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Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, ModelEngine, MCPets

The Dragon Pack comes with 3 dragon mobs and 1 dragon boss + mount versions of all 4 dragons.
The mobs and boss from this pack are all dragon species with various behaviors and skills.

This Pack Contains:
  • Terravore Drake (Mob/Mount)
  • Skywhisper Wyvern (Mob/Mount)
  • Flarewing Dragon (Mob/Mount)
  • Celestial Thunderlord (Boss/Mount)
  • Air Pulse (Skill VFX)
  • Thunderclaw (Skill VFX)
  • Dragon Statue (Skill VFX)
  • MCPets config
  • Pet icons for MCPets menu
  • Dash skill for all mounts: Using MCPet's signal feather, with each unique dash particles!
  • Pet name tag support
  • Emissive skill textures for Optifine
  • Instruction on how to install
  • Resource pack included
  • ItemsAdder config - Easy Drag & Drop!
  • Oraxen config - Easy Drag & Drop!

Advanced Behaviors and AI:
For better combat experience, we've focused on randomness and unpredictability. Some dragons switch between walk and run mode, fly away from the player when damaged, have random attack speed in their basic attacks, sometimes use basic attacks twice in a row, and much more.


Mobs and their skills are fully customizable in terms of damage, health, at which health you want the boss to switch its phase, etc.

Terravore Drake:
  • Sprint: The Terravore Drake sometimes switches to sprinting mode to get closer to you.
  • Slash: The Terravore Drake uses its paws to slash you.
  • Body Slam: The Terravore Drake throws its body towards you while in sprinting mode.
Skywhisper Wyvern:
  • Bite: The Skywhisper Wyvern bites you with its fangs.
  • Air Pulse: The Skywhisper Wyvern flies away and fires air pulses at you. It could keep firing more air pulses or slowly land.
Flarewing Dragon:
  • Flying Slash: The Flarewing Dragon dashes forward and uses its claws to slash you. It could execute an additional slash instantly.
  • Fire Glide: The Flarewing Dragon leaps backwards and glides through the surface, leaving paths of fire.
  • Flamethrower: The Flarewing Dragon flies away and fires a long-lasting breath of flame that burns you.
Celestial Thunderlord:
  • Phase 1 (Above 60% Health):
    • Dragon Statue: The Celestial Thunderlord summons 3 dragon statues that strike lightning bolts at each of their location. The statues cannot be destroyed and change positions every 8 seconds.
    • Celestial Crunch: The Celestial Thunderlord crunches you with its fangs. It could execute an additional crunch instantly.
    • Tail Smash: When the Celestial Thunderlord detects you around his tail, it smashes its tail onto the surface.
    • Thunderclaw: The Celestial Thunderlord summons a claw of thunder, dashes towards you and slashes you.
    • Tumble: The Celestial Thunderlord slightly flies up and tumbles on the ground, damaging all nearby players.
  • Phase 2 (Below 60% Health):
    • Dragon Statue: +2 Dragon Statues, +Damage
    • Celestial Crunch: +Damage
    • Tail Smash: +Damage, +Airborne
    • Thunderclaw: +Damage, +Knockback
    • Tumble: +Damage
    • Rain of Thunder: The Celestial Thunderlord flies up and roams forward, constantly summoning bolts of thunder. When the thunder rain ends, it could either land or tumble when it meets the surface.
    • Thunderbreath: The Celestial Thunderlord flies backwards, charges up and lets out a long-lasting breath of celestial thunder.
    • Burning Thunder: All attacks and skills of the Celestial Thunderlord have a 50% chance to burn you.

Dependencies: MythicMobs Premium, ModelEngine, MCPets
Tested on version 1.20.1, MythicMobs Premium (5.5.1), ModelEngine (4.0.5). MCPets (4.1.1), Resource pack included
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