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Required Dependencies
Model Engine and MythicMobs

NPC Pack Vol 2! Hail explorer! I bring to you a new group NPCs for a dash of character to any server!

We have our regal King who stands at his throne -He acquired his kingly status by slaying a dragon. He patiently awaits another dragon to slay everyday so that he may once again taste victory, to be celebrated and ascend to the next level - whatever that may be.

Our township’s miner can always be found near mine shafts, his specialty is coal but he’s always on the lookout for precious gems and gold to load into his trusty cart.

Then we have our retired pirate, at one point this jolly fellow was a practiced lutist.

Unfortunately, a life of adventure and sailing the seas caused him to lose his playing hand in an accident. He never let it get him down -he stays by his anchor to remember his days at sea.

Our favorite adventurer makes frequent stops in our township to share his treasures found on excursions. He says he has no use for material items -he just genuinely loves adventure. And a good lift.

A town isn’t complete without a pub. A pub isn’t complete without a barkeep. Our thirsty pal seems to have a penchant for drinking on the job. The authorities once tried to get him to stop but everyone noticed the mugs weren’t as clean when the chap was sober so now we just let him wet his whistle all he wants.

As always, the only requirements are mythicmobs and modelengine!

Check out our Mob Packs: https://gumroad.com/littleroom
Chat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Y2r6SDj
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