1. LaGravedad LGDD

    ☀ Moobloom Pack - LGDD [5US] + Config⚙ 1.16, 1.17 2021-09-10

    [Pack Moobloom] requiere ModelEngine obtenga soporte aquí:
  2. RazorPlay01

    ModelEngine-CactusPack 1

    It consists of a small amount of cacti models which spawn in desert biomes naturally, also contain predefined drops in case they are destroyed. If you have any questions I explain how to install it in a txt within the download. If you have any bug or have suggestions, do not hesitate to write to...
  3. Biguelendes

    The Moonborn & Midnight Werewolves pack 1.5

    AVAILABLE NOW AT MCMODELS.NET Remember to join our discord for support and more stuff! Watch the mechanics preview on YouTube! This amazing pack comes as a full experience: 2 High quality models...
  4. LaGravedad LGDD

    [Moobloom - LGDD(2.5US) ] + Config⚙ /// 1 cow 1.16, 1,17 2021-09-06

    Moobloom requiere ModelEngine y mythicmobs obtenga soporte de configuracion aqui:
  5. MexBotDude

    MexBot's Scarab Hive Pack (Bosses, Items, Mounts & Enemies) 0.0.1

    "You wake one you wake them all... MexBot's Scarab Hive Pack features 6 Monster Insectoid Models for their respective Hive, each Family comes with a different Damage passive. The pack offers CustomAI such as Enemies Evolving over time, Queens egg laying, Mounts, Items, and 1 Boss Fight for each...
  6. D

    The Invader 2021-08-27

  7. D

    NPC Pack 2 2021-08-27

    NPC Pack Vol 2! Hail explorer! I bring to you a new group NPCs for a dash of character to any server! We have our regal King who stands at his throne -He acquired his kingly status by slaying a dragon. He patiently awaits another dragon to slay everyday so that he may once again taste victory...
  8. LaGravedad LGDD

    ☠VirusPack ☠ [Mobs] [Items] - LGDD 2021-08-26

    objects made for: resource packs, optifine, MythicMobs, Oraxen or any plugin with a resource pack enemies made to complement: ModelEngine all images: ↓
  9. Biguelendes

    The Fallen Heroes: Vol I 1.0

    AVAILABLE NOW AT MCMODELS.NET Remember to join our discord for support and more stuff! Watch the mechanics preview on YouTube! This amazing pack comes as a full experience: High quality models & animations...
  10. D

    Amethyst Golem 2021-08-24

    4 New color variations! 3 New Amethyst themed Items! Behold in all its glory, The Amethyst Golem! Broken free from its geode prison the amethyst golem seems to destroy! Capable of ripping off spikes from its own body and spawning new golems to fight along side it! Can raise spikes from the...
  11. D

    Kraken, Terror From the Deep! 2021-08-24

    RELEASE THE KRAKEN! The Kraken sports 3 skills - Whirlpool - Kraken spins and whips his tentacles in a swirl damaging and disorienting any nearby players. Whip - Kraken flails his two bladed tentacles at the player slicing them for massive damage. Ink Spray - When the Kraken is damaged...
  12. D

    Mortos the Death Dragon 2021-08-24

    The reward for breaking 100 patrons goal is now available for all Patreon tiers! Mortos is the death dragon from your nightmares! Mortos packs advanced flightpath AI that can avoid any obstacle in his path providing a more realistic experience with flying monsters. As a bonus his minion, the...
  13. Ldii

    [MythicMobs, ModelEngine] Cyberninja boss (Only boss Bundle) 1.0

    Full bundle includes: Custom and fully customizable Cyberninja model with 28(!) animations, shuriken and projectile models Configured boss itself Resource pack with custom sounds My respect ;)
  14. E

    Wither boss redesign 1.0

    This is a complete and total redesign of the wither mob and bossfight, The wither by default has 2000 health, and is intended for use on servers with custom items/armor that can balance it out, if you do not have anything to balance it out, I recommend tweaking the health value down to about...
  15. AnimalStar

    GoblinShaman 1.0

    model height 1.5 block 7 animations you can add your animations in blockbench model without code if you find bugs write me
  16. AnimalStar

    Goblin 1.0

    Model's height is 1.5 block Has 8 animations you can add your animations in blockbench WARNING - this is a model without code if you have any wishes or find bugs please contact me
  17. MexBotDude

    MexBot's Shadow Knight Boss Pack 2021-07-20

    This Pack includes - Shadow Knight Model - Shadow Pawn Model - Shadow Helmet Model - Shadow Hammer Model - Shadow Axe Model - MM Config - My Love & Affection Features: - 2 Autoattacks depending on the targets distance - Boss 6 Abilities (Shadow Pawn Summon, Void Rupture, Shadow Spin, Nether...
  18. MexBotDude

    Mexbot’s Savanna Pack 0.0.1

    This Pack includes: - Lion Model (Male,Female,Baby) - Rhino Model (Adult,Baby) - Giraffe Model (Adult,Baby) - Gazelle Model (Adult,Baby) - Zebra Model (Adult,Baby) - Cheeta Model - African Wild Dog Model MM Config with Taming, Mount, Custom AI & RandomSpawners Mechanic (Mobs will randomly spawn...
  19. hemptimes100

    Different Mobs 0.1

    It's a Mobpack with 9 Mobs An Axolotl, OneLeg, Glowingsquid, Goblin, miniGoblin, Shark, Deer, Rat and Spider There is a Video on YouTube: if you have issues to install it or need help i will help u with your problems.
  20. DeterminationGO

    ModelEngine | MythicMobs | Mini Boss | Nicolas 1.16.5

    How to Install: