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Crucible - Custom Items, Armor, Furniture, Blocks, & More!

Crucible - Custom Items, Armor, Furniture, Blocks, & More! v2.0.0

This is an excellent companion plugin that I use for many of the special items on my server. I hope to see it update to 1.20. Great work so far :)
This plugin is very good. Could you please update it to 1.20.1
It's a good plug-in, but I think there's a little problem.Where is the 1.5.0 version?
is a nice plugin but, qhere can i download the 1.5.0 version? in the dowload page is only avaliable the 1.4.0 and 1.6.0 dev
This plugin is great, although i would like to make some points here clear:
First, this is originated from the artifacts plugin, so please please make it support 1.12.2 and below
Secondly, the wiki still doesnt tell anything
Thirdly, may i ask that why artifacts plugin had turned into crudible?
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Great plugin.
And its actually work !
Hi!I'm a Mythic Lover from mcbbs.Could I please repost the plugin to mcbbs.net?I know it's a re-written version of Artifact,and I wouldn't give them any other download link except the one here,to lead them come here for purchase.Many thanks.
Been using this for a few weeks now in pairing with mmoitems and mmocore and Personally Havent had any issued. Thank you Mythic Craft for this resource. I definately like it compared to Artifacts
Finally version 1.0.1! so much time has passed
Unlocks the full mythicmobs scripting engine with even more triggers to use on items! Im sold
Give the full skill making / scripting functionality that mythic mobs has for its mobs, to players through items. Mixing this with a plugin such as mmocore leads to some amazing possibilities. I personally love being able to use all of the mythic mobs triggers in the skills, the biggest being ~onTimer. It adds alot of functionality to add guns, allows you to completely change how fishing works, and much more. It is a great plugin.