1. Samus2002

    Cauldron of Death 1.0

    The Cauldron of Death is an undead living cauldron from the underworld. He creates deadly skulls inside his cauldron, using them as bombs or wisps. The boss' chemicals switch from poison to wither on phase 2, using more deadly skulls in his abilities. This pack contains: Cauldron of Death...
  2. Samus2002

    Skeleton Pack 1.0

    The Skeleton Pack comes with 3 mobs, 1 boss, and 5 weapons. The mobs and boss from this pack are all skeleton species with various behaviors and skills. This pack contains: Skeleton Warrior (Mob) Skeleton Archer (Mob) Skeleton Shaman (Mob) Lich King (Boss) Skeleton Sword Model (Item) Skeleton...
  3. Gamita

    Schmeier dragon slayer :: Patreon 2023-02-01

    Boss :: Schmeier DESCRIPTION: This dragon slayer summons a totem, which helps her weaken her enemies which at the same time gives her resistance while she is near it, and her special ability is to activate these totems where they will hurt you every time she does it, knock down the totems...
  4. Samus2002

    RPG Monster Series | Howling Nether 1.0

    Want to add more life to your Nether world? Add 7 custom monsters and 1 boss to your game! This pack contains: Lava Mite Nether Mushroom Lava Piranha Fire Imp Dark Imp Lost Soul Hellhound Blaze King (Boss) 15 custom sound effects Emissive skill textures for Optifine Resource pack included...
  5. Space Doggo

    Rainbow Pack 1.0.1

    Welcome to another one of my packs! It has been quite a while since the last one. This is a rainbow/sky themed pack made by me. Supports 1.16+ Pack Contents: - Amalgamate, Lord of the Sky and Rainbows. - Amalgamate's Minions. - 10+ Mythic Crucible items with custom abilities. Here is a...
  6. Gamita

    Skeleton Dragon: Patreon v1

    SKELETON DRAGON: Minimo nivel Patreon: Little warrior
  7. S

    WinterWarlock - SBDev 1

    WinterWarlock Pack Introducing the mythicmobs pack, a collection of powerful bosses that will challenge even the most skilled players. The pack includes three formidable bosses: the wYRM, the SnowPixie, and the SnowGolem. Wyrm: The wYRM is a formidable opponent, capable of dishing out...
  8. Gamita

    Frog_Crazy: improved: patreon vpatreon

  9. wolf_awwent

    Gargoyle | CustomModel Boss 1.0.0

    Includes: ● Bbmodel ● Mythicmobs Config ● Schematics of map
  10. Gamita

    The lost of the ice: GamitaModels :: Patreon v1

    The lost of the ice Un trío de guerreros que fueron en busca de travesías, pero terminaron perdidos en algún inmenso país, las temperaturas eran bastante frías y un hielo completamente hostil, aún así no han perecido hasta ahora. ¿Podrán encontrar el camino de regreso? ¿Acaso lo están...
  11. KennyB

    100 Gemstones. 50 Balanced Swords. CPS Minigame. Holographic Leaderbord. Mobs,Bosses,Masks,++More 1.0

    |☘|Kenny's Pack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣀⣤⡴⠶⠶⠒⠒⠒⠶⠶⣦⣤⣄⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀...
  12. Vex_1

    ❆ SNOWY BOSS FIGHT ❆ 8 + CUSTOM ITEMS ❆ ∣ ❋ Mythic Mobs & Crucible ❋ ∣ 0.1

    *PLEASE READ* If this Boss gets positive feedback I will personally add custom skills & items of your choice into the boss as a future update! If you purchase this package please leave a skill or item suggestion, if I like it, it will be added! - Snowy Skills - 1. The Summoning: Snowy will...
  13. KolorD_StudiO

    [MythicMobs]Samurai 1.18.2+

    Samurai Showcase - Samurai has two combo attacks and will jump to shoot you down. - Samurai will shoot a tornado. if the player moves away from more than 6 distances - When a samurai dies, he drops his sword, helmet, and flag - A helmet can be equipped by Essentials command (/hat) - The flag...
  14. Biguelendes

    The Forgotten Terrors - Elite mobpack 1

    When the great corruption spread, it created terrorific abominations out of the flesh of the living. While the now called Fallen heroes stood a chance, other mortals suffered awful mutations and turned into violence-thirsty monsters that wanted to consume everything whose life hadn't yet faded...
  15. Frukis

    Never Ending Riko 1.0.0 Update

    The Never Ending - Riko This is a small mini-boss that I quickly made for testing some stuff! Might update it in the future :) for now... he will never die! This pack contains • 1 Mini-boss - Riko Showcase Video: [Might upload later]
  16. Fortepsai

    Dungeon Demons vol.1 1.1

    This pack includes: Scamp Imp Succubus Demon Lord Demon chest with key 1 sword 4 crafting materials 1 demon helmet for /hat All skill models Mythicmob files BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs Mob special behaviors and abilities: Scamp: Fast evasion Fireball Melee attack on approach Imp...
  17. Fortepsai

    Headless Horseman 1.0

    This pack includes: Dullahan the headless horseman Halloween themed boss arena schematic 1 weapon 1 trophy Loot chest with key All skill models Mythicmob files Custom sounds BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs Special behavior and abilities: Huge AOE damage Hard to escape Jumps at target...
  18. Gamita

    Demon pack: Anarchy and Chaos:: Mythicmobs ModelEngine and MCpets patreon_demon_pack

    Now, this product is Patreon: Everyone who bought this pack before and would like to download it again, feel free to message me, I have you on record. (Only the product you purchased at the time will be delivered to you, as now all package upgrades will be for patrons only). LORD OF ANARCHY...
  19. 宵閣玖鑰

    Model Engine ⊹ The Eroded Tyrant Of Deep Dark 2022-10-24

    If you need more features, you can leave a message for me as an update reference. (ゝ∀・)⌒☆ -Tested Minecraft&Plugins Versions► Paper 1.18.2 + MythicMobs-5.1.4 + Model-Engine-R2.5.3 Paper 1.19.2 + MythicMobs-5.1.4 + Model-Engine-R3.0.0 -Resource pack description► Use Golden Horse Armor...
  20. Nocsy

    Ghoul Pack - By Nocsy 2022-10-16

    This pack includes : 4 minions Ghoul Doghoul (+ MCPets config): acid projectiles Ghost: rush attack Slender: creepy attacks The Gravekeeper (boss) Throw ghouls Swirl attack (AOE) Smash attack Pierce attack Summon of the undeads 2 tombstones Comes with a trigger version that...