1. Baphomet's Guild

    Cizha the Scarecrow | Boss, Hat, Bow and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive 0.1

    Cizha the Scarecrow is a evil old scarecrow, he is very aggressive with humans. 15% discount valid until October 1st 2022! This pack contains: Cizha model with 15 animations. Cizha Raven minion model with 4 animations. Cizha Intruder minion model with 2 animations. Cizha Dead head model...
  2. Timingn

    Sans Model BBmodel 1.0

    A sans model with 3 animations Idle: Blast: Attack Bones:
  3. Baphomet's Guild

    Sintia the Magic Hydra | Boss, Hat, Staff and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive 0.1

    Sintia the Magic Hydra is a magical Hydra with 3 heads, rumors say that it is immortal. This pack contains: Sintia model with 21 animations. Sintia VFX model with 6 animations. Sintia Hat and Staff model. Mobs.yml, Skills.yml and Items.yml with +1400 lines of configuration. Sintia schematic...
  4. Noobio

    Ascended Shogun 2022-08-28

    Took orders from the gods to put down the Fallen's, he's now wander the land, searching for the awakened Fallen's to put them to their slumber again. Ayo cool write stuff lore thing idk. So from now on I think i'll post resource like this format like Chapter I, II, III etc Coz it look cool...
  5. Biguelendes

    [SUPREME BOSS] The Fallen Devastator 1.1

    The #1 best seller pack returns with one of the most stunning bossfights ever! The Fallen devastator, an incredibly fast and brutal magician-soldier, comes from the land of shadows to bring terror to our realms! Designed with a very advanced AI, ornamented with gorgeous visual...
  6. wolf_awwent

    Yokai Pack | CustomModel Mobs | | CustomModel Items 1.0.1

    Yokai Pack =This Pack include= – 1 Fox girl with 7 animation – 1 Monk with 7 animation – 1 Wanyudo with 6 animation – 3 CustomModel items “Tested on MythicMobs 5.0.5、ModelEngine r2.5.0 。” wolfawwent#9999
  7. wolf_awwent

    The Great Colored Carp | 1.0.0

    The Great Colored Carp – 6 skills – 1 model engine skill – 1 death animation – 5 custom sound ” Water boss ” “Tested on MythicMobs 5.0.5、ModelEngine r2.5.0 。”
  8. Tof

    FlaMental 2022-06-09

    See Video (YouTube link) The fire boss has 5 Abilities: Fire shot: A straightforward projectile Martial arts: FlaMental puts his fists to use, starting to combo Jabs, uppercuts and aerial punches randomly. Once he catches you in range with this, its almost impossible to get out until he’s done...
  9. A

    Fox expansion pack 1.18.2

    Adds 8 variants of minecraft foxes, as shown in this video: Theyre nothing too complex, but I think they're fun. Modelengine required to show the...
  10. wolf_awwent

    Yama | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 1.0.4

    Yama =This Pack include= – Model of the Yama with 12 smooth and high quality animations - 1 Spawner with animation - 1 animated VFX - 2 Model engine skills model “Tested on MythicMobs 4.14.2、ModelEngine r2.5.0 and spigot 1.17.1 。”
  11. wolf_awwent

    Necromancer | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 1.2.0

    Necromancer =This Pack include= – Model of the Necromancer with 27(+1) smooth and high quality animations - 2 Phase - 16 skills - 1 Bat (ME Minions) - 1 Spawner with animation - 2 animated VFX - 2 Model engine skills model - 3 types sword beam wolfawwent#9999
  12. wolf_awwent

    Fallingstar Beast | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 2.0.0

    Fallingstar Beast =This Pack include= – Model of the Fallingstar Beast with 13 smooth and high quality animations – 1 Purple Spike model - 1 Stone projectile model - 2 VFX lighting textures Discord: wolfawwent#9999
  13. wolf_awwent

    Lava Wyvern | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 2.0.0

    Lava Wyvern =This Pack include= – Model of the Lava Wyvern with 18 smooth and high quality animations – 1 Model of lava - 1 Fire Tornado (Model Engine) - 2 Mount - 4 Flame sword beams My DIscord: wolfawwent#9999
  14. wolf_awwent

    Mage | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 2.0.0

    Mage =This Pack include= – Model of the Mage with 11 smooth and high quality animations - 1 Magic Crystal (Minions) - 1 Spawner with animation - 4 VFX animated magic You can control the speed of the vfx in the skill (mob file) Fire Beam -> 8 frames purple flame -> 14 frames Fire Magic...
  15. wolf_awwent

    Wolfknight | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 2.0.1

    Wolf Knight =This Pack include= – Model of the WolfKnight with 13 smooth and high quality animations – 2 Model of the Spike - 1 Spawner with animation - 1 Sword of Wolf Knight - 4 Cool Vfx You can control the speed of vfx Black Flame -> 16 frame ( mobs: wolfmob27skill4 ) Falling Black...
  16. Tof

    Clang Bot 2022-04-04

    Trailer (YouTube)
  17. XiaoYue

    3mobs surprise bag 2022-04-02

    ModelEngine 3 mobs surprise bag contact me on discord 燐小玥#4423
  18. B

    Minecraft's Hardest Boss - Scrimblo the Defiant 4pr1l F0015

    Minecraft's toughest boss is finally here! With a custom model and custom config, Scrimblo the Defiant is ready to battle. I've decided to make it free since it's unbeatable and clearly nobody can stop it.
  19. EnderIzzy124

    Izzy's Pets 2022-03-03

    Izzy's Pets! 3 cute little monsters to spice up server lobbies. The pack contains all 3 mobs shown here. A baby creeper, who's too small to detonate on their own, the short Enderman, who's miraculously still taller than you are, and the Micro-Ghast. Nobody's quite sure how they managed to get...
  20. Ldii

    [MythicMobs, ModelEngine] Reaper boss 1.0

    Full bundle includes: Custom and fully customizable model with 14 animations Configured boss itself My respect Requires: MythicMobs Latest Premium ModelEngine Latest MMOItems (optional) MythicCrucible (optional)