custom items

  1. Buguser

    ✨Buguser's Forgotten Bows✨- Get yourself some Bow variety! - ACTIVE Support! v1.0.1

    My Forgotten Bows pack includes, at this point, 5 different bows with full custom textures. Each bow has unique damage, different shooting velocity and custom durability + recipes, while still feeling very Vanilla-like! The pack will be updated in the future so the content is not final. It will...
  2. B

    Aqua Dragon Set 1.1

    Stunning armor set of Aqua Dragon ready to suit you Included: • Aqua Helmet • Aqua Chestplate • Aqua Leggings • Aqua Boots • Aqua Sword • Aqua Pickaxe • Aqua Shovel • Aqua Axe • Aqua Bow Build and skin are not included with purchase, they serve only for showcase purposes Set is also...
  3. Gorybolt

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  4. BookWyrm

    Warden Extended (Vanilla+ boss) 1.3

    As of the time of writing this, Warden extended is currently the only resource I know of with custom bossbar textures for a custom boss Warden Extended is a custom boss with 2 stages, custom bossbars, and craftable functional items. the resource also includes a vanillamobs.yml, this will modify...
  5. Akaleaf

    Vanilla Swords Pack 2021-06-30

    11 remodeled vanilla swords in RPG style. Were modeled as a weapons for Minecraft (tested on 1.16 version). Resourcepack included. No OptiFine required. While using resourcepack, type: /give @p diamond_sword{CustomModelData:2101} to get the swords. Where: @p – your nickname; diamond_sword –...
  6. S1L3NT

    (KIT) CUSTOM WEAPONS 2021-06-07

    Guardiões completos
  7. MythicCraft

    New Add-on: Artifacts / [MythicArtifacts]

    Update: Artifacts has been released for Early Access here: It has been a while since I announced Champions, and I've gotten an overwhelmingly positive response about it over the last year. Since then I've worked with several people in the...