1. rsleandro

    Slenderman Basic Model V1. 2021-09-26

  2. rsleandro

    Adam the Penguin Model (No yml). 2021-08-18

    This model is recommended for Pets custom functionality, it can be combined with mmocore. It has 4 animations, fully tested. https://discord.gg/R8grPRVW3x
  3. Karthok

    Blue Fantasy Bow Model (All 4 pull strengths included) 2021-08-02

    This bright blue curvy bow would fit right into a fantasy setting.
  4. hemptimes100

    Different Mobs 0.1

    It's a Mobpack with 9 Mobs An Axolotl, OneLeg, Glowingsquid, Goblin, miniGoblin, Shark, Deer, Rat and Spider There is a Video on YouTube: if you have issues to install it or need help i will help u with your problems.
  5. rsleandro

    Bear Basic - Oso basico V1

  6. T0xic

    Loki the Deceiver 1.31

    Loki the Deceiver Contains: 3 different 3D models 16 different custom sound files made for the encounter Support provided here! https://discord.gg/Hh9UGJt Abilities: Oscillating Ray: Charges a beam thats targeted towards the player that has two different layers, first layer applies a...
  7. I

    [FIXED] All required lists must have the same number of entries!

    I started to use MythicMobs few days ago and make few Quest npc's successfully but when i am trying to add item to Deliver item to NPC it gives me this error " All required lists must have the same number of entries! " anyone know's how to fix it ? thanks in advance.
  8. B

    Looking For Work (Paid) Complex Bosses - ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ#0664

    I am experienced with MythicMobs and create just about anything you want. My prices are negotiable, starting at about $5 for simple bosses. You can pay me on Paypal or Venmo. I am very prompt and very fast. Discord: BlueeDreaM#0664
  9. Coolkc456

    Turtles 1.0

    They create a ring of bubbles when you punch them. They die if they aren't in water. File includes the turtle mob, a random spawning file, drop tables, and an item file. Drops are cactus green dye and 2 exp. Pictures:
  10. Coolkc456

    Tameable Foxes Pack 1.0

    This pack includes 3 types of tameable foxes including red fox, arctic fox, and fennec foxes. They are made with player head textures and they are included as item files. I also included a random spawning config and when I tested it out on my server, they spawned pretty rarely which is how I...
  11. T0xic

    The Kraken

    A boss i made for 1-3 players any feedback is appreciated.
  12. D

    Question for MM and LibDisguise

    Hello everyone ! As i understanded libdisguise : We can assign skins to mobs with "disguise as players". But if the player account used change his skin, this will change the mob'skin too ? There is any way to save the skin somewhere to avoid that ? The only solution is to buy minecraft...
  13. Krowerom

    Pirate Ship Dungeon

    Hey guys :) I have posted another vid on my YouTube channel featuring my server, showcasing an awesome ship build (based on one of Silhouette's ships) by Ladyhawk and a collection of Pirate themed mobs I created to bring it to life!! I've tried to give some explanation in the vid on how things...
  14. C

    Youtube video featuring MythicMobs

    Hey, just wanted to say that I make a plugin showcase in which MythicMobs took part in, thank you for the sexy plugin ;3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsnUsW4HOsFEf5sfC3SQA2Q