1. Z

    Forty Exquisite Skills V0.1

    This is an advanced skill pack containing about 40 high-quality custom image skills and several Bosses. Advanced snow storm particles (bedrock particles) are used. If your minecraft version is 1.12.2. With the free plugin and model in the skill pack, you can release these excellent skills...
  2. V

    Epic Player Tags [Font Textures] | 120+ Tags - Oraxen / ItemsAdder Support 1.1

  3. AlternativeSoap#

    | Custom Trader | 1.0

    EXP Trader I wanted to post this to show how to make a trader compatible with ShopGUI+. It's called "exp trader" because on my server, it will open a exp shop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⭐⭐⭐ If you like it...
  4. wolf_awwent

    Yokai Pack | CustomModel Mobs | | CustomModel Items 1.0.1

    Yokai Pack =This Pack include= – 1 Fox girl with 7 animation – 1 Monk with 7 animation – 1 Wanyudo with 6 animation – 3 CustomModel items “Tested on MythicMobs 5.0.5、ModelEngine r2.5.0 。” wolfawwent#9999
  5. A

    Medieval Note Sound Pack 1.0

    Replace the note block sounds in your server resource pack, then play NBS songs through plugins so the songs don’t take up space in the resource pack. Includes: – Resource pack that replaces default note block sounds (also playable as custom sounds) – 3 Loop-able NBS tracks that you can play in...
  6. V

    Player Rank Icons [Font Textures] | 140+ Icons - Oraxen / ItemsAdder Support 2.4

  7. G

    Solution for mob

    Hi I wanted to make a custom mob for Minecraft 1.12.2 I made the block model and applied to mobs head and made mob invisible, so I made the entire new mob model without player disguising and other... But there is one issue. when the mob moves its head of curse model starts to rotate in different...
  8. MooshroomStatus

    Flamethrower [Mythic Mobs Skill Tutorial]

    Language: English Tutorial: Video Tutorial Discord: The much requested update of my old flamethrower tutorial is finally here! Sorry for the wait everyone, but I hope you enjoy! (For players applying this to mythic artifacts, all you need to do is add the Flamethrower...
  9. T

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack 1.15.1

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack includes the following: - Models - Textures - 1 Mob - 4 Artifacts - 4 Skills (with permission conditions) ===================================== Priest Artifacts can heal a player, create shields, and damage enemies. Also includes one demon :) I hope you...
  10. squdgee

    Looting with Custom Mobs / Loot Tables

    Does looting work with custom mob drops? Would two diamonds ever drop with this code for a mob: Cow: Type: COW Display: 'Gucci Cow' Health: 10 Drops: - DIAMOND 1 1
  11. Nexto

    Craft custom items by placing blocks! 1.0

    Supported Versions: - Minecraft 1.12 & 1.13+ - MythicMobs 4.5.7+ In this pack you will get: - Mobs - Skills - Items This resource lets you create custom recipes with actual blocks that let you reward: - A summon (Spawning a boss or an ally) - A mythicitem / command - Whatever you can think of...
  12. HyperFierce

    Custom Weapons/Items Question

    HI all, I am attempting to make a Golden Blade(golden sword) and a Golden Rod(blaze rod) that can do 1000 damage but only have 1 use. I'm not really seeing a way to go about this though. For instance, when i add DAMAGE_ALL: 1000 to my sword, it looks terrible. As far as the blaze rod goes, I...
  13. Nexto

    Custom block based crafting // summoning

    Its an idea i had and it turned out nice ^.^ Fully made with mythicmobs as always The crafting doesnt care about the direction of the blocks are or their orientations *The command blocks in the video are for debbuging purposes
  14. MooshroomStatus

    Om Nom Cookie! [MM Consume Tutorial]

    Version: 4.5.1 MC Version: 1.12.2 Language: English Tutorial: Video Tutorial Discord: MooshroomStatus#3274 Hey guys! I made yet another new tutorial for everyone! Sorry for the delay, I've been fairly busy IRL lately, but now I have time to get back with the videos! Hope this inspires you all...
  15. MooshroomStatus

    Year of the Pig [Skin/RandomSkill Tutorial]

    Version: 4.5.1 MC Version: 1.12.2 Language: English Tutorial: Video Tutorial Discord: MooshroomStatus#3274 Stance Tutorial: LibsDisguises Code: Hello everyone! Welcome to my Mythic Mobs tutorial for how to skin a mob and...
  16. Barney

    12 Masters Pack | Includes All 12 Masters ⬛ 1.1.12

    Name: Zufau (You can change the name) [Master of Balance] Skills: - Orb of Eternity > Ascends the target from the ground covering them in an orange orb, smiting them many times, damaging them. - Call of the Flame Realm > Opens a veil from the fire realm to his current world. Flaming warriors...
  17. Barney

    12 Masters Pack | Zufau - Master of Balance ⬛ 1.1.12

    Name: Zufau (You can change the name) Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | MythicmobsExtension | LibsDisguises Description: Zufau is the master of balance. He is the strongest master of the 12 masters. Some say, he could kill all of them alone if he wanted to. Stats: - HP: 1250 (You can change...
  18. MooshroomStatus

    Flamethrower Ability!

    Version: 4.4.1 MC Version: 1.12.2 Language: English Tutorial: Video Tutorial Discord: MooshroomStatus#3274 Hey everyone! So I accidentally made a really cool skill when going for something of similar, yet opposite effect. I was wanting to make an ability like that in Terraria when fighting the...
  19. Blazingshadow17

    [Mythic drops Custom items]

    One short question. Is there A way to get mythic drops to drop custom items that you add to the MythicDrops plugin, and not only the pre-generated items? Thanks.
  20. Chi_Bot

    New disguise idea

    Hey, i have this idea of having custom texurepack mobs using just a nametag! I want to make a parrot a bird for example, using just another texture, it can be acomplished as you see here: for it to work MM needs to spawn in mobs with a nametag. :D