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❄️(CHECK DESC FOR DOWNLOAD⬇️) FREE well-designed Mob Megapack⚡(25 mobs with special abilities!)❄️

❄️(CHECK DESC FOR DOWNLOAD⬇️) FREE well-designed Mob Megapack⚡(25 mobs with special abilities!)❄️ 1.18.2

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Required Dependencies
Recommended to have citizens installed

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Recommended to have The Citizens plugin installed as well, though this is not necessary for the pack to function.


If you have MMOItems, I highly recommend getting my MMOItems to go along with this one. Certain mobs drop special items that can be used for crafting. Plus, I have made countless other tools and weapons as well as potions.
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This pack is the result of several years of goofing off with MythicMobs. I'm definitely not a pro, but I think the mobs are decent and worthy to see the light of day. The bestiary below will well-equip you on how the mobs act in combat, as well as where they spawn. The bestiary was written for my group of friends whom are into roleplaying in Minecraft. Enjoy!
This pack comes with special mobs with unique abilities. Some abilities (the ones I made are located in the "Special Skills" folder) are not in use, allowing you to create your own if you so please.


Mob List

Neutral Mobs
Torchbug, Torchbug Swarm, Wisp, Fluffernox, Vinelith, Luminafox

Enemy Mobs
Mummy, Pixie, Troll, Massive Torchbug Swarm, Lich, SandSpirit (WIP), Foglet, Displacer, Leecher, Jungle Tribesman, Bogwalker (WIP), NoonWraith, NightWraith, IceWraith, Frost Flame, Harbinger

'Boss' Mobs
Leshen, Penitent, Heinous, Fiend (WIP)

More Coming Soon



(Contains only a few of the overall mobs)

FYI, “Weak to Nothing” does NOT mean resistant against everything


The Torchbug is a bioluminescent insect that thrives in lush forests and fields. It is a very social insect, and best known for the subtle warm glow emitted from its abdomen that helps attract mates. Come day, a torchbug covers itself in a protected layer of skin that reflects visible light, camouflaging it until night. On semi-rare occasions, torchbugs can form a swarm that helps with reproduction rates.

Found in fields and forests

Weak to nothing
Resistant against nothing

Drops nothing except occasional xp


Perhaps one of the most bizarre types of common creatures, wraiths are humanoid clouds of smoke. There are several different kinds of wraiths, mainly differentiated by the color of their smoke, and as such Nightwraiths and Noonwraiths are dark gray and white respectively. Several religions have formed in the past from people worshiping the wraiths as omens of death. While wraiths do not speak a language in the conventional sense, their followers often interpret their noises to serve their own thoughts, and hear much of an echo to their own desires. Several kinds of wraiths exist and many more are considered a possibility like the “ice” or “desert” wraith, but these could also be other creatures that look similar from a distance. Wraiths have an unrelenting rage toward humans (reasons unknown) and as such, they kill on sight, including anything remotely similar. Interestingly, wraiths may sometimes make an exception for religious followers.

Found in fields

Weak to magic, melee, and heat
Resistant against arrows

Drops a decent amount of xp, withered essence, and magic fragments


An abomination of nature, this ugly brute is slow but strong. Several punches from a troll will send you to the ground. Trolls reside in mountains and caves, although are rarely seen in them because of their constant need to eat. Trolls often form packs to easily overpower their prey. The only thing they enjoy more than eating something raw is steel, often keeping several ingots on them at all times. They love shiny things (despite their ugly reflection). During puberty, a troll develops a thin layer of either diorite or andesite around their skin that enhances their protection from and kind of physical damage.

Found in fields, mountains, and forests

Weak to magic
Resistant against physical damage (i.e. Swords, Arrows)

Drops occasional xp, steel, and the occasional shiny object


This ball of fluff is a rare mammal, often found in mountains, that rolls up into a ball to avoid danger. A fluffernox usually resides in mountains, as it is immune to fall damage. They are hunted mainly for their wool which is used in dozens of magical recipes for weapons, potions, and more. Because of hunters they have nearly been driven to extinction. Luckily, they reproduce constantly as does their cousin the sheep!

Found on mountains

Weak to nothing
Resistant against fall damage

Drops some xp as well as fluffernox fur, used in making potions that often require speed or fall resistance. The fur is not limited to this however, and has many uses


Small critters with a passion for destroying the undead, wisps are friendly creatures that upon provoked will release strong puffs of gas out of their pores, blowing anything within a few blocks away. The gas they release is a mix of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Hydrogen. While not entirely the same, this chemical composition is closely related to internal gas (otherwise known as farts). It is theorized that wisps eat air, and because of their traversal speed, they quickly stockpile internal gas that can then be later released as a form or defense.
Their true form is out of the color range that humans can perceive and therefore they resemble a distorted small orb. Wisps do not procreate but instead undergo mitosis every other new moon. Wisps are extremely fast, moving around 6 blocks a second. Their small size limits their ability to climb surfaces which often slows them down. They are generally friendly toward passive mobs unless provoked. Contrary to what most people think, wisps are just as prone to swords as a zombie. And just like a zombie, a wisp cannot swim and as such they drown when in water. Remember that they aren't magical creatures, their colors just resemble that of one.

Found in forests, plains, deserts, jungles, and generally everywhere that doesn't have water

Weak to water
Resistant against arrows

Does not drop enough xp to make killing one worthwhile. Wisps are very difficult to kill let alone hit. They do not drop any items


The luminafox is a rare mammal that dens deep underground, and prefers to avoid dangerous scenarios which usually arise above ground. Like its name implies the luminafox has developed not only its own sustainable light source but also developed extraordinary eyes that can sense body heat which enables them to spot bugs- their main source of food. Luminafoxes are often hunted for their tails which spew out toxic fumes that when inhaled cause nausea as well as auditory hallucinations, temporary blindness, and slowness. Because of the intense effects of luminafox fumes, most creatures ignore or avoid a luminafox. They are significantly smaller than regular foxes because of their avoidance to combat, and look much like a snow fox (a rare sub-breed of foxes). Many people tame luminafoxes as pets despite the difficulty in finding one accepting of the idea.

Found deep underground in dark areas

Weak to fire
Resistant against nothing

May drop their tail on death as well as some xp

Frost Flame

These balls of mist reside in snowy areas that often do not contain as much foliage. A frost flame does not require food nor water to survive, but rather it steals the life time of nearby creatures and adds the time to its own. Although a frost flame needs something else's life to live longer, they do not seek out living things and rather wander aimlessly through the cold air. Touching a frost flame will leave your hand frozen to the core, giving it its name. The original lifespan for frost flames is unknown because it constantly changes. The youngest recorded frost flame to die was 2 years old, but the oldest was 40. Older frost flames have a darker blue mist while younger ones are whiter. Depending on age, frost flames learn to lifesteal faster.

Found in open snowy areas- Mainly mountains

Weak to fire
Resistant against frost, arrows

Drops a generous amount of xp and some magic fragments


In the heart of the forest, there lies a beast neither made of flesh nor blood but in place exists wood and sap. The Leshen, a forest spirit from another world, is an extremely rare yet powerful enemy. If it wasn't for the danger it exhibits toward anyone who treads in its territory, Leshens would undoubtedly be hunted down for their nearly impenetrable wood, which makes fine weapons for those strong enough to slay one. Warriors who have slain one often wear its skull as a symbol of their strength. Leshens, stated before, are forest spirits that usually reside in the deepest part of lush forests. Leshens do not believe in stealth and scream occasionally to ward off enemies. Leshens have the power of the forest on their side, making management of their attacks extraordinarily difficult. The extent of a leshen's powers is not known.
A leshen can live for thousands of years, and does not fear death. However, if a leshen does not find an opponent to be worthy, it will simply disappear.

Found in jungles as well as (but very rarely) in deep forests of any kind. Can often by destroying a forest

Weak to fire
Resistant against most forms of attacks. Immune to withering and poison effects

Drops a massive amount of xp, its skull, and its wood


Penitents are a subclass of wraiths and are beyond deadly. They form when a soul of a deceased cannot move past the horrible actions it took while alive. Not Heaven nor Hell shall take the soul therefore it roams the world, taking anger out on all sentient life it encounters. Penitents are very skilled in dark magic, and don't hold back when faced with a threat. When a Penitent is killed, it's soul can be retrieved and captured in a bottle for crafting powerful objects. Penitents have the ability to manifest undead to fight for them as well as nightwraiths. They gravitate towards sorrowful places, and therefore stick close to abandoned villages and cemeteries.

Found anywhere, but most often in abandoned villages and cemeteries

Weak to magic
Resistant against fire and melee

Drops a large amount of xp, withered essence, and wraith soul


Foglets are distant cousins to the goblin with the only obvious difference being its ability. The foglet hunts alone, and enjoys the succulent meat of pigs above all other kinds. Foglets reach maturity within a year of birth, and reproduce similar to humans (although their life cycle is drastically different). A foglet cannot survive in dry climates, relying on the moisture in the air as their primary source of water. Foglets burrow in the ground of swamps and only come out when it rains for ‘deluxe’ food (like pigs). A foglets’ reflective skin allows them to turn ‘invisible’ by distorting nearby light. They also envelop a nearby area in fog to further disorient their prey. The Foglet's back consists of a small set of gills that suck in air and mix it with water to create a misty effect when it shoots back out milliseconds later.

Usually found in swamps when it rains

Weak to melee and fire
Resistant against nothing

Drops a decent amount of xp, several foglet teeth, and a few foglet eyes


This beast has the strange skill of being able to warp between its own dimension and ours, allowing it to flank prey from all sides. Not much is known about the displacer- what it feeds on, where it’s from, etc. A displacer is extremely difficult to find in the wild but certain magical artifacts have been invented to lure out a displacer from hiding. One such example of this is the Artifact of Consonance. This artifact disrupts the magic of a displacer and brings it back to our world. This artifact only works if a displacer is nearby in its relative dimension. Displacer skin is very hard, and among the hardest materials. It may be used to create armor as well as weapons, although to achieve this you must first kill it, which proves to be quite difficult.

Found everywhere, may be drawn out with an artifact of consonance

Weak to magic
Resistant against arrows, melee, and fire (fire will heal them)

Drops a generous amount of xp, tattered displacer skin, withered essence, and ender pearls


The leecher is a vampiric monster that lurks in the deepest parts of the world. It’s infamous for sucking the blood out of thousands of miners and adventurers foolish enough to look for one. The leecher has developed a survival strategy like no other. The skin of a leecher is dark gray, just like deepslate, bestowing it the power to camouflage somewhat well into its surroundings. As soon as it locates a blood-filled mammal, it strikes. The leecher does not eat; it gets its nutrients from the surrounding mobs by sucking the blood out of them and digesting it. Because of its strength, few survive a leecher attack. Leechers are mostly immune to swords and melee weapons because of their titanium-like bones. Leechers hunt alone, and come back to their nest where dozens of others live. Encountering a leecher nest is a death sentence like no other.

Found down in the deepest parts of the world

Weak to magic
Resistant against melee

Drops a generous amount of xp and leecher bones
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