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❆ SNOWY BOSS FIGHT ❆ 8 + CUSTOM ITEMS ❆ ∣ ❋ Mythic Mobs & Crucible ❋ ∣

❆ SNOWY BOSS FIGHT ❆ 8 + CUSTOM ITEMS ❆ ∣ ❋ Mythic Mobs & Crucible ❋ ∣ 0.1

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Required Dependencies
Mythic Mobs 5.1.4+, Mythic Crucible, LibsDiguises, ProtocolLib, GlowAPI Extra: WorldEdit (To load the .schem)
*PLEASE READ* If this Boss gets positive feedback I will personally add custom skills & items of your choice into the boss as a future update! If you purchase this package please leave a skill or item suggestion, if I like it, it will be added!

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- Snowy Skills -

1. The Summoning: Snowy will rise up and freeze players near, shooting out snow as he seeks for revenge.

2. Snowy Blades: Frosted and sharp blades twirl around Snowy, dealing heavy damage, freeze & applies negative effects if you are hit.

3. Icey Explosions: Snowy shoots all players away then summons a frost orb which shoots explosive snowballs at players at rapid speeds.

4. Loving Gifts: Snowy throws everyone into the air then throws lovely gifts at them which do heavy damage on impact.

5. Frost Generators: Snowy summons in back up Frost Generators which drop the arenas temperature giving all players near it freeze and slowness, Snowy is invincible while the generators are alive, kill them to take away Snowy's invincibility.

6. Frost Burst: Snowy bursts out ice and does heavy damage to players near him.

7. Destruction: Once Snowy has been defeated, he fires out is frosted soul trying to deal one final blow.

Extra Skills:

Swing Animations: Snowy will deal frosty effects at players if you come to close and will do ice combos at players.

HP BossBar: This feature is disabled automatically but if you would like a bossbar that tells players how much HP Snowy is on, feel free to enable this feature.

Custom Items:

Frost_Helmet, Frost_Chestplate, Frost_Leggings, Frost_Boots, Frost_Blade, Christmas_Wand, Angel_Apple & More! All the armor pieces have custom equip animations and give you solid protection so try them on!

This Pack Contains:

• Snowy Frost pack (Mobs, items and skills files) [~205kb]
• File - ReadMe.txt
Arena - .schem
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• Free Discord Support -
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