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Sea of Pillage V1 - Pirate mobpack

Sea of Pillage V1 - Pirate mobpack 1

Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, Model Engine 4 and 3

Sea of pillage adds an incredible combat experience perfect for mid-low families of mobs!
Exceptionally optimized (6 bones per crewmate, 13 bones per big boi), vanilla-friendly, and with
advanced AI, will make the first levels of farming very fun and challenging, while making it
extremely easy for you to populate your worlds with a new amazing skin randomization system
that makes the combinations of pirates seemingly endless! Automatically spawn pirates
with hundreds of possible combinations of skin tone, faces, and attires!

Features one of the best ranged AI available, parry/stagger mechanics, randomization
of the pirate skin, great custom sounds and particle FX, comprised in 3 crewmate types:

Technical trailer:

Advanced ranged AI! Shoots bullets with a slow reload animation!

Dynamically gets out of the way of allies, and constantly
moves backwards and performs backsteps to avoid close contact!
Tries to get out of the path of other gunners and constantly moves if necessary!

They won’t hesitate to shoot point-blank, or kick you to teach you a lesson
on respect if you come too close! Don’t underestimate them by any chance!

The big guys!
They are resistant to stagger (But still possible to interrupt their attacks
when you time your attacks well!), tankier, they pack quite a punch, and will stun
you with devastating strikes. Not the nicest of the ideas if you want to stay in one piece.

Melee combos, crowd control, and pure muscle!

The good ol’ classic, which crew would sail without
the appropriate dose of cutlasses and gunpowder?
With a simple melee combo based attack style, They are the butter
for your bread in the pirate world!

They unseathe their cutlass when they see enemies,
and attack with swift combos, while trying to maneuver
around the player!

Parry and stagger them if you time your attacks properly! Tries to
perform gap closers if you keep them too distant!


Easily populate a zone with pirates with an automatic skin randomization!
With 4 skin tones, 7 sets of heads, and 5 attires per skin tone, get
hundreds of combinations that will make your pirate experience
variated and fresh in every iteration!

Every small crewmate has only 6 bones, thus being absolutely optimized, and
able to be spammed without causing lag issues to players or servers!

Every Buccaneer uses 13 bones, also being as optimized as possible for their constitution!

Ship build (Unknown origin) Modified by LcorpOfficial, island by LcorpOfficial and Chara

The Original soundtrack is available as an option for purchase!
PLEASE NOTE that it’s currently a pre-release, contains an ogg and mp3 high quality
format, but will be updated with some handy configs, WAV format, alternate endings, Loopable
ogg, and “premature ending” audios as transitions.

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