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Drako - The Fire Dragon (Boss + Mount + Items)

Drako - The Fire Dragon (Boss + Mount + Items) 2021-11-08

  1. 1.17
Required Dependencies
ModelEngine r2.2.0+, MythicMobs 4.13+, spigot 1.17

This pack includes :

Drako – The Fire Dragon (Boss) :
  • 13 animations
  • A complex behavior to handle ground combat & air combat
  • 5 different attacks handled differently from ground to the air (A bite, a wing slash, fire breath in a cone, fragmented fireball, and a grab to get the player in the air then throw him)
  • Several sounds made from Minecraft Vanilla with pitch editing (ambient, wing moves, attacks)
Drako – Mount version :
  • A rideable version of Drako
  • Can either go on the ground or in the air
Dragon set (Items) :
  • Drako’s Fang (sword)
  • The Fire Protector (shield)
  • Dragon’s scale helmet (helmet)
This pack requires ModelEngine (r2.2.0 at least) and MythicMobs.

Tested with MythicMobs 4.13 as well as 5.0.0, ModelEngine r2.2.0 and spigot 1.17.
Versions of spigot may impact sound effects if they are not implemented in the game version you are playing on.

Any issue/questions on this pack can be addressed to me on the discord of MCModels using the ticket system.
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