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MythicEnchantments [Early Access]

MythicEnchantments [Early Access] v0.0.1

  1. Any Mythic-compatible version
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MythicEnchants- Make incredible custom enchants!
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MythicEnchants is a powerful enchantment plugin backed by MythicMobs, giving you the ability to create versatile and in-depth custom enchantments that no other plugin could come close to. Using the same syntax that MythicMobs and MythicCrucible uses, with the full array of mechanics, conditions, and triggers, you can create just about anything you put your mind to.

On top of this, the plugin comes bundled with many hardcoded custom enchants for those that want a drag-and-drop experience, and more are being added all the time, and all of them are fully configurable!


  • Create limitless numbers of custom enchantments using MythicMobs' skill system! And comes with special mechanics and conditions for interacting with enchantments.
  • Full anvil support
  • Fully configurable custom rarities for enchantments with:
    • Enchantment table support, including using different CustomModelData to modify chances,.
    • Enchantment books from villager trades, with many options to customize trading options.
    • Enchantment books in naturally-generated chests.
  • [In Development] Will come with a large variety of hardcoded enchants on release that will be fully configurable.
  • [In Development] Configurable gkits
  • [In Development] Disenchantment with configurable catalysts and other special enchantment systems.
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Only been playing around with this for an hour or 2 but it is a huge improvement over other plugins i've tried in the past such as Advanced Enchants. Enchantments are integrated into the game almost like an actual update and not a weird buggy addon. Hopefully we get a build for 1.21 soon(Few minor errors preventing enchantments from being applied to weapons).
This plugin is definitely the singular best custom enchant plugin available, especially if your familiar with the MythicMobs syntax, you can basically turn any MM skill into an enchant with minimal effort, and overall it's the best choice for custom enchants of any kind, it's very versatile, and infinitely easier and better than any other solution I've tried (EcoEnchants, Advanced Enchants, etc.). For anyone who's read about the plugin being essentially abandoned for months, development seems to have been resumed entirely, and the most notable issues have been fixed, so hopefully the plugin will continue to receive updates.
Super Cool Plugin And So Far Works Pretty Well On 1.18 (although its ment to be 1.16) Only Thing That Doesnt Work Is Trying To Get It From An
Enchant Table Ive Tried Everything And It Just Doesnt Work. Maybe It Needs To Be In 1.18 To Work Properly Idk