCrucible pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft version). You can watch a video of this pack here...
  18. J

    Help With Items?

    Hey there! I'd appreciate if anyone could help me on this issue. I'm trying to create some custom leather armor that's dropped by a special "Highland Pig". The pig is working just fine but when the mod is reloaded it throws up errors saying that it can't find the referenced items. I moved the...
  19. M

    Not Allowing MythicMob Items to be Further Enchanted

    Hi guys, so i've made some Mythic Mob items, and they're all working as intended, however i've noticed that you can add extra enchantments to the Items via an Anvil, and doing so seems to break the item's name, Is there a way to Deny the ability to enchant the item?
  20. Miytko

    Basic zombie mobs, skills and items for beginners

    Hi everyone! I made some pretty basic mobs and skills, and explained them. I'd recommend you check them out if you are just starting with the plugin and get some basic idea on the mob options, skills, and learn how to make your own mob!