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MythicMobs 4.0.0 has been released! That's right, 4.0, which is twice as good as 2.0!

MythicMobs 4.0 includes the long-awaited conditions update. The conditions system (along with most systems in the plugin) have been completely rewritten to be much faster and much more usable. Conditions now have several flavors and allow you to adjust how and what skills target with great accuracy.

Along with this rewrite, 4.0 also includes a massive API update, which allows people to add their own custom mechanics and custom conditions!

See the changelog for more info.

You can get the update on Spigot here:

Please report any bugs in the bug report forum so I can fix them ASAP.

MythicMobs' communtiy member Jocke155 has apparently gone out of his way to get us all something really special: the MythicCreator. While this little program is in no way officially affiliated to MythicMobs, it might aswell be a tool straight from our coding team itself.

Download it HERE (redirects to MythicMobs marketplace)

Basically it gives you the power to create new mobs in a very, very user friendly environment which doesn't involve the creation and maintenance of yaml files at all.


This tool is a must try for MythicMobs beginners and certainly also interesting for advanced users - you might learn about 1-2 features you haven't seen before.

The MythicMobs team gives a big thumbs up to Jocke155 and is excited for future versions of this awesome application.

I have gone ahead and released MythicMobs v2.5.11! This is a patched update for 1.11 & 1.11.2 support that does not include any of the v2.6 features, and may also be missing some bug fixes.

Due to API changes in v2.6 it is not ready for public release, but this should help tide servers over for now.


Note: The download link may not work until BukkitDev approves the update.
The MythicMobs Resource section is now opened up for you to upload resources for free. Previously you were required to offer your products for a minimum of 1 $, which is hereby no longer the case.

We hope that this change will bring some more life into the resources section, which has been rather quiet ever since it's launch, and thus, encourage sharing of your guys' creations among another.

- j

We all must have tried to get these working at some point, but Eternirya is the one that finally come up with a solution for it: creating proper functioning ambient creatures with MythicMobs. (and of course even more possibilites with the useage of this method!)

Check out his tutorial on the forums: [Click here]

Fun part about this for me is that all of this is based on an easter-egg, implemented into Minecraft by Mojang a bunch of years ago... :D

- jaylawl
MythicMobs v2.5.1 has been publicly released.

This build contains numerous bug fixes for 2.5 including some workarounds to work for LibsDisguises 9.0.9! See the changelog for more information.

Get it here:

Get MythicLib here:
MythicMobs v2.5.0 has been released!

This includes support for Spigot 1.10, tons of bug fixes, and some new features!

One big change to note is that MythicMobs now requires MythicLib. This was announced before, and was necessary due to MythicMobs sharing a lot of code with Champions.

The biggest new feature is support for MiniaturePets. This was a highly requested collaboration between the devs of both plugins. MiniaturePets support means that you can now use the custom models that are designable using MPets in MythicMobs! This feature will bring a new level of customization to your mobs, for the first time allowing for full-fledged custom models for your bosses.

There are various other features, new skills, new effects, and more, that you can find in the changelog. This release also includes some heavy optimizations to spawners and targeters!

The conditions update has been pushed back and will start being tested in dev builds shortly.

Get it here:

Get MythicLib here:

Enjoy everyone!
I have decided to make a few major changes to the marketplace to open it up to more people. These changes will be going into effect tonight:
  • Requirements for posting resources have been lowered substantially
  • Free resources can now be posted
  • We no longer take a cut of premium resources.
Our hope is that this will encourage more people to share their creations and just to enjoy MythicMobs!

Happy boss creating!
Going forward as of today, all dev builds and future releases of MythicMobs will require MythicLib also be installed to function.

MythicLib was previously compiled into MythicMobs for your convenience, however as I get closer to releasing Champions that is no longer an option. This library contains all the shared code for my plugins.

You can get MythicLib here (only required for 2.5.0+):

Thanks everyone!
Hello everyone! I have several things to bring up today to the MythicMobs community in regards to the future. Please leave comments and feedback in this thread!

Recruiting Moderators / Testers / Forum Staff

I am currently looking for long-time community members that are interested in helping with forum moderation and bug testing. The vast majority of bugs reported on the forums are due to bad configs, or are things that are not even caused by MythicMobs, and this has caused a massive slowdown in public releases and in real bugs being fixed.

These days I do not have as much time to sift through the forums looking for real bugs, as I must try to test and replicate every bug on different versions of MC. When a bug report isn't accurate, this turns into a massive waste of time. Bug Testers will have the ability to mark threads in the Bug Report forum to help me out with sifting through them, and will have a special tag so people know they are knowledgeable.

People that can prove to me they are competent, or who are already well-known in the community as being good and helpful, can PM me if they are interested in helping out in this role. While I cannot offer much in compensation, people doing this will receive free dev builds and will also be added to a special MythicMobs Staff Discord chat where they can speak to me directly and help communicate bugs and also be part of the future of MythicMobs.

Status of 1.10

On top of all the bug issues, 1.10 has also been incredibly slow for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the incredible instability of 1.10 in general - it seems to be a very buggy update, and most large servers still run 1.9 with ViaVersion.

Many of the bugs people report with the 1.10 dev builds are actually caused by issues with other plugins, such as LibsDisguises, which do not work 100% on 1.10 still even after several months. This isn't even necessary their fault, but is caused by 1.10's instability.

Many of you have understandably expressed frustration with 1.10 builds not being released yet, but a big part of this is that I am not comfortable releasing something so unstable to the public as that will just further increase the massive torrent of invalid bug reports. Hopefully going forward we will be able to continue smoothing things out to where MythicMobs can have an acceptable 1.10 release.

MiniaturePets Support

On the plus side, support for MiniaturePets is mostly stable at this point, and details will be added to the manual soon. You can do some incredible things with the two plugins working together. Thanks to the MiniaturePets team!