1. Buguser

    ✨Buguser's Forgotten Bows✨- Get yourself some Bow variety! v1.0.1

    My Forgotten Bows pack includes, at this point, 5 different bows with full custom textures. Each bow has unique damage, different shooting velocity and custom durability + recipes, while still feeling very Vanilla-like! Video: Here is a short video that demonstrates the main features of this...
  2. Buguser

    ✨Buguser's Village Guards✨ - Protect your villages! - 100% Optimization v1.1.1

    This pack adds a new guard to your server, that can be upgraded and hired. Guard upgrades are protected against server restarts and reloads so players don't have to worry about losing progress. Village Defense: Village Guards will attack all nearby hostile mobs and players attacking them...
  3. Buguser

    ✨Buguser's Enchantment Pack✨- 22 NEW Vanilla-like Enchantments! v1.4.2

    This pack adds 22 unique enchantments with special functions to your server! All enchantments are as balanced as possible and work flawlessly together with other enchantments. More enchantments are planned and will be added soon. Some examples: Vein Mining Breaks matching connected ore...
  4. Buguser

    ✨Herobrine Boss✨ v2.2.2

    Join my new Discord server for free mob packs and other resources! Herobrine Boss Mojang has tried several times to remove Herobrine from the game, but without success... Now it is your task to erase Herobrine once and for all! Currently included in this pack: This pack includes the reworked...
  5. Buguser

    ✨Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack✨- Includes over 25 new Mobs! v1.5.0

    Join my Discord server for free mob packs and other resources! Dungeon Mob Pack Description: Prepare yourselves! A new threat awaits you in the dark and deserted corners of your dungeons! You want to face the challenge? Of course you want... but you won't survive long anyway. This mob pack...