1. D

    Mythiclib doesn't works

    Hi everyone Yesterday I bought MMOCore for my server, but when I installed MythicLib It doesn't works, can anyone help me?
  2. daoshi

    Class Pack - Grovekeeper, Oathbreaker, Beastmaster, Afflicter 1.1.1

    Sorry I am absolute garbage with videos and there's no special video effects. Contact me if anything is broke! Things to consider before purchasing - Made on latest dev builds, paper 1.17.1 - Read the required dependencies - Damage is not balanced, You will have to adjust damage values...
  3. CyberStorm

    MMOBars pack for MMOCore (Premium) 1.2.1

    Required: MMOBars, MMOCore Icon of article for my personal workshop, maybe I would share or sell more other pack in the future. It should work correctly. If no, please dm me on discord. MMOBars setting pack and tutorial Notes.. Adding one more style [custom-gradient] in resource pack. Planning...
  4. X_Niter

    HungerIsStamina 2021-09-04

    HungerIsStamina "The MMOCore Addon that many asked for, time and time again" HungerIsStamina's only purpose was to fulfill a custom need for a full-fledged Stamina system in the Minecraft game. The original intent was to simply make running take away stamina and sync it with the hunger bar...
  5. Kridley_

    MythicMobs Console Spam

    I got this error when starting my server, What's happening here? i alredy re-downloaded the .jar and updated the plugin. 19.08 16:55:49 [Server] ERROR [SCHEDULER] Exception thrown whilst executing task 19.08 16:55:49 [Server] WARN java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke...
  6. Elias Couss

    Lunar Blade Class - MMOItems/MMOCore Integration 2021-08-01

    Important!: It is only necessary to have one plugin, mmocore or mmoitems, it is not necessary to have both! This Pack Includes: - Mythicmobs Config - MMOitems and MMOCore Config - Support On DISCORD!(If you have any questions before making the purchase, you can ask in the discord :) - By...
  7. Ankh

    80% limiter on cooldown reduction stat?

    Hi, I'm going crazy. I have created a character with 98% cooldown reduction (cooldown_reduction) but using a skill with an item (MMOitems) only gets a maximum 80% cooldown reduction. Is there a way to overcome that limit?
  8. MooshroomStatus

    MMO Class Pack 1 1.0

    This is a basic skill set designed to set the foundation for most class-based systems. 5 skills in total, $1 per skill. VIEW IT HERE: Thank you everyone for your continued support! I'll do my best to continue making skill packs for everyone to enjoy!
  9. W

    Issue With MythicMobs, MMOItems and MMOCore

    Hi Guys, When I restart my sever, all three of these plugins get disabled. To fix the issue, mythicmobs needs to be reinstalled and the server needs to be restarted again once mythicmobs has been reinstalled. I do not have the slightest idea on what is causing this so any help would be...
  10. cristobal

    Bug MMOCore or MMOItems?

    hi guys, when I create a armor with +30 of defense only show me on hotbar 30max for example: - helmet: + 10 defense - chestplate: + 15 defense - leggings: + 12 defense - boots: + 10 defense TOTAL: 47 defense on hotbar show: 30 defense
  11. V

    ❖ 10 MMOCore Basic Spells Pack for Magic User classes ❖ 2021-03-27

    ❖ Basic Spells Pack Info: - Consist of 10 Basic MMOCore Spells meant for Mages/Wizards and the sort. - Sends Mana Cost messages! ============================================ Contents: - Flame Bolt - Ice Chain - Frozen Shock - Lightning Shock - Blaze - Erosion - Stone Skin - Reveal...
  12. CyberStorm

    MMOBars pack for MMOCore (Free Version) 1.1.0

    Required : MMOBars, MMOCore Icon of article for my personal workshop, maybe I would share or sell more other pack in the future. Just share with some basic setting. It should work correctly. If no, please dm me on discord. - Updating to MMOBars 2.0 resource pack and config - Changed mmoexp bar...
  13. Funkychicken493

    Player Head Ores With No Resource Pack 1.0

    Are you tired of managing resource packs? Are you tired of having boring vanilla ores? No longer must you deal with such issues! With this system, you can have ores setup with just 3 plugins that you may already have! Ores generate naturally in any biome in any world you want with this system...
  14. A

    MMOCore Class Necromancer 1.3

    Description: Hello! This pack is a class for MMOCore and it is my first publicly released resource. Its a Necromancer class with functional summoned pets that fight with you. You get a total of 15 different class skills, of which are 4 different types of summoned pets. All skills scale their...
  15. K

    Suggestion: setlevel supporting placeholders

    I would love to set mob levels depending on the level I get from PAPI placeholder %mmocore_level% It would look like this - setlevel{a=set;l=%mmocore_level%;d=60} @self Currently this is not working and it's not setting the level at all.Just remains at 0