1. T0xic

    [PREMIUM] Shaldorn Keep 2.0 Rework!

    Hey there! :) I have just reworked my dungeon Shaldorn Keep with over 3k lines of code!
  2. Elias Couss

    Indra Pack 0.1

    Indra Pack Includes: Arena ✔️ Optimized Boss ✔️ Support on Discord ✔️ 1.13+ Support ✔️ 1.12 Support ✖ Health Modification ✔️ Skills Damage Modification ✔️ Discord: Private: EliasCouss#2901 Public Server: Showcase Video of the Boss:
  3. V

    » ✦ MythicMobs [ PETS PACK ] ✦ « 1.0

    Tired of the generic normal Minecraft pets? Do you want something cooler? Ones with abilities? Then this pack is something you'll want! I offer you my very own [ MythicMobs Pets Pack ] [ Info ] This pack includes: - 8 Fully functional pets with their own mechanics. - A hunger and happiness...
  4. MooshroomStatus

    MMO Class Pack 1 1.0

    This is a basic skill set designed to set the foundation for most class-based systems. 5 skills in total, $1 per skill. VIEW IT HERE: Thank you everyone for your continued support! I'll do my best to continue making skill packs for everyone to enjoy!
  5. W

    Issue With MythicMobs, MMOItems and MMOCore

    Hi Guys, When I restart my sever, all three of these plugins get disabled. To fix the issue, mythicmobs needs to be reinstalled and the server needs to be restarted again once mythicmobs has been reinstalled. I do not have the slightest idea on what is causing this so any help would be...
  6. S

    Spawner not working and spamming errors to console

    I am having an issue with when I create a mob, I can manually spawn the mob in, and it is working as far as I can tell but when I try to create a spawner, it doesn't work, and the console is spammed with limitless errors. Here's a pastebin of the errors being spammed...
  7. Elias Couss

    Indra Pack - Temporaly No avalible for purchase (Use the other Post for purchase) Version Zero Zero One

    Only Download for buyers... im going to create another payment method because paypal bans me
  8. MexBotDude

    MexBot's Panthera Tigris Collection (Tigers with Removable Armor) 2021-05-20

    Terms of Service (you agree to, by buying/downloading this Product from You are responsible what happens with the Pack after you download, therefore, if Pack is leaked or redistributed and it's registered under your name, I am allowed to remove you from buyers list without a...
  9. MexBotDude

    Null 0.0.1

  10. T0xic

    [PREMIUM] Argus The Corruptor

    Hey there i have just launched a new boss Argus The Corruptor to the World Boss Pack! The pack in total now has 12 unique bosses! :)
  11. 22Hause

    Darktang Mob 2021-05-16

    This package contains Model and MM Configuration Discord: 22Hause#6653 Animations: Idie: Walk: Attack: Death:
  12. 22Hause

    Blood Zombie Mob 2021-05-06

    This package contains Model and MM Configuration Discord: 22Hause#6653 Animations: Idie Walk Attack Death
  13. Yason Dodai P

    [SOLVED] DropsPerLevel BonusLevelItems MobsDrops

    Hello, here I want to share that my BonusLevelItems (DropsPerLevel) strings are working But I need to declare that DropsPerLevel has been changed to BonusLevelItems. PROBLEM: Hi, I'm using MythicMobs Free version abd I want to ask about dropsPerLevel LeveledMoneyDrops: LeveledMoneyDrops...
  14. MooshroomStatus

    Pirate Captain (Formerly, King of the Sea) 1.0

    High tides are coming in as the King of the Sea comes to loot, kill, and drag unlucky souls down to the dark and murky depths of which he has sailed. Grab your team, and face off again the Captain and his crew and reclaim the land he came to plunder! DEPENDENCIES: LibsDisguises (1.12+) Boss...
  15. Elias Couss

    EdelWeiss 1.1

    Read this before you buy: The boss works in this versions: 1.16+,1.12,1.15+ This Pack Includes: - Arena - EdelWeiss - Discord Support (English,Spanish,Portuguese) - You can add to my private discord: EliasCouss#2901 Showcase: Discord...
  16. D

    Kindletron Sr. [FREE] 2021-03-26

    Kindletron Senior has had come out of retirement to teach newcomers a lesson on respect! This free mob is designed to be simple and bring even the newest minecraft server operator or plugin enthusiast closer to having custom modelled mobs on their server when never thought possible before...
  17. Ceberus

    Nightmare Phantoms 0.5.1

    Required Lib's Disguises, Optifine and ResourcePack:
  18. MateoSarco

    Lion Pet And Mount 1.0

    [OFFERING]: Lion Pet Mount [PRICE]: 25 usd [DETAILS]: The mount 3d model The lion follows you everywhere and only the owner follows him The lion attacks hostile mobs Bring an item to summon it If you do not know how to place it, we will help you, the support is included The plugins that are...
  19. T0xic

    [PREMIUM] World Mob Pack The End Update!

    Hey there i have just launched The End Update for World Mob Pack! Now includes 30 custom mobs :)
  20. KennyB

    Ground , Air , Underwater Bosses | 3 Bosses 1.16 tested

    Kennys Trio Bosses | MythicMobs 3 Unique boss fights, easiest one being the ground boss, second comes the underwater one, the final and hardest boss is the air boss, which can be fought using /fly, or some other method of flying. Damien - shoots a homing missile, does lots of damage on...