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✨Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack✨- Includes over 25 new Mobs!

✨Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack✨- Includes over 25 new Mobs! v1.5.0

veryy good and has balanced mobs
Thank you so much for this amazing pack :)
This is fantastic pack! love it so much ^^
Great Pack, highly recommended!
Good Job, amazing
This was a great pack, but since 1.15, the orcs are really laggy :(
great pack and works well with 1.13.2, thanks for making it free!
Lots of mobs for free to increase late game difficulty !!
Would definitely like to see the bosses get pushed to the top of the list for planned features
friend orcs when I invite you I get an error as I solve it
Heya 01113woosd, thanks for your review!

Can you please send me the error message over direct chat? I'm not able to reproduce the error, so i will try to fix it asap when i find out what the problem is. Maybe it is a wrong usage of the RandomSpawns.yml, please check that you didn't make any mistakes ^^. Make sure to use a supported Minecraft and MythicMobs version and don't forget to have Lib's Disguises and MythicMobsExtension installed :)
Used this resource on my server, pretty good! Would be glad if you can add bosses like Orc lord , Wraith King and Brood Mother (for each type)
Hey TenjouKia,

thank you for your review :) I'll put these mobs on the planned list ^^
Works great. Nice work!
Great resource! I am looking forward for an updates :)
Amazing pack! Hmu if you ever release a paid pack!
One of the best packs I've found, incredible that it's free! If you do some premium mobs in the future, I will be happy to buy them when I can.