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✨Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack✨- Includes over 25 new Mobs!

✨Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack✨- Includes over 25 new Mobs! v1.5.0

Dungeon Pack v1.5.0

* Refactoring code
* Changed all internal names to match with my other packs

* Changed disguises

- Removed MME dependency
Dungeon Mob Pack v1.4.3
Just a small update.

* Removed MacOSX files
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Dungeon Mob Pack v1.4.2
Another update for you!

+ Updated to work with Minecraft Version 1.14-1.16.3
+ Tested with MythicMobs-4.11.0 SNAPSHOT, MythicMobsExtension-1.72-SNAPSHOT
+ Improved AI of orcs
* Fixed teleporting issue with Wraith Archers
* Fixed random spawns
* Fixed mobinradius condition
* Fixed teleport sounds
* Changed particles for Wraiths and Spiders
- Removed disguises for Frost Spider and Frost Spiderling
- Removed support for older versions
- Removed Herobrine

Thats all for now, thanks for reading.
Dungeon Mob Pack v1.4.1

* Buffed Orc Axe Thrower
* Removed MACOSX folders
Dungeon Mob Pack v1.4
After a long time, another update for you!

+ Axe Thrower
* Orcs can be spawned via eggs now
* Overworked AI
* Using the health condition from MM instead of MME now
* Some skills of Wraiths should work better now
* Fixed Orc Drummers not playing music
- Support for 1.12.2 (V. 1.3 is the latest version for it.)
- Removed unnecessary code
- Removed Herobrine

More updates coming soon!
Dungeon Mob Pack v1.3
And another update for you! :p

+ Fire Spider (SpiderFire)

+ Fire Spiderling (SpiderlingFire)
+ Fire Spider Egg (SpiderEggFire)
* Everything tested on v4.6.0
- Removed unnecessary code
- Removed Herobrine

Have fun!
Dungeon Mob Pack v1.2.1
Nothing special today, just some bug fixes.

* Bug fixes
- removed MACOSX folder

- removed Herobrine
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Dungeon Mob Pack v1.2
Now 1.13 and 1.12 supported!

+ Random Mob Spawner Sample (Suggested by @gaxmaster24)
* Fixed Equipment Selector Skills (Thanks @ApocalypseZenny for reporting this)
* Orc Archers can now use their "Fire Bow" skill only when a player is nearby
* Spiderlings will no longer grow up if no player is nearby
* For MC 1.13: Changed the helmet of the Orc Drummer from a banner to a leather helmet because it was buggy
* For MC 1.13: Disguising mobs as blocks is not working at the moment in this version, so the Spider Eggs will look like cave spiders instead of dragon eggs till it is fixed
- Removed Herobrine

Thank you for your very positive feedback!
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Dungeon Mob Pack v1.1
A small update for you :)

+ Added Wraith Exploder

* Overworked Spiderlings
* Overworked Spider Eggs
- Removed Herobrine