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Rotten Creatures [reposted]
A mobpack that adds 10 new zombie varients with there own abilities/skills
oh hi its been a while and also a long gap between skeleton pack but no worries i am back at work and the next pack is rotten creatures/zombie varients all info is given below have fun

Mob info:

1-2 rotten flesh,1-2 Ice blocks,1-2 carrots and has 0.1% chance to drop head

Spawn: Spawns in Snowy tundra,snowy hills biomes

Extra info:
1] on hit applies a freeze/frostbite effect where you cant open inventory,move and jump
2] has ability to walk on water converting it into ice
3] has frost walker enchant on boots


There are 3 varients of undead miner A(Diamond Rank),B(Iron Rank) and M(Gold Rank)


Rank A: 1-2 rotten flesh, Has a small chance to drop diamond pickaxe and has 0.1% chance to drop head,on death has a chance to fill his death location with one or two diamond blocks
Rank B: 1-2 rotten flesh, Has a small chance to drop iron pickaxe and iron ores and has a 0.1% chance to drop head
Rank M: 1-2 rotten flesh, Has a small chance to drop gold pickaxe and has a 0.1% chance to drop head

Spawns: Rank A and Rank B spawns in caves while Rank M spawns in caves of badlands biome

Extra info:
1] Rank A miner will drop piles of gravel to suffocate the player
2] Rank B on death will leave a white cloud behind on walking through the cloud you will be granted a random haste or mining fatigue effect
3] Rank M will spawn a lava pit for players to fall in


Drops: 1-2 rotten flesh,1-2 brown dye and a 0.1% chance to drop the head

Spawn: Spawns in swamp and swamp hills biome

Extra info:
1] on hit give has a chance to inflict poison and blindness effect
2] on death will leave a poison cloud behind
3] his baby varient rides a slime


Drops: 1-2 rotten flesh,1-2 cods and a 0.1% chance to drop head
Spawn: spawns in snowy tundra,snowy hills and snowy beach biome

Extra info:
1] has 1 in 3 chance to spawn with angry wolf
2] on hit he can drop raw cods from his cozy suit
3] has a chance to spawn with speed effect and has 100% knockback resistance


Drops: 1-2 rotten flesh,1-2 paper and a 0.1% chance to drop head

Spawns: Spawns in desert and desert hills biome

Extra info:
1] on hit will inflict Hunger II on player
2] has a ability to spawn bugs
3] on death will always spawn some bugs



Drops: 1-2 rotten flesh,1 barrel and 0.1% chance to drop head

Spawn: spawns in beach biome

Extra info:
1] barrel attack- when a barrel appears on his head, he will drop some explosive barrels near player
2] will call out zombie or skeleton pirates to assist him
3] if you have denizen expansion then he can also drop his tnt barrel and a treasure barrel on death



Drops: if thundering: then has 100% chance to drop trident
if no thundering: 1-2 rotten flesh

Spawn: will spawn all over the world only while thundering[very rare]
Except in biomes such as:
- Desert.
- Badlands
- Snow.

Extra info:
1] has a ability to convert near by zombies into zap(a new entity that is stronger then zombie)
2] on low health will perform a dash attack and hurt player which inturn heal himself
3] on low health will strike lightning randomly which will also heal himself
4] if thundering stops he loses all his power and emits light green particles near himself
Denizen Expansion:

this section is for those users who have Denizen and Depenizen[dependency plugin between mythicmobs and denizen]run on there server

denizen expansion adds some new items that are dropped by rotten creatures or can be crafted

Frozen flesh is dropped by Frostbitten
when player consumes it, it has small chance to:
1] to inflict hunger II on player
2] to inflict freeze effect on player(cant move and jump)
3] to extingush player if on fire

also on cooking in furnace it gives normal rotten flesh as output


These arrows are not dropped by any mob but can be crafted by using a torch and arrow in crafting interface
these arrows allow you to light up ground from large distances using a bow



treasure barrel is dropped by dead beard on death
placing them on ground and right clicking will open the barrel and start dropping the loot
the loot includes some gold nuggets,iron nuggets,iron ingots,gold ingots and small chance for some diamonds


Tnt barrel too are dropped by dead beard on death
on placing them on ground they will get ignited and explode damaging more then normal tnt
Credits Help and stuff:
1] if you want any kind of help with mobpack pls contact me on discord
2] most of the mob ideas were inspired from rotten creatures mod you can check it out too its epic and also i took the profile pic from mod
3] you can't modify the pack and resell it on some other forum or site without my permission
4] found a bug? just contact me on discord
5] for random spawning you need to change the worlds section to your world name i have marked the place where you can change the world names
6] want your own mob to be added ? then just follow me out on discord

follow me up on discord if having any issues:
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