world bosses

  1. T0xic

    ⭐️World Boss Pack⭐️ 2.18

    ✦ WORLD BOSS PACK ✦ The World Boss Pack is a MythicMobs Custom Boss Pack that has 12 differently themed bosses that each have different abilities. If you're looking for something to stand out from the rest of the servers this is it. My 5+ Years of MythicMobs experience has brought me to create...
  2. Infro

    Infro_'s World Bosses Pack 2.6

    Thx for 362 purchases!!! History upon the Pack Five known villains that have a power of all five elements of nature are now threatening the entire world. Each of them is a master of his force of nature and knows everything about it. They have their cruel plan and strong will to execute it...