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Black Friday Sale

Happy holidays everyone! In the 10 years Mythic has been around I don't think we've ever done a sale, but there's a first time for everything.

This year to celebrate the holidays (and to help you with inflation) we've decided to do a sale on all of our plugins!

The Mythic Whale Sale bundle

As part of this sale I've put together a bundle that includes all of our plugins. Yes, everything, even that one thing that isn't technically released yet. The Whale Bundle includes every mythic plugin, including ModelEngine, and also comes with a special whale role so you can finally be the mmo server king you were always meant to be.

This bundle is over a $200 value, but you can get it through Cyber Monday for only $99.99


If you hate bundles and whales and just want a coupon, there is also a coupon available. You can use code TURKEY for 20% off at Bisec I mean, on any of our plugins. Also valid through Cyber Monday.

So if you've been wanting to dive further into the Mythic ecosystem or just want that juicy whale rank, now is the best time! Go take advantage of them before I change my mind!

The Whale Bundle can be purchased on the Account Upgrades page here: