1. Gamita

    PET: Seraphy: Patreon v1

    PET:SERAPHY = Little Slime
  2. Gamita


    HERO III = Little warrior Usually a hero has been a general who died in the war, the unusual thing about this hero is that he just disappeared from the kingdom. Why has he come back? Is a new threat coming? The third hero was a prodigy in almost all magic arts, blue and red magic are the...
  3. Gamita

    BULL INFERNAL DRAGON :: Patreon 2023-04-23

    BULL INFERNAL DRAGON = Level: Crazy little witch A medieval kingdom is under attack, hellish dragons have appeared, two captains and the general are taking charge, but who has summoned them? Has the Lord of Anarchy awakened? The demon of chaos? Impossible, I think a new demon king has been...
  4. Tof

    Toffys Fun Park - Swings & Ferris Wheel 2023-04-23

    YouTube video link Included: - Ferris Wheel - Standing Swing - Tire Swing - Rotating Swing - Park Schematic
  5. Gamita

    General IV and Storm :: Patreon 1

    General IV and Storm = Nivel: Little Warrior Get it on my patreon, and at the same time you will unlock much more content like: Demon of Chaos, Skeleton Dragon, Succubus of Love, Frog Crazy, Mytzys Remastered, and there's still more :3 My storm dragon is restless, maybe he misses my blue...
  6. Gamita

    Captain Blue :: Patreon V1

    CAPTAIN BLUE = Nivel: Crazy little witch Get it on my patreon, and at the same time you will unlock much more content like: Scarlet Flame, DragonSkeleton, Medieval Soldiers, Lord of Anarchy to mention just a few :3 Don't be confused, she's not a damsel, this captain was trained by the General...
  7. Gamita

    The Dark Centaur :: Patreon 2023-03-19

    The Dark Centaur: Alguna vez un héroe para los suyos, ahora, en busca de su justicia distorsionada. Antes de matar a un "héroe" les dice: Tu justica se construye, donde tuviste que arrastrarte. Hazte con su arma y conoce el poder que lo ha corrompido.
  8. Gamita

    Medieval Magic Chief: Patreon v1

    Magic Chief The chief magician is in charge of keeping order among the magicians in the army, and if the King's Magician dies, one of them will take over.
  9. Samus2002

    Cauldron of Death 1.0

    The Cauldron of Death is an undead living cauldron from the underworld. He creates deadly skulls inside his cauldron, using them as bombs or wisps. The boss' chemicals switch from poison to wither on phase 2, using more deadly skulls in his abilities. This pack contains: Cauldron of Death...
  10. Samus2002

    Skeleton Pack 1.0

    The Skeleton Pack comes with 3 mobs, 1 boss, and 5 weapons. The mobs and boss from this pack are all skeleton species with various behaviors and skills. This pack contains: Skeleton Warrior (Mob) Skeleton Archer (Mob) Skeleton Shaman (Mob) Lich King (Boss) Skeleton Sword Model (Item) Skeleton...
  11. Gamita

    Pets: Oni Samuray & Skeleton Dragon :: Patreon v1

  12. wolf_awwent

    Lunar new year crates 1.0.0

    Animated Version Includes: ● Pre-made vanilla resourcepack ( 3 key model , 3 crates model _ no animation ) ● AquaticCrates config ● Model Engine Model ( 3 crates model ) ● Raw BBModel File ( 9 model ) Vanilla Version Includes: ● Pre-made vanilla resourcepack ( 3 key model , 3 crates...
  13. Samus2002

    RPG Monster Series | Dark Forest 1.0

    Tired of fighting zombies and skeletons? Add 10 custom monsters to your game! This pack contains: Snail Plant Monster Kobold Warrior Kobold Archer Mimic Stone Minion Stone Golem Wraith Salamander Lava Salamander 18 custom sound effects Emissive skill textures for Optifine Resource pack...
  14. wolf_awwent

    Gargoyle | CustomModel Boss 1.0.0

    Includes: ● Bbmodel ● Mythicmobs Config ● Schematics of map
  15. Samus2002

    RPG Class Series | Druid 1.0

    Add 7 Custom Skills and 2 Equipment to your game! The Druid class is a subclass of the Mage class that has a good balance of physical / magical damage and healing. The Druid class is a melee + ranged magical damager that transforms into different animal forms to use various skills. Fly across...
  16. Tof

    Toffys Crates & Keys V2 - Animated 2022-12-10

    Video link to animations! Included: - Sweet Tooth Crate - Raven Crate - Creature Crate - Keys for all the mentioned crates above - Pre-made resource pack - AquaticCrates configs - Instructions
  17. Biguelendes

    The Forgotten Terrors - Elite mobpack 1

    When the great corruption spread, it created terrorific abominations out of the flesh of the living. While the now called Fallen heroes stood a chance, other mortals suffered awful mutations and turned into violence-thirsty monsters that wanted to consume everything whose life hadn't yet faded...
  18. Biguelendes

    More bandits in minecraft! - Bandit Assault V1 1

    Bandit assault adds an incredible combat experience perfect for mid-low families of mobs! Exceptionally optimized (6 bones each only!), vanilla-friendly, and with advanced AI, will make the first levels of farming a very fun and challenging, while making it extremely easy for you to populate...
  19. Fortepsai

    Fire Elemental Boss Pack 1.0

    This pack includes: Lavajaw model Lava Dragon model Molten spirit model Phoenix model 4 trophies (usable for /hat or item frame) Custom fire tools/weapons Custom animated emissive armor for itemsadder Boss skill models 3 Custom items for crafting. Emissive animated textures Mythicmob files Mob...
  20. Fortepsai

    Dungeon Lizard 1.0

    This pack includes: Lizard Swordsman Lizard Javelin Lizard Hammer Lizard Elite Guard Lizard King Tezcacoatl Lizard chest with key 4 weapon models 3 shields All skill models Mythicmob files Custom sounds BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs Mob special behaviors and abilities: Lizard...