1. AlternativeSoap#

    Towers | 12 Different | Defend Yourself | Alpha 1.0

    30 Towers and more will be added in the future. Have more ideas? Add them, or let me know to include them! It's both simple and advanced, and it works! ⭐⭐⭐ If you like it, please leave a rating! ⭐⭐⭐ How to install: Drag and drop the "Packs" to the "MythicMobs" folder. All config files...
  2. SilentTail

    Outdoor Garden ESC Menu UPDATED 1.4

    Enhance your server/personal experience with a beautiful wooden leaf ESC Menu! Features: - Works 1.16+ (Fixed 1.19.4 Atlas) + 1.20.2 - CAN REMOVE SIDE PANEL (Optional) - "menu.returnToGame": "⻔月"} - "menu.returnToGame": "Back to Game"} - Adjust texture by adding the textures into any...


    COMMISSIONS OPEN: ✔️ CUSTOM HIGH QUALITY 3D MODELS ✔️ CUSTOM DYNAMIC ANIMATIONS ✔️ CUSTOM DETAILED TEXTURING PORTFOLIO CONTACT & SOCIALS DISCORD: Knacks#1741 [email protected] I don't frequent this site, the best way to contact me is via discord! Cheers. OTHER SERVICES: BUILDING...
  4. K

    Gambling [Limited] 2023-02-03

    Introducing the unique and exciting plugin "Gambling"! This plugin is designed for players who love to compete and test their skills in Minecraft. The plugin allows players to engage in 1v1 battles where they can bet money on their victory. The betting system adds an extra level of excitement to...
  5. B

    Aqua Dragon Set 1.1

    Stunning armor set of Aqua Dragon ready to suit you Included: • Aqua Helmet • Aqua Chestplate • Aqua Leggings • Aqua Boots • Aqua Sword • Aqua Pickaxe • Aqua Shovel • Aqua Axe • Aqua Bow Build and skin are not included with purchase, they serve only for showcase purposes Set is also...
  6. S

    Forty Exquisite Skills V0.1

    This is an advanced skill pack containing about 40 high-quality custom image skills and several Bosses. Advanced snow storm particles (bedrock particles) are used. If your minecraft version is 1.12.2. With the free plugin and model in the skill pack, you can release these excellent skills...
  7. V

    Epic Player Tags [Font Textures] | 120+ Tags - Oraxen / ItemsAdder Support 1.1

  8. wolf_awwent

    Yokai Pack | CustomModel Mobs | | CustomModel Items 1.2.0

    Yokai Pack =This Pack include= – 1 Fox girl with 7 animation – 1 Monk with 7 animation – 1 Wanyudo with 6 animation – 3 CustomModel items “Tested on MythicMobs 5.0.5、ModelEngine r2.5.0 。” wolfawwent#9999
  9. A

    Medieval Note Sound Pack 1.0

    Replace the note block sounds in your server resource pack, then play NBS songs through plugins so the songs don’t take up space in the resource pack. Includes: – Resource pack that replaces default note block sounds (also playable as custom sounds) – 3 Loop-able NBS tracks that you can play in...
  10. V

    Player Rank Icons [Font Textures] | 140+ Icons - Oraxen / ItemsAdder Support 2.4

  11. T

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack 1.15.1

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack includes the following: - Models - Textures - 1 Mob - 4 Artifacts - 4 Skills (with permission conditions) ===================================== Priest Artifacts can heal a player, create shields, and damage enemies. Also includes one demon :) I hope you...
  12. Nexto

    Craft custom items by placing blocks! 1.0

    Supported Versions: - Minecraft 1.12 & 1.13+ - MythicMobs 4.5.7+ In this pack you will get: - Mobs - Skills - Items This resource lets you create custom recipes with actual blocks that let you reward: - A summon (Spawning a boss or an ally) - A mythicitem / command - Whatever you can think of...
  13. Barney

    12 Masters Pack | Includes All 12 Masters ⬛ 1.1.12

    Name: Zufau (You can change the name) [Master of Balance] Skills: - Orb of Eternity > Ascends the target from the ground covering them in an orange orb, smiting them many times, damaging them. - Call of the Flame Realm > Opens a veil from the fire realm to his current world. Flaming warriors...
  14. Barney

    12 Masters Pack | Zufau - Master of Balance ⬛ 1.1.12

    Name: Zufau (You can change the name) Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | MythicmobsExtension | LibsDisguises Description: Zufau is the master of balance. He is the strongest master of the 12 masters. Some say, he could kill all of them alone if he wanted to. Stats: - HP: 1250 (You can change...
  15. RinaDeithe

    Cookie Pack 0.9

    COOKIE MONSTER PACK. Not to be confused with the cookie monster Made by RinaDeither requested by CookieXL This mob pack is a very simple one. Not many skills, and not any complicated either. The mobs are also pretty simple, except for some basic usage of custom AI. But the simplicity of...
  16. T0xic

    ⭐️Shaldorn Keep⭐️| MythicDungeons Supported | Unique Bosses 3.27

    ✦ SHALDORN KEEP ✦ Shaldorn Keep is a MythicMobs Custom Boss Dungeon that has 4 differently themed bosses that each have different abilities and 12 different dungeon mobs! If you're looking for something to stand out from the rest of the servers this is it. My 5+ Years of MythicMobs experience...
  17. Coolkc456

    Turtles 1.0

    They create a ring of bubbles when you punch them. They die if they aren't in water. File includes the turtle mob, a random spawning file, drop tables, and an item file. Drops are cactus green dye and 2 exp. Pictures: