1. D

    Robot Lumber-Jack [Boss] 1.0.9

    Rejoice! The victor of the February Monthly Mob vote has been released! The Robot Lumberjack is a boss style mob that can certainly challenge your players combat skills, armed with a massive axe that can cleave and sever his enemies with ease. Don't try to escape because despite his slow...
  2. D

    Wizpiglin [Nether Boss] 2.0

    Oh no! You've played with portals too much and now you've caused a rift in space-time! Now we've got a new boss who's made his way through other dimensions to take over our realm! Be careful! He can make his own portals! chat with us on discord: other packs...
  3. o_james

    Particleforge - Mythic Mobs - Skill Bundles 2021-03-07

    1. Slash Bundle This Bundle Contains: - 18 Different Slash Variants - They can be used as a single Slash or be combined to advanced Combo skills - Use them to enhance your own bosses, classes, items etc. Create completely new skills by: - changing the particles and their sizes - changing the...
  4. HSDadmin

    Town Super Monster Pack 1.0

    TownSuperMonster_Pack_v1.0 1.contain MOBS ‖●Holy Pie 3+ Monster ‖●Evil faction 2+ monsters ‖●Evil faction 1+ BOSS ‖●Randomly refreshed merchants 2+ items ‖●Drop items 5+ ‖●Auxiliary battle items 3+ Contains multiple item skills, BOSS/monster skills All monsters in the world will refresh...
  5. D

    Cupid Mini-Boss 1.0

    Cupid has come to tussle! This million year old baby is armed with his own custom golden bow and can shoot a volley of arrows at the player, when he's low on health he will try to stop you by increasing your heartrate and causing it to explode! This is a ton of fun to fight either alone or...
  6. Elias Couss

    Nikolas Boss Pack 2021-02-04

    This Pack Includes: - Nikolas Boss - Arena Free Support: - Server Setup - Difficulty Modification (Nikolas) My discord: VIDEO FROM BOSS:
  7. Elias Couss

    ✤ Yamato Pack ✤ 1.1

    This Pack includes Arena + YamatoBoss Tested 1.16.4 - 1.15.2 My discord: If you want a 1.12.2 Version Mob Send a Private msg Support: English Support Spanish Support Information: This boss will have an update later to improve missing details, right now the boss...
  8. xlsalvolx

    Radiant pack 1.2

    Purity is here to challenge your reflexes! Are you fast enough to avoid the hazards of 10+ skils of this powerful divinity? This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicArtifacts pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft...
  9. A

    Temple Beast Pack Minecraft:1.13.2-1.16.1 4.7.0

    這是我的第一個Mythicmobs包:D 專為台灣人製作 因為不會拍影片,所以沒有影片可以看 但是你不會失望的,如果你失望了,你可以找到 二氧化碳#1379
  10. S

    Summon mobs skill not working

    I'm trying to make a mob summon minions but it won't work. here is what I put. Mob skill: Skills: - skill{s=Minions} @self ~onTimer:20 Skill: Minions: Cooldown: 10 - message{cooldown=30;m="<><&co>My king I will not fail you" @PlayersInRadius{r=10} - delay 10 -...
  11. Buguser

    Herobrine Boss V. 2.0.1

    Join my new Discord server for free mob packs and other resources! Herobrine Boss Mojang has tried several times to remove Herobrine from the game, but without success... Now it is your task to erase Herobrine once and for all! Currently included in this pack: This pack includes the reworked...
  12. T0xic

    [PREMIUM] Loki The Deceiver

    Hey, here is my new boss encounter i've made with the help of TheAnonim for the 3D models. Contains 3 separate 3D models. 16 custom voicelines the boss uses.
  13. E

    The cat lord 2020-08-02

    This boss starts when you tame it. It displays you rank when you tame it.
  14. Eggylord

    Bullet Hell Skill

    Hey! I am making a boss of the theme Muffet from Undertale and I want to make a bullet hell attack but have NO IDEA how to. Just some tips on the projectile spawning etc would be really helpful!
  15. sachingorkar

    Skeleton pack ︳five teirs of skeleton types ︳Bosses version 2

    This pack contains 5 different levels of skeleton with abilities like freeze throwing in air caging summoning floating eye ball minions shooting arrows of different potion effects if having any issue in downloading the pack make sure to join my discord
  16. drThunderbuckle

    Viking Pack 2020-06-06

    A pack that comes with 5 basic vikings, Bjorgolf the pyromancer (high quality boss), 2 artifact weapons, 5 disguises, and custom drops to be used for custom recipes. Basic Vikings: Hunter, Warrior, Brute, Sharp Shooter and Soldier. All of them are melee except for the sharp shooter who has a...
  17. JadeSpy

    Ice Giant Bossfight 2020-05-28

    This is a custom boss fight created using the free Minecraft plugin Mythic Mobs which allows you to add this boss to your Minecraft server! GlowAPI and Libsdisguises recommended! The Frost Goliath boss fight starts by executing the command "mm mobs spawn FrostGoliathBossfight", the battle goes...
  18. xlsalvolx

    Pandemic pack 1.5

    Hello, i'm finally back with a Pandemic-themed pack! This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicArtifacts pack, fully working and tested since minecraft 1.12.2 up to 1.16.5 You can watch a video of this pack here: This pack contains: • 1 powerful boss (Syndrome, out of control failed experiment) • 12+...
  19. joniomega

    [FREE] Blackblood Pirates 2020-05-19

    This Mobs where made for a rpg server i wanted to make. But i had some problems and now i want to share them for free in this website. I don't have any problems if you use them on your server or monetized propose. If you need any support you can enter my discord in the link on the right...
  20. B

    [FREE] Odin the All father boss mob 1.0

    Now for the 3rd mob in the Norse boss mobs series. Face of against the mighty Odin! With a total File size 1.5x bigger than the Dark Elf , Odin is certainly a boss that will you let you know why they call him the All Father! The Download contains - Odin Mob YML File - Odin Skills YML file...