What's new
- Fixed the priority spawning on World Bosses when using with World Mob Pack
- Updated Name ID and skills on Kel-Thuzad for 1.12.2
- Added new Bhunivelze The Sun King Boss!
- Added 1.12.2 compatibility for and randomspawning for the boss
- Fixed few dummy mobs that would drop mob items
- Fixed few dummy mobs having random equipment enabled
- Improved ReadMe file to add how to install instructions
- Added RandomSpawning files respective bosses spawn in certain biomes
- Improved all mobs mobs AI
- Added checks to improve performance
- Made checks to mobs not cast without being incombat
- Fixed Kelthuzad Boss ID from UndeadBoss to KelThuzad
- Added pre-compatibility with the Upcoming World Mobs Pack
- Fixed couple of minor errors that don't affect gameplay (Console should be clean now)
- Fixed Sulfuron skin ID (critical fix)
- re-configured all the 1.12.2 files
- Renamed all the mob/skill files to reflect the actual names of the bosses
- Fixed to syntax errors on console startup
- Added Trophies to all the new bosses and fixed old Trophies
- Trophy drops are not enabled automatically
- Added a separate 1.12.2 compatible version of the pack!
- Added improved skins for following bosses:
Sulfuron, Immerseus, Amalgam
- Kel-Thuzad The Necromancer Boss added
- Fixed few typos in particle effects
- Fixed 4 targeter line errors
- Fixed old legacy skill still trying to be executed