dungeon mobs

  1. Fortepsai

    Dungeon Demons vol.1 1.1

    This pack includes: Scamp Imp Succubus Demon Lord Demon chest with key 1 sword 4 crafting materials 1 demon helmet for /hat All skill models Mythicmob files BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs Mob special behaviors and abilities: Scamp: Fast evasion Fireball Melee attack on approach Imp...
  2. Buguser

    ✨Buguser's Dungeon Mob Pack✨- Includes over 25 new Mobs! v1.5.0

    Join my Discord server for free mob packs and other resources! Dungeon Mob Pack Description: Prepare yourselves! A new threat awaits you in the dark and deserted corners of your dungeons! You want to face the challenge? Of course you want... but you won't survive long anyway. This mob pack...