1. Gamita

    Robot Gen 1 // 3 USD v1

    ROBOT Gen 1
  2. Gamita


  3. Gamita

    VIRUS G :: UPDATE v1

    VIRUS G :: VOL 1
  4. Endesman

    Guardians of Light V1 1.20

    Guardians of Light V1 adds an incredible bossfight with amazing Visual effects and sounds, top tier mechanics and animations. The combat experience comes enhanced with the Chromed soldiers, which have a swift melee, and have advanced dodging and blocking mechanics! Perfect for prelude to the...
  5. Gamita

    Orcs Vol 1 :: Gamita Models v1

    ORCS VOL 1:
  6. L


    ANEMO CUBE IN MINECRAFT! I created an anemo cube that hides and opens only at the most inopportune moment. Players must cooperate and concentrate, come up with tactics, and understand how to hurt him when opening the cube. Each player must dodge the abilities, otherwise the cube will simply...
  7. Endesman

    Corvack V1 - Corvid Gracks mobpack 1

    Technical trailer: Corvack adds an incredible combat experience perfect for mid-low families of mobs! Exceptionally optimized (Only6-7 bones each minion, and 13 bones for the brute), vanilla-friendly, and with advanced AI, will bring your hills/mountain biomes to life! Features a murder of...
  8. Gamita

    The pet version of bosses GamitaModels Vol1 v1

  9. Gamita

    Patreon: Acient Dragon Skeleton v1

    Acient Dragon Skeleton:
  10. Gamita

    Expansion "Medieval Soldiers": Captain Green (Patreon) v1

    Captain Green = Subscription: Little Warrior The green captain faces issues with her superiors because she never uses the assigned green feather, which she prefers to replace with her father's, a deceased ex-general. Her role as their captain involves leading expeditions to unknown parts of the...
  11. Gamita

    Queen Boss :: Virus G v1

    A queen that summons mutant soldiers from her chrysalises, and a pet that will protect her when they are hurting her queen. This queen is from the first generation, more expansions and retextures will come, it will all depend on future surveys and support for the 'Project Virus G'. Queen Boss...
  12. Gamita

    Demon pack Vol 2 2023-07-21

    Demons Vol 2 = Little Slime +++
  13. Gamita

    Great Fairy :: Boss + Pet + Weapon :: ModelEngine and Mythicmobs V2

    BOSS: GREAT FAIRY = Crazy little witch PET + WEAPON = Little Slime
  14. Gamita

    Demons Vol1 :: ModelEngine - Mythicmobs v1

    DEMONS VOL1 = Littler Warrior
  15. Gamita

    PET: Seraphy: Patreon v1

    PET:SERAPHY = Little Slime
  16. Gamita


    HERO III = Little warrior Usually a hero has been a general who died in the war, the unusual thing about this hero is that he just disappeared from the kingdom. Why has he come back? Is a new threat coming? The third hero was a prodigy in almost all magic arts, blue and red magic are the...
  17. L

    [FREE!] [Lune Jorney] Lune Cuboid! 1.0

    SPECIAL FOR MYTHICCRAFT.IO! FREE ONLY HERE! Bundle [Lune Cuboid] Pet Lune Cuboid 1x p.s sorry for sound :( idk how to fix that
  18. L

    Samurai Elemental Pack 2023-10-11

    SAMURAI OF ELEMENTS Special Class Samurai SAMURAI OF ELEMENTS CONTAIN Skills Model MythicMobs config (MMOCore Integration) {if u know how to use it} 3 NEW SWORD MODELS MythicLib config Ready Resourcepack MMOItems config GLOBAL INFORMATION If you wanna buy this rimuru -...
  19. L

    MYTHICMOBS SAMURAI OF ELEMENTS [1.0] [only boosty aviable) 1.0

    SAMURAI OF ELEMENTS Уникальный класс самурая, который был сделан с нуля в команде из 3-ёх человек. SAMURAI OF ELEMENTS CONTAIN Skills Model | Модели умений (11) MythicMobs config MMOCore интеграция (MMOCore Integration) {if u know how to use it} 3 NEW SWORD MODELS | 3 НОВЫЕ МОДЕЛИ ОРУЖИЯ...
  20. Gamita

    BULL INFERNAL DRAGON :: Patreon 2023-04-23

    BULL INFERNAL DRAGON = Level: Crazy little witch A medieval kingdom is under attack, hellish dragons have appeared, two captains and the general are taking charge, but who has summoned them? Has the Lord of Anarchy awakened? The demon of chaos? Impossible, I think a new demon king has been...