What's new
- Fixed Amalgam format error
- Fixed color formatting errors on MM 5.0.2+
- Added a premade LibsDisguises file if using both World Boss Pack and World Mob Pack
  • Updated all skins to be fetched from local files to prevent skin changing
  • Updated all skins to work on MM version 5.0+
- Wrong file fix!
  • Fixed Soul Cage displaying wrong nameplate on newer versions of Minecraft
  • Fixed multiple boss errors on 1.12.2 version
- Fixed 1.18 error on Musashi caused on server startup
- Fixed issues with using free version of MythicMobs causing placeholder errors
- Fixed a typo in Ozruk's Heart Trophy
- Fixed Amalgam spawning armor stands on 1.12 version
- Fixed Bhunivelze causing error spawm on 1.12 version
- Integrated World Items Pack elemental damage to all mobs & bosses
- Removed incorrect damageModifiers