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Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, ModelEngine, Denizen, Depenizen

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What is this?​

  • A bigger and high quality mob collection for your minecraft server which uses spigot plugins "Mythic Mobs" in conjunction with "Model Engine" and lately also "Denizen"!
  • My mobs have custom models, animations and of course textures, so you get entirely new mobs on your server!
  • My mobs also have a MythicMobs configuration and high quality Denizen scripts!
  • And the last important thing, my mobs have their own custom sounds and items!

What do you get?​

  • Banshees, in Na'vi: ikran, they are large, dragon-like aerial predators. You can mount on them and also fly with them, the only thing you need is a Leading Feather custom item, that will allow you to fly with a Banshee, it's like a lead, but it's a feather... Yea!
  • Direhorses, in Na'vi: pa'li, they are nectarivores, vaguely horse-like in appearance, with very long necks and small heads. As you may know, this horses have strong armor so they can be used as a weapon, just mount on them, take a sword, right click with it on this epic horses and you will get a nice buff for a short period of time!
  • Hexapedes, in Na'vi: yerik, they are most amazing, but also most shy creatures of Pandora. They have six legs and they are fast as hell!
  • Hammerhead Titanotheres, in Na'vi: 'angtsik, they are really, really, really big and stong six-legged creatures. Just don't upset them and everything will be ok!
  • Viperwolfs, in Na'vi: nantang, they are small, hyena/wolf-like carnivores that have six legs. This magical creatures are neutral untill you attack them or their friends, they are really fast creatures so don't upset them!
  • Woodsprites, in Na'vi: atokirina', they are the sacred seeds from the Tree of Souls. These little guys can follow you and watch you, or just ignore you and randomly fly in your area!
  • Helicoradian, in Na'vi: loreyu, meaning "beautiful spiral". It is the famous plant that shrinks when touched. But beware, if you destroy her near Hammerhead, you better run!
  • Exo Mask, comes in two variants, a brand new RDA respirator or if you get unlucky and find some bad guys which can hurt you, there is a chance that your mask can get broken!
  • Banshee Lead, basically a lead with which you can fly on Banshee and nothing else. It has its own vanilla like texture and it is a fully scripted item!
  • Hunting Axe, that can be used for woodcutting, or killing enemies (Woodsprites can bless you)...
  • Hunting Knife, that can be used for killing enemies, or your special purposes (Woodsprites can bless you)...
  • Ceremonial Bow, last thing is this cool bow, with effects of Na'vi culture (Woodsprites can bless you)...

The installation process is very easy!​

  • Download plugin "MythicMobs".
  • Download plugin "ModelEngine".
  • Download plugin "Denizen".
  • Download add-on plugin for Denizen "Depenizen".
  • Reload your epic server.
  • Unpack, drag and drop mob pack into your server's files.
  • Do console commands "meg reload", "mm reload" and last command /ex reload.
  • Move all files from "ModelEngine/resource pack" to your resourcepack.
  • Enjoy your new mobs!

Need a help?​

  • Please feel free to contact me on my discord for any questions Kaertho#7634.
  • Test mobs by yourself on our test server: kaerthmodels.ddns.net
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