1. Aracnen

    Skeleton Pack - Boss & Mobs 2021-10-16

    This pack includes : Heidard, the Necromancer : 11 animations 2 animated textures for the flames 8 different attack types with variations (2 close attacks, 3 different projectiles, 2 summonings, 2 AOE, and a rush) Skeleton Axe Brute : 7 animations 4 different attacks (a fast handle hit...
  2. JadeSpy

    Ice Giant Bossfight 2020-05-28

    This is a custom boss fight created using the free Minecraft plugin Mythic Mobs which allows you to add this boss to your Minecraft server! GlowAPI and Libsdisguises recommended! The Frost Goliath boss fight starts by executing the command "mm mobs spawn FrostGoliathBossfight", the battle goes...
  3. SpiderDeluxe

    Dungeon Problems

    I created a boss for my server I would like to create a dungeon accessible only, once from a certain time onwards, in which by defeating the head it closes again and is no longer accessible This dungeon should then be in the game world, not in a special world.
  4. Infro

    Infro_'s Forsaken Temble Pack 1.11

    Thx for 362 purchases!!! History upon the Dungeon Pack Mysterious clan of Death Heralds are snatching people all over the world and do what think they can do - decide one's fate. For an unknown reason they chained and tortured several innocent people. It seems like on of these people is the...
  5. Buguser

    [Mob Pack] Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack ⚔ Includes 25 monsters with own skills and random spawners V. 1.4.3

    Join my new Discord server for free mob packs and other resources! ⚔ Dungeon Mob Pack ⚔ Description: Prepare yourselves! A new threat awaits you in the dark and deserted corners of your dungeons! You want to face the challenge? Of course you want... but you won't survive long anyway. This...
  6. T0xic

    ⭐️Shaldorn Keep⭐️| Custom dungeon | Unique Bosses 2.46

    ✦ SHALDORN KEEP ✦ Shaldorn Keep is a MythicMobs Custom Boss Dungeon that has 4 differently themed bosses that each have different abilities and 12 different dungeon mobs! If you're looking for something to stand out from the rest of the servers this is it. My 5+ Years of MythicMobs experience...
  7. Yason Dodai P


    Hello, I'm using MC 1.11, Spigot Since I'm going to make Endless Tower (Ragnarok) in my server. I have some questions: 1. Can a mythicmobs spawner to able to spawn mobs even it is blocked by worldguard (mob-spawning)? 2. Is it possible to set many kinds of mobs in one spawner? That's all...
  8. Krowerom

    Pirate Ship Dungeon

    Hey guys :) I have posted another vid on my YouTube channel featuring my server, showcasing an awesome ship build (based on one of Silhouette's ships) by Ladyhawk and a collection of Pirate themed mobs I created to bring it to life!! I've tried to give some explanation in the vid on how things...
  9. zz160

    Can there be shared loot?

    HELLO :) I have just started using MythicMobs and I love it! It is one of the best plugins ever for me since I love RPGs. I am just looking to find out if I can have a shared loot system. For example like World of Warcraft. When you defeat a boss everyone gets loot. I would like that and...