1. AlternativeSoap#

    | 7 Elementals | 200+ Advanced Skills | Libsdisguise | 2.2.5

    I'm incredibly thankful for all 40+ purchases. Your support means the world to me! Introducing "Elementals" A fierce lineup of seven elemental bosses, each a monumental challenge. Have more ideas? Add them, or let me know to include them! It's both simple and advanced, and it works! ⭐⭐⭐ If...
  2. Baphomet's Guild

    ❆ CHRISTMAS BOSSES PACK | MythicMobs and LibsDisguises ❆ 0.5

    Christmas Bosses Pack [14$] ✓ Tested on 1.16.5, 1.17.1 and 1.18.1, MythicMobs v4.14.2 Premium ✓ You need WorldEdit to load the .schem (instructions in How to install.txt) ✓ Contains: - 3 Full mobs pack, (mobs.yml, skills.yml, items.yml) - 3 Arena .schem - File How to install.txt - Free...
  3. Baphomet's Guild

    ✻ SNOWMAN BOSS FIGHT | MythicMobs and LibsDisguises ✻ 0.5

    ✻ Snowman Boss Fight [5$] ✻ ✻ Snowman Skills ✻ 1.- Metamorphosis Snowman throws a Carrot, the target turn into a Snowman, will burn if he gets too close to the Heat Generators. To return to its normal state, it must Not Move until completing 25 points...
  4. C

    Armor Stand Boss SwordsMan 0.1

    Completed on: Minecraft Spigot 1.12.2 LibsDisguises-10.0.24 MythicAnimatorStands-0.490a-SNAPSHOT MythicMobs-4.11.0-BETA MythicExtension-1.736a -------------------------- This is my first work on mythicmobs I guess somebody will like it(maybe) The Png is so large that I cant upload it So I post a...
  5. D

    ⭐TNT Yeeter⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mob 1.1

    TNT Yeeter ✅ Custom Model ✅ Custom Animation ✅ Custom AI ✅ Random Spawning The TNT Yeeter is an aggressive mob. He runs from players to throw tnt from a distance at them. He might drops some tnt when killed. Showcase Installation Install the requirements. Extract the content of...