1. Unnamie

    [MythicMobs]Samurai 1.18.2+

    Samurai Showcase - Samurai has two combo attacks and will jump to shoot you down. - Samurai will shoot a tornado. if the player moves away from more than 6 distances - When a samurai dies, he drops his sword, helmet, and flag - A helmet can be equipped by Essentials command (/hat) - The flag...
  2. Biguelendes

    The Forgotten Terrors - Elite mobpack 1

    When the great corruption spread, it created terrorific abominations out of the flesh of the living. While the now called Fallen heroes stood a chance, other mortals suffered awful mutations and turned into violence-thirsty monsters that wanted to consume everything whose life hadn't yet faded...
  3. Frukis

    Never Ending Riko 2022-11-06

    The Never Ending - Riko This is a small mini-boss that I quickly made for testing some stuff! Might update it in the future :) for now... he will never die! This pack contains • 1 Mini-boss - Riko Showcase Video: [Might upload later]
  4. Fortepsai

    Dungeon Demons vol.1 1.1

    This pack includes: Scamp Imp Succubus Demon Lord Demon chest with key 1 sword 4 crafting materials 1 demon helmet for /hat All skill models Mythicmob files BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs Mob special behaviors and abilities: Scamp: Fast evasion Fireball Melee attack on approach Imp...
  5. Fortepsai

    Headless Horseman 1.0

    This pack includes: Dullahan the headless horseman Halloween themed boss arena schematic 1 weapon 1 trophy Loot chest with key All skill models Mythicmob files Custom sounds BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs Special behavior and abilities: Huge AOE damage Hard to escape Jumps at target...
  6. Gamita

    Demon pack: Anarchy and Chaos:: Mythicmobs ModelEngine and MCpets patreon_demon_pack

    Now, this product is Patreon: Everyone who bought this pack before and would like to download it again, feel free to message me, I have you on record. (Only the product you purchased at the time will be delivered to you, as now all package upgrades will be for patrons only). LORD OF ANARCHY...
  7. 宵閣玖鑰

    Model Engine ⊹ The Eroded Tyrant Of Deep Dark 2022-10-24

    If you need more features, you can leave a message for me as an update reference. (ゝ∀・)⌒☆ -Tested Minecraft&Plugins Versions► Paper 1.18.2 + MythicMobs-5.1.4 + Model-Engine-R2.5.3 Paper 1.19.2 + MythicMobs-5.1.4 + Model-Engine-R3.0.0 -Resource pack description► Use Golden Horse Armor...
  8. Nocsy

    Ghoul Pack - By Nocsy 2022-10-16

    This pack includes : 4 minions Ghoul Doghoul (+ MCPets config): acid projectiles Ghost: rush attack Slender: creepy attacks The Gravekeeper (boss) Throw ghouls Swirl attack (AOE) Smash attack Pierce attack Summon of the undeads 2 tombstones Comes with a trigger version that...
  9. Gamita

    Miniboss: Little Morgan witch. Minimoragan. 1.0.2

    MiniBoss: Little_Morgan_witch This entity has: -A miniboss, and 2 pets -Compatible up to ModelEngine 3.0.1 (latest) -The miniboss has sounds, you can use the resource pack to use them. Complete package:
  10. wolf_awwent

    Graceless Omen | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 2022-09-30

    Graceless Omen =This Pack include= – Model of the Graceless Omen with 18 smooth and high quality animations - 5 model VFX - 14 skills - 1 Spawner with animation
  11. Baphomet's Guild

    Cizha the Scarecrow | Boss, Hat, Bow and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive 0.2

    Cizha the Scarecrow is a evil old scarecrow, he is very aggressive with humans. This pack contains: Cizha model with 15 animations. Cizha Raven minion model with 4 animations. Cizha Intruder minion model with 2 animations. Cizha Dead head model. Cizha Hat and Bow model. Mobs.yml, Skills.yml...
  12. G

    Oáxémak 2022-09-16

    Oaxemak - The name sounds intimidating, but the character is even more intimidating. This character has a lot of detail put into it and is a great addition for your world and servers. It can act as a villain if you wish to do an MMO, or it can even be a boss. This character has a variety of uses...
  13. Baphomet's Guild

    Sintia the Magic Hydra | Boss, Hat, Staff and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive 0.3

    Sintia the Magic Hydra is a magical Hydra with 3 heads, rumors say that it is immortal. This pack contains: Sintia model with 21 animations. Sintia VFX models. Sintia Hat and Staff model. Mobs.yml, Skills.yml and Items.yml with +1400 lines of configuration. Sintia schematic. Basic...
  14. wolf_awwent

    Holy Cow | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 1.0.1

    Holy Cow =This Pack include= – Model of the Holy Cow with 11 smooth and high quality animations - 1 Spawner with animation - 3 animated VFX - 1 custom sound
  15. Bulkta45

    Lava Boss pack 0.1

    Hello, I'm back with another pack! The Lava Gods pack has never been made until now! This is a unique MythicMobs pack, fully working and tested for every Minecraft version since 1.16 You can watch a video of this pack here: This pack contains: • 1 powerful boss and 1minions (LavaGod...
  16. Gamita

    Boss: "Gold_Slime_King" Modelengine :: Mythicmobs Gold_Slime_King_Vol.1

    BOSS: GOLD SLIME KING -El rayo laser ignora armadura. -La dinámica del Boss es que siempre que pueda te va a empujar o hacer lanzar a los aires. -Si lo atacas de lejos saltará hacia ti.
  17. Noobio

    Ascended Shogun 2022-08-28

    Took orders from the gods to put down the Fallen's, he's now wander the land, searching for the awakened Fallen's to put them to their slumber again. Ayo cool write stuff lore thing idk. So from now on I think i'll post resource like this format like Chapter I, II, III etc Coz it look cool...
  18. Noobio

    Thomas the Chicken Dude 2022-08-21

    He a man, a chicken? Perharps both, no one know. He have 3 difficulty to choose Higher mean harder ofc Showcase Vid: Join my discord for support:
  19. Biguelendes

    [SUPREME BOSS] The Fallen Devastator 2022-11-12

    The #1 best seller pack returns with one of the most stunning bossfights ever! The Fallen devastator, an incredibly fast and brutal magician-soldier, comes from the land of shadows to bring terror to our realms! Designed with a very advanced AI, ornamented with gorgeous visual...
  20. Baphomet's Guild

    Ouldhana the Bloody Queen | Boss, Hat, Sword and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive 0.4

    Ouldhana the Bloody Queen was a bloodthirsty queen slain long ago and now her demon seeks revenge. This pack contains: Ouldhana model with 23 animations. Ouldhana ritual model and Ouldhana Tentacles model with 10 animations. Mobs.yml and Skills.yml with +1000 lines of configuration. Ouldhana...