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This pack includes 3 types of tameable foxes including red fox, arctic fox, and fennec foxes. They are made with player head textures and they are included as item files. I also included a random spawning config and when I tested it out on my server, they spawned pretty rarely which is how I liked it but you should obviously review all the files and change them to suit your needs before installing.
Tame and feed them as you would with wolves.
Red Foxes spawn in Roofed Forests, Forests, Plains, Taigas, and Extreme Hills.
Arctic foxes spawn in Ice Flats, Ice Mountains, Cold Taigas, and Cold Hills.
Fennec Foxes Mesas, Deserts, Savannas, and Savanna Plateaus.
They also have their own sound effect which sounds like a little puppy or like a "yap".

Here are some pictures of the foxes:
Red Fox:

Arctic Fox:

Fennec Fox:

Just drop any files ending in "head" into the items folder. Any files starting with "Random" go into the random spawning folders (if you choose to use them), and the other files just go into your mobs folder.

They are very simple mobs mostly because I am still learning Mythic Mobs but feel free to leave a constructive review if you liked them or disliked them, whichever. Thanks for reviewing!
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