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| Elementals Classes | 150+ Advanced Skills | MMOCore Damage System |

| Elementals Classes | 150+ Advanced Skills | MMOCore Damage System | 1.1.0

Required Dependencies
MMOCore, MythicMobs Premium v5.6.1, MythicLib

Introducing "Elemental Classes"

That offers seven captivating classes that unlock the power of the elements. Master earth, fire, water, air, light, darkness, and ice to become a skilled sorcerer, protector, or explorer in the world of elemental magic.

Have more ideas? Add them, or let me know to include them! It's both simple and advanced, and it works!

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What does the pack contains?

- 7 Different Elemental Classes
( Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Dark, Light, Ice )
- 150+ Skills
( 6 advanced skills per elemental )
- Pre-made GUI Class Selection
- Skills Name & Description
- Custom MMO Damage system
- Custom max mana per elemental
- Modifiers that supports skills
- Attributes in all classes
- Skillbuffs
- EXP Curve File

(Goes to lvl 50)
- Ally Support

More will be added in the future.

Class Showcase

All Skills

Elemental: Earth Skills
Earth Rage
The Earthbender summons a protective layer of armor, reducing damage taken, at the same time being more aggressive.

Earth Slam
The Earthbender slams the ground, creating a shockwave that damages and knocks back enemies.

Rock Throw
The Earthbender throws a large rock at the target, dealing damage.

The Earthbender causes the ground to tremble, damaging and slowing down nearby enemies.

Tremor Strike
The Earthbender causes a tremor strike around itself to stun enemies

Quake Scatter
The Earthbender skill that fractures the ground, hurling shards of elemental power at nearby targets in a chaotic barrage.

Elemental: Ice Skills

The Icebender hurls a chilling frostbolt at their target, dealing damage and slowing their movement.

Frozen Barrier
The Icebender summons a protective barrier of ice, and when enemies stand inside the barrier they'll take damage.

Icy Winds
The Icebender summons icy winds, pushing enemies away and slowing their movement for a short duration.

Frost Nova
The Icebender unleashes a powerful frost nova, damaging and freezing enemies within a radius.

Glacial Prison
The Icebender encases their target in a prison of ice, immobilizing them for a duration.

Glacial Shatter
The Icebender commands Frost Reckoning, freezing the ground and foes alike. Those struck detonate into a flurry of icy shards.

Elemental: Water Skills

Water Whip
The Waterbender forms a whip made of water, striking and slowing down enemies.

Healing Surge
The Waterbender channels healing water energy, restoring health to nearby allies.

Water Prison
The Waterbender encases the target in a prison of water, immobilizing them temporarily.

Tidal Wave
The Waterbender summons a massive tidal wave, damaging and knocking back enemies in its path.

Water Shield
The Waterbender creates a shield of water around themselves, reducing damage taken.

Aqua Glide
The Waterbender sends forth a fluid orb that elegantly trails along the ground, targeting enemies with precise aquatic force.

Elemental: Light Skills

Radiant Beam
The Lightbender unleashes a powerful beam of pure light, damaging and blinding enemies in its path.

Healing Aura
The Lightbender emits a healing aura, restoring health to nearby allies.

Illuminating Burst
The Lightbender unleash radiant energy to launch an illuminating projectile, mesmerize onlookers, defeat enemies with explosive force.

Sacred Aura
The Lightbender emit a radiant aura, providing health regeneration and increased resistance to damage for yourself and nearby allies.

Aurora Burst
The Lightbender releases a burst of radiant energy, damaging enemies and providing a temporary speed boost to allies.

Solar Flare
The Lightbender channels the ethereal glow of light, sculpting it into a static luminescent orb hovering in the air, poised to discharge with swift accuracy towards nearby entities.

Elemental: Dark Skills

Shadow Bolt
The Darkbender conjures a bolt of dark energy and hurls it at their enemies, causing damage.

Soul Drain
The Darkbender drains the life force from their enemies, dealing damage and healing themselves in the process.

Shadow Cloak
The Darkbender envelops themselves in a shroud of shadows, becoming harder to detect, reducing incoming damage, increasing speed and will infect close entities and damage them.

Curse of Despair
The Darkbender curses their enemies, inflicting them with despair and weakness, reducing their damage output.

Void Storm
The Darkbender summons a storm of dark energy, causing chaos and dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Abyssal Tether
The Darkbender hurls shadow projectiles, chaining them to multiple entities and dealing damage each.

Elemental: Fire Skills

The Firebender hurls a blazing fireball at their enemies, causing damage on impact.

The Firebender focuses their energy to create an explosive blast, damaging and setting enemies on fire.

Blaze Aura
The Firebender surrounds themselves with intense flames, damaging nearby enemies and applying a burning effect.

Fire Shield
The Firebender conjures a shield of fire, reducing incoming damage.

The Firebender unleashes a devastating wave of fire, engulfing all enemies in flames and causing massive damage over time.

Fury Slash
The Firebender slashes through the air, leaving trails of blazing arcs that sear with intense heat and crackling energy.

Elemental: Air Skills

Air Gust
The Airbender conjures a strong gust of wind, pushing enemies away.

Wind Walk
The Airbender becomes one with the wind, increasing their movement speed dramatically.

Air Cyclone
The Airbender creates a powerful cyclone, damaging and suspending enemies in mid-air.

Feather Fall
The Airbender slows their fall, taking no damage from falling and landing gracefully.

Tempest Burst
The Airbender summon a massive burst of wind energy that creates a devasting gust in front of you, damaging and slowing down enemies.

Airweave Mastery
The Airbender jumps and freeze in air, launch targets skyward with precision control.


How to install:
Drag and drop the content from "Class Pack" to the "PLUGINS" folder and click yes to REPLACE files.
You need to either restart or reload plugins.
/mythiclib reload
/mmocore reload
/mm reload

Tested with Paper. [ 1.20.4 #440 ]
Tested with MythicMobs version. [ Premium v5.6.1 ]
MythicLib. Latest

( I use premium features )

If you are using the free version, most features does not work

MythicMobs Premium

Known issues:

Digital product
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14.49 USD
First release
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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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