1. Eliptik07

    [Boss] Elec Tenro | MM & Meg | Schematic + Item Sword 1.0

    Showcase: Contains: - 1 Model: Elec Tenro - TenroArena.schem - 1 Item: Tenro Sword - 22 Animations - MythicSkills of Elec Tenro You need WorldEdit to load the .schem (instructions in How to install.txt) > Join our discord for support, and more models > Easy...
  2. S

    KinCrownPack 1.20

    English: hello everyone and thank you in advance for those who would like to buy my first content. This pack has 1 boss with different skills and a model. 1 fully customizable mob and 3 tools including a slimepickaxe, a royalcrown and a herodium block straight from my server. If you have any...
  3. 宵閣玖鑰

    Model Engine ⊹ Godzilla v2.0 2023-08-09

    -Configuration► -Action ► idle、walk、death、sk01、sk02、sk03、sk04 -MythicMobs► Mobs- Skills- -How to install► If you have any questions or requests about this product, you can leave a message below or on my BLOG. ——Contact information ►
  4. Gamita

    Expansion "Medieval Soldiers": Captain Green (Patreon) v1

    Captain Green = Subscription: Little Warrior The green captain faces issues with her superiors because she never uses the assigned green feather, which she prefers to replace with her father's, a deceased ex-general. Her role as their captain involves leading expeditions to unknown parts of the...
  5. Alexander111_

    ☄ BlazingPack ☄ | Boss + Arena 1.0

    Tested Minecraft versions: 1.19.4 - 1.20.1 Kenneth is a demon born in the Nether from various damned souls merging with one another. But some souls held a power beyond this dimension, so Kenneth adapted and evolved with these powers. This resource contains the following: Kenneth...
  6. Gamita

    Queen Boss :: Virus G v1

    A queen that summons mutant soldiers from her chrysalises, and a pet that will protect her when they are hurting her queen. This queen is from the first generation, more expansions and retextures will come, it will all depend on future surveys and support for the 'Project Virus G'. Queen Boss...
  7. Samus2002

    Icebound Pack 1.0

    The Icebound Pack comes with 3 mobs and 1 boss. The mobs and boss from this pack are all ice species with various behaviors and skills. This pack contains: Aurorafowl (Mob) Cryonic Crab (Mob) Permafrost Sentinel (Mob) Arctic Colossus (Boss) Ice Crystal (Skill VFX) Instruction on how to install...
  8. jakov

    ⚔ ᴘɪʀᴀᴛᴇ ᴍᴏʙs ᴘᴀᴄᴋ ⚔ 1.0.0

    High-quality pack of custom mobs, one of which is a boss with 2 phases and custom attacks that all of your players will enjoy! :) Mobs don't include models/skins! They are armored vanilla mobs! Support/More Information on Discord → username jakov___ THE PACK INCLUDES ➤ Pirate Buccaneer → Has...
  9. P

    Ceniza v1.0.0

    The Mob is naturally in Spanish, but its dialogues can be freely changed. It has three dialogues, which are the text upon spawning, the text upon despawning, and the text in the second phase. Similarly, the teleportation points and the mob's damage can be freely modified. This is version 1.0 of...
  10. Samus2002

    Plant Pack 1.0

    The Plant Pack comes with 3 mobs and 1 boss. The mobs and boss from this pack are all plant species with various behaviors and skills. This pack contains: Awakened Shrub (Mob) Vine Guardian (Mob) Thorn Spitter (Mob) Mutant Flower (Boss) Mutant Vine (Boss Minion) Stinger (Boss Minion)...
  11. Samus2002

    Dwarf Pack 1.0

    The Dwarf Pack comes with 3 mobs, 1 boss, and 10 weapons. The mobs and boss from this pack are all dwarf species with various behaviors and skills. Dwarves are neutral mobs that can be both enemies and allies - Attack them first to be their enemies, tame them with golden ingots to make them your...
  12. I

    [Free] Valmoira, Void Sorcerer 1.0

    Valmoira, Void Sorcerer A basic mob I created for fun. I definitely didn't do things in the most efficient or optimized way. This was just a practice boss of mine that some friends and I played around with. Feel free to download, learn from, and use in any way, just give credit where it is due.
  13. S

    BOSS The Wrath Of Lich King 1.0

    Include DRAG N DROP installations style. For Vietnamese and support : Lich King comes with: 2 Phases 30+ Skills Lots of animations Mythicmobs Setup Voice Sounds Modelengine Compatibility Arena map included Dependency : ModelEngine, Mythicmobs, Optifine Version : 1.18+...
  14. S

    FireLock - SBDev 0.1

    Introducing the mythicmobs pack, a collection of powerful bosses that will challenge even the most skilled players. The pack includes three formidable boss: FireLock Firelock is the centerpiece of your boss pack, a powerful and formidable character that embodies the theme of fire. With over...
  15. T

    Ancestral Boss 2023-03-13

    This is an ancestral god, invoked for unknow powers. Now him want to exterminate all life on earth. The boss have so much powerful attacks, he can curse you only with his gaze, summon crabs and tentacles that deal great damage, he may appear inmortal, but it's not. This pack contains: -...
  16. J

    Anubis 1.0

    Based on the god Anubis. This mob has the ability to attack several enemies at once and focus on the furthest away. SKILLS: ºAnubis Dash: Jumps to the location of the furthest enemy dealing damage in area. ºSand Blast: Fire 3 sand bullets between players dealing damage and blindness. ºGravity...
  17. Samus2002

    Cauldron of Death 1.0

    The Cauldron of Death is an undead living cauldron from the underworld. He creates deadly skulls inside his cauldron, using them as bombs or wisps. The boss' chemicals switch from poison to wither on phase 2, using more deadly skulls in his abilities. This pack contains: Cauldron of Death...
  18. Samus2002

    Skeleton Pack 1.0

    The Skeleton Pack comes with 3 mobs, 1 boss, and 5 weapons. The mobs and boss from this pack are all skeleton species with various behaviors and skills. This pack contains: Skeleton Warrior (Mob) Skeleton Archer (Mob) Skeleton Shaman (Mob) Lich King (Boss) Skeleton Sword Model (Item) Skeleton...
  19. Gamita

    Schmeier dragon slayer :: Patreon 2023-02-01

    Boss :: Schmeier DESCRIPTION: This dragon slayer summons a totem, which helps her weaken her enemies which at the same time gives her resistance while she is near it, and her special ability is to activate these totems where they will hurt you every time she does it, knock down the totems...
  20. Samus2002

    RPG Monster Series | Howling Nether 1.0

    Want to add more life to your Nether world? Add 7 custom monsters and 1 boss to your game! This pack contains: Lava Mite Nether Mushroom Lava Piranha Fire Imp Dark Imp Lost Soul Hellhound Blaze King (Boss) 15 custom sound effects Emissive skill textures for Optifine Resource pack included...