mythic mob

  1. Gamita

    Love Dragon :: 10usd v1

  2. Gamita

    Claus Dragon :: Boss Christmas 10 usd 2023-12-19

    Claus Dragon :: Boss Christmas
  3. Gamita

    Retextured Medieval Soldier :: Captains Boss :: 10 usd v2

    "" Captains Boss ""
  4. jeancrafteo

    AirSkates - for mythicmobs and modelengine 1.0

    AirSkates brings 8 new vehicles and 1 new mob that summon the other 8 airskates. which are boards you can mount and drive in your minecraft java server! Once you click them (without any piece of armor equiped) you will turn invisible and ride the mount as if was you, that is in the airskate...
  5. Z

    Riwis, Lord Of Shadows 1

    Riwis, Lord Of Shadows Riwis is a boss that is focused on close quarter combat. This means he will get up in your face and fight you. He comes with a cool spawn animation as well as a death animation. At the half way point he starts a skill that requires the players to dodge 4 beems of light...
  6. KolorD_StudiO

    [MythicMobs]Pillars Pack 1.18.2+

    Pillar pack has 4-types(BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, RED) - Each stone pillar has two different skills. - You can get a totem from a monster that summons a pillar. Protect your town from monsters.
  7. Gamita

    Medieval Captains: Patreon v1

    Medieval Captains The captains aren't the highest ranked soldiers I plan on making, still, they're not easy to kill, they'll protect their kingdom, and they're stronger than average, if that's the way captains are. How strong would the wisest of wizards be? Is there a general who commands...
  8. Gamita

    Medieval Soldiers vol1 :: Patreon v1

    MEDIEVAL SOLDIERS: VOL1 This pack contains a combination of ideas to make soldiers with medieval theme and a little fantasy, adding the mechanics of the Paladin hybrid soldier: the protection that surrounds them with a shield that gives them resistance.
  9. Gamita

    The lost of the ice: GamitaModels :: Patreon v1

    The lost of the ice Un trío de guerreros que fueron en busca de travesías, pero terminaron perdidos en algún inmenso país, las temperaturas eran bastante frías y un hielo completamente hostil, aún así no han perecido hasta ahora. ¿Podrán encontrar el camino de regreso? ¿Acaso lo están...
  10. Vex_1

    ❆ SNOWY BOSS FIGHT ❆ 8 + CUSTOM ITEMS ❆ ∣ ❋ Mythic Mobs & Crucible ❋ ∣ 0.1

    *PLEASE READ* If this Boss gets positive feedback I will personally add custom skills & items of your choice into the boss as a future update! If you purchase this package please leave a skill or item suggestion, if I like it, it will be added! - Snowy Skills - 1. The Summoning: Snowy will...
  11. Shadownat3

    MmoItems Items Pack #1 1.1

    A collection of simple skills in a small pack to try and learn from. Here is a quick video showing off the skills: I hope you enjoy it! Skills List: Three Slash: Charge up your weapon, causing your next swing to be followed up by an additional 2 slightly more powerful swings. Heavy Attack...
  12. Frukis

    Never Ending Riko 1.0.0 Update

    The Never Ending - Riko This is a really small mini-boss that I quickly made for testing some stuff! Might update it in the future :) for now... he will never die! This pack contains • 1 Mini-boss - Riko Showcase Video: [Might upload later]
  13. Trep

    ✨Blockbender Pack✨ - Avatar Inspired Pack - 4 Mobs - 8 Unique Skills - Mythic Crucible Compatible 0.2

    Water Air + Sky Bison Teaser Fire Earth
  14. Noobio

    Ravunne, the Last Samurai 2022-03-19

    Ravunne is the last generation of Samurai, now he wander around the world seeking for a worthy student erm ye....L O R E He have a lot of attack: - Normal Swing and Thrust : basically his auto attack - Jump Stance: when he jump to the sky he can swing down to create a tornado that deal damage...
  15. Axel578

    MMGen - The ULTIMATE Mythic Mob GUI / Panel 3.9

    MMGen is the mythic mob IDE that you all have been waiting for ! Simple and intuitive, it's meant to make your mob coding process faster and more efficient. MMGen is three things, first, it's a mythic mob code editor, with a syntax checking tool and a code suggestion engine, every essential...
  16. Noobio

    Elemental Guardians Pack 1.17.1+

    IF U GET THIS ERROR WHEN UNZIP FILE, TRY UNZIP WITH WINRAR INSTEAD OR JOIN SERVER THEN PING US FOR THE FILES A packs that add 6 new bosses to your server! Fire Elemental Guardian: - Fly - Shoot a lot of projectiles - Summon at nether execpt warped forest n soul sand valley Sky Elemental...
  17. iFab1x

    Zeus ≈ [FREE] 1.1

    ZEUS is a very powerful boss that you can use on your public server or with friends 100% configurable. FREATURES - FREE BOSS - DECENT SKILLS - 100% CONFIGURABLE - NEW BOSS SHOWCASE SUPPORT Discord: Soon ( ! ) You are free to use all the settings as you like.
  18. deadcutlass2

    Very Good Boy 2021-11-08

    Its a big dog with a big sword. Swoosh. Deals damage that integrates with the default MMOCore/MMOItems defense system.
  19. hectozul

    Squid Game First Game Mob - Red Light, Green Light 1.17

    Hi, this mob represents the doll of the first game of the series, Red light - Green Light. You need to create a region with World Edit named luzverde Summon the mob outside the region. As in the series, the players can move during the music but if they are still moving after it ends the mob...
  20. reaflamegirl

    Scarabs 2021-06-14

    Shiny scarabs for your Minecraft server! They wander, tunnel, and attack players. Comes in lapis, redstone, gold, emerald, diamond, and netherite! Also has a infinite color version shown in the video. Terms of Use