1. Samus2002

    Dwarf Pack 1.0

    The Dwarf Pack comes with 3 mobs, 1 boss, and 10 weapons. The mobs and boss from this pack are all dwarf species with various behaviors and skills. Dwarves are neutral mobs that can be both enemies and allies - Attack them first to be their enemies, tame them with golden ingots to make them your...
  2. I

    [Free] Valmoira, Void Sorcerer 1.0

    Valmoira, Void Sorcerer A basic mob I created for fun. I definitely didn't do things in the most efficient or optimized way. This was just a practice boss of mine that some friends and I played around with. Feel free to download, learn from, and use in any way, just give credit where it is due.
  3. Samus2002

    Cauldron of Death 1.0

    The Cauldron of Death is an undead living cauldron from the underworld. He creates deadly skulls inside his cauldron, using them as bombs or wisps. The boss' chemicals switch from poison to wither on phase 2, using more deadly skulls in his abilities. This pack contains: Cauldron of Death...
  4. Samus2002

    Skeleton Pack 1.0

    The Skeleton Pack comes with 3 mobs, 1 boss, and 5 weapons. The mobs and boss from this pack are all skeleton species with various behaviors and skills. This pack contains: Skeleton Warrior (Mob) Skeleton Archer (Mob) Skeleton Shaman (Mob) Lich King (Boss) Skeleton Sword Model (Item) Skeleton...
  5. Samus2002

    RPG Monster Series | Howling Nether 1.0

    Want to add more life to your Nether world? Add 7 custom monsters and 1 boss to your game! This pack contains: Lava Mite Nether Mushroom Lava Piranha Fire Imp Dark Imp Lost Soul Hellhound Blaze King (Boss) 15 custom sound effects Emissive skill textures for Optifine Resource pack included...
  6. Samus2002

    RPG Monster Series | Dark Forest 1.0

    Tired of fighting zombies and skeletons? Add 10 custom monsters to your game! This pack contains: Snail Plant Monster Kobold Warrior Kobold Archer Mimic Stone Minion Stone Golem Wraith Salamander Lava Salamander 18 custom sound effects Emissive skill textures for Optifine Resource pack...
  7. SilentTail

    LibsDisguise Deluxe Menu! 2022-11-03

    The only Disguise Menu! - Disguise Pack Bundles - Funny Quotes for EVERY Disguise! - Permissions Sorted! Drag & Drop! Showcase
  8. G

    Oáxémak 2022-09-16

    Oaxemak - The name sounds intimidating, but the character is even more intimidating. This character has a lot of detail put into it and is a great addition for your world and servers. It can act as a villain if you wish to do an MMO, or it can even be a boss. This character has a variety of uses...
  9. MooshroomStatus

    Illithid Nautilus 1.0

    My first ever collaboration with VoxelSpawns on a creature birthed between the dark ocean and the void. Can you overcome the mind melting combat of the Illithid Nautilus? FREE SWORD INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE! External link to sword texture:
  10. Frukis

    Aryai God of Light Pack 1.0.0 Update - Bugs & Fixes

    Showcase Video: If you have any suggestions, bug reports or general comments please feel absolutely free to contact me via discord Discord: Frukis#9848 [Mythic doesn't allow me to upload large files to updates, so if you want to download the map, go to History and download the first version]
  11. wolf_awwent

    Scarlet Dragon | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 1.0.3

    Scarlet Dragon =This Pack include= – Model of the Scarlet Dragon with 12 smooth and high quality animations - 2 animated VFX - 7 skills - 1 Spawner with animation - 1 Death vfx - 1 Model engine skills model “Tested on MythicMobs 5.0.5、ModelEngine r2.5.0 。” wolfawwent#9999
  12. wolf_awwent

    Nurse | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 2.0.0

    Nurse =This Pack include= – Model of the Nurse with 25 smooth and high quality animations - 14 animated VFX - 8 skills - 3 attack type (stance) - 1 Spawner with animation - 1 Death vfx - 4 Model engine skills model wolfawwent#9999
  13. wolf_awwent

    Bee Fighter | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 1.1.0

    Bee Fighter =This Pack include= – Model of the Bee Fighter with 13 smooth and high quality animations - 6 skills - 1 Spawner with animation - 1 animated VFX - 3 Model engine skills model wolfawwent#9999
  14. AlternativeSoap#

    | Mob File Explanation for beginners | 2.0

    Beginner's Guide Don't know how to use MythicMobs? Are you new to it? Then these files can lead you the right way! What's included in this resource? Mob File Included: - Basic Mob Setup - Bossbar - Faction - Mount - Options - Modules - AIGoalSelectors - AITargetSelectors - Mob Drops -...
  15. Noobio

    Cupid Goddess of Love 1.17.1+

    This is a bullet hell boss Require dodge skill Basically she spam heart Her skills are: Phase 1: - She will start the fight with a Bullet Hell Phase + In this phase she immortal + She will summon a ring of seals that prevent you to escape + She will shoot a wall of bullet forward her then her...
  16. CaptainGolem

    Troll -Mob {MythicMobs and ModelEngine} 2021-10-29

    This hulking Troll stomps into your world, bringing challenge and adventure wherever it goes! This amazing pack contains: - One model - Seven high-quality animations - MythicMobs custom skills - MythicMobs custom mob - High-quality ModelEngine files and resource pack With a moderately large...
  17. N

    [30% Off] Pumpking 1.1

    Basic info: - Health: 7500 - Damage: 75 - Skills: + Pumpkin Missile: Summon Pumpkin Missile that chase nearby players + Ghost Horse Army: Summon 5 Skeleton Horse charge toward the target + Crowstorm: Summon a storm of crow that blind and damage enemy nearby + Pumpkin Meteor: Summon Pumpkin...
  18. Nocsy

    Skeleton Pack - Boss & Mobs 2021-10-16

    This pack includes : Heidard, the Necromancer : 11 animations 2 animated textures for the flames 8 different attack types with variations (2 close attacks, 3 different projectiles, 2 summonings, 2 AOE, and a rush) Skeleton Axe Brute : 7 animations 4 different attacks (a fast handle hit...
  19. LaGravedad LGDD

    ☠VirusPack ☠ [Mobs] [Items] - LGDD 2021-08-26

    objects made for: resource packs, optifine, MythicMobs, Oraxen or any plugin with a resource pack enemies made to complement: ModelEngine all images: ↓
  20. ProDo

    A monster (Zhou Yu) 1.16.5

    This monster has three skills. It looks very cool!