What's new
- Added a lot of missing biome variations for boss spawns for most bosses
- Fixed install structure
  • Fixed AI issues on all of the bosses on new versions of MC
  • Config error fix for Amalgam
  • Fixed multiple options overriding on Immerseus
  • Fixed Bhunivelze not spawning
  • Fixed multiple Skill ID
- Fixed support link for discord
- Updated the LibsDisguises config to work with all of my packs
- Fixed Amalgam format error
- Fixed color formatting errors on MM 5.0.2+
- Added a premade LibsDisguises file if using both World Boss Pack and World Mob Pack
  • Updated all skins to be fetched from local files to prevent skin changing
  • Updated all skins to work on MM version 5.0+
- Wrong file fix!