1. Aracnen

    Skeleton Pack - Boss & Mobs 2021-10-16

    This pack includes : Heidard, the Necromancer : 11 animations 2 animated textures for the flames 8 different attack types with variations (2 close attacks, 3 different projectiles, 2 summonings, 2 AOE, and a rush) Skeleton Axe Brute : 7 animations 4 different attacks (a fast handle hit...
  2. LaGravedad LGDD

    ☠VirusPack ☠ [Mobs] [Items] - LGDD 2021-08-26

    objects made for: resource packs, optifine, MythicMobs, Oraxen or any plugin with a resource pack enemies made to complement: ModelEngine all images: ↓
  3. ProDo

    A monster (Zhou Yu) 1.16.5

    This monster has three skills. It looks very cool!
  4. E

    Wraith Mob 1.1

    A ModelEngine model and MythicMobs config I made. The mob has Walk, Idle, Attack, and Death animations, as well as a simple projectile skill. I might add another skill or two later on, and update the model since though I'm proud of the face, the model could be a lot more interesting and...
  5. MexBotDude

    Model Engine - Loxodonta Adventurer Caravan (Removable Saddle, Baby Model & 3 Passenger Mechanic) 2021-07-20

    Elephant Adventurer Caravan, embrace a journey along with 2 More players across your distant Minecraft lands! Elephant AI also allows you to feed them, and if you hit their babies they will attack you back. Requires: ModelEngine Optional: MythicMobs & MythicCrucible (For Ingame Mechanics)...
  6. MexBotDude

    MexBot's Panthera Tigris Collection (Tigers with Removable Armor) 2021-05-20

    This Pack includes: Classic Tiger Model Model & Armored Variant White Tiger Model & Armored Variant Astral Tiger Model & Armored Variant Void Tiger Model & Armored Variant Spectral Tiger Model & Armored Variant Winged Astral Tiger Model & Armored Variant Winged Void Tiger Model &...
  7. MexBotDude

    Null 0.0.1

  8. 22Hause

    Darktang Mob 2021-05-16

    This package contains Model and MM Configuration Discord: 22Hause#6653 Animations: Idie: Walk: Attack: Death:
  9. 22Hause

    Jabali Mob 2021-05-16

    This package contains Model and MM Configuration Discord: 22Hause#6653 Animations: Idie: Walk: Attack: Death:
  10. D

    Wizpiglin [Nether Boss] 2.0

    Oh no! You've played with portals too much and now you've caused a rift in space-time! Now we've got a new boss who's made his way through other dimensions to take over our realm! Be careful! He can make his own portals! chat with us on discord: other packs...
  11. G

    Solution for mob

    Hi I wanted to make a custom mob for Minecraft 1.12.2 I made the block model and applied to mobs head and made mob invisible, so I made the entire new mob model without player disguising and other... But there is one issue. when the mob moves its head of curse model starts to rotate in different...
  12. Ldii

    [ModelEngine, MythicMobs] Configured Enderlord mob 1.01

    About this mob: - 9 animations (you can add yours with the program BlockBench) - 3.3 block height, 1.5 block weigth - Fully customizable (you need BlockBench for this) - 4 Pre-made Skills What in the file: - .bbmodel for BlockBench - .png, .json, .animation.json for the ModelEngine plugin -...
  13. P

    Error messages in the console

    Hello, maybe someone knows the problem and can help me with it. This error message is spammed into my console: [15:56:48] [lumine-scheduler-16/ERROR]: [MythicMobs] [31m[SCHEDULER] Exception thrown whilst executing task[37m [15:56:48] [lumine-scheduler-16/WARN]...
  14. Cosmici

    Mob Custom Food Drop Issue

    So, I wanted to create some sort of mob (A frog) that drops beetroot appropriately named Frog upon dropping. The mob is a small slime, and it drops the food as normal, but I'm unable to properly eat it. When I try to eat the food, it just flat out doesn't let me. I'm guessing I either need a...
  15. D

    ⭐Dementor⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mob 1.1

    Dementor ✅ Custom Model ✅ Custom Animation ✅ Custom AI ✅ Random Spawning ✅ Custom Drops The Dementor flies through the air. It freezes its surrounding area to trap his foes. It tries to suck out your soul so be careful when fighting them. Support Discord Server Showcase...
  16. Fortepsai

    Elite Creatures Mob Packs **ALl packs Updated** 1.14+

    1 dollar price in the link is just for redirection to our discord it was the minimum i could have set it doenst represent any payment so dont worry . Fellow MM users and players! We proudly present you Elite Creatures resource packs! These packs obtain animated models,sounds, skills and...
  17. Dre4mFour

    Fire Mage Mob 2020-06-15

    This is my first resource on this page so it might not be as good as you would expect. This is just a simple fire themed mob that can shoot projectiles along with other damaging abilities with simple effects. FILES (Libsdisguises not included): FireMage.yml FireMageSkills.yml
  18. drThunderbuckle

    Viking Pack 2020-06-06

    A pack that comes with 5 basic vikings, Bjorgolf the pyromancer (high quality boss), 2 artifact weapons, 5 disguises, and custom drops to be used for custom recipes. Basic Vikings: Hunter, Warrior, Brute, Sharp Shooter and Soldier. All of them are melee except for the sharp shooter who has a...
  19. ggonzo

    Help, New to this

    I've been trying to mess around with all the different types of settings and I got it working for this boss I wanted to make but now it is just breaking everything, help please it will be greatly appreciated
  20. F

    Skill Problem

    I have a problem whit a mob, I created a skill but it doesn't work, I don't know where is my error please help Mob: Astro: Type: HUSK Display: '&f&lA&3&ls&f&lt&3&lr&f&lo' Health: 6000 Damage: 11 Equipment: - DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE CHEST - DIAMOND_LEGGINGS LEGS - DIAMOND_BOOTS FEET...