1. Samus2002

    RPG Essentials | VOL 3 1.0

    Add 28 RPG Assets to your game! This pack includes tons of assets essential for an RPG world. Also includes pre-made systems which you can customize yourself. Check out the configuration manual provided in the pack! This pack contains: 3 EXP Scrolls (Common/Rare/Epic) Right-click to drink and...
  2. Frukis


    This is an example video of what you can do with the Icons. If you have any suggestions, bug reports or general comments please feel absolutely free to contact me via discord: Frukis#9848
  3. Ldii

    [ModelEngine] Custom NPC template models 1.0

    This file includes: Custom and fully customizable NPC template models (Steve 1:1, Steve 2:1, Alex 1:1) with 9 premade animations! Premium support of a vendor My respect ;) Requires: ModelEngine BlockBench
  4. D

    NPC Pack 2 2021-08-27

    NPC Pack Vol 2! Hail explorer! I bring to you a new group NPCs for a dash of character to any server! We have our regal King who stands at his throne -He acquired his kingly status by slaying a dragon. He patiently awaits another dragon to slay everyday so that he may once again taste victory...
  5. E

    Esron's Totem Animation Pack 1

    25 Custom Totem of Undying Animations that are easy to conjure with single commands? Here’s the ultimate pack for you. See examples: What you get: ✅ 1.17 Resource Pack with all the custom Totem animations (works with earlier pack versions as well). ✅ A BetonQuest package if you wish to...
  6. D

    NPC Pack 2.0

    Populate your server's villages or towns with some bright-eyed and cheery NPC's! These NPC's are configured to handle any of your favorite GUI based plugins or even just run commands when theyre interacted with. This Pack includes: The Archer - with her pet hawk by her side she is ready to...