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Mythic v5.4.0 Free Version Now Available

I've finally decided to release Mythic v5.4.0. This is one of the largest updates we've ever done! But don't take my word for it.

Here are some highlights:
- Over 200 issues closed on the bug tracker
- The Stat System is here! And you can make your own custom stats!
- Full Display entity and Text entity support all over the place, for both projectiles and holograms
- Full rewrite of the projectile and projectile bullet systems
- Rewrite of spawners, with more features coming soon!
- 1.20.2 support
- Tons of other random new features and fixes

The more exciting implications for the stat system will be coming soon, as now focus shifts to finishing Crucible/Enchants support for it and releasing an MVP of the RPG plugin.

Anyway I'll keep this short since my fingers are bleeding stubs from closing so many issues, so I hope you'll consider leaving a good review! And also open another issue if you find a bug with the new stuff so I can cry over it.

Enjoy the update!

Download here:

If free updates make you happy then don't forget to tell us about it with a good review (or a star on hangar. if you're into hangar for some reason)

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