mob pack

  1. MexBotDude

    Model Engine – MexBot’s Taiga&Forest Pack 2021-06-16

    MexBot’s Taiga Pack is features 6 New Animals for your Taiga & Forest Biomes I’ve been modelling for several minecraft Projects since 2014, and I made commissions for some medium large minecraft youtubers such as Forresbono (700k) & Painful (400k) I’ve also worked with the mythicmobs...
  2. MooshroomStatus

    MooshroomStatus Otherworldly Pack 2021-04-09

    WHAT'S INCLUDED?: - Fire Revenant - Cosmic Stormcaller - Void Creature - World Edit arena schematic (Cosmic Stormcaller) - Disguises.yml DEPENDENCIES: - LibsDisguises - MythicMobs - ProtocolLib VIEW HERE:
  3. MooshroomStatus

    MooshroomStatus Fantasy Bundle 2021-04-09

    Since I've finally created my first 3 boss packs, I'm adding a selling feature that allows you to buy them at a discounted price! Individually, their total is $13.50, but I'm selling you the 3 boss (and other orcs) bundle for only $10! I really appreciate this community's undying support and...
  4. D

    Pay what you want ⭐Snake Mobs Bundle⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mobs 1.1

    Snake Mobs Bundle The purchase button will redirect you to Gumroad where you're able to enter the price you're willing to pay for the mobs. This can be 0 if you want to. ✅ Custom Models ✅ Custom Animation ✅ Custom AI ✅ Random Spawning ✅ Custom Drops ⭕ Poisonous Snake ⭕ Choke Snake ⭕ Snake...
  5. sachingorkar

    Skeleton pack ︳five teirs of skeleton types ︳Bosses version 2

    This pack contains 5 different levels of skeleton with abilities like freeze throwing in air caging summoning floating eye ball minions shooting arrows of different potion effects if having any issue in downloading the pack make sure to join my discord
  6. B

    [FREE] Giant Surtur Boss mob 1.0

    The download contains: - A Mob file containing Surtur and Draugr - A skills file containing the projectile Skills - A random spawns file - Item files - Droptables file for both Surtur and Draugr * Draugr is a super basic mob that Surtur rallies during fights , you can choose to do without by...
  7. Wako

    Village Guards pack 1.1

    Once I'm purchased Town Guard Pack I'm was slightly disappointed and moves to write my own, just similar mob pack but better. I know, you need this guys. Here is a Village Guards Pack! ★Contains next features: - Regular Guard - Marksman (he's not a really marksman, just archer) - Knight on a...
  8. Buguser

    [Mob Pack] Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack ⚔ Includes 25 monsters with own skills and random spawners V. 1.4.3

    Join my new Discord server for free mob packs and other resources! ⚔ Dungeon Mob Pack ⚔ Description: Prepare yourselves! A new threat awaits you in the dark and deserted corners of your dungeons! You want to face the challenge? Of course you want... but you won't survive long anyway. This...