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Mythic v5.0.4 Released

  • 12,282
  • 1
Since this version contains lots of changes, don't forget to post issues on our issue tracker! We'll try to do frequent releases over the next few weeks to patch up bugs.

As usual get it by going here:

And don't forget to leave nice reviews, because nice reviews make me want to release more free versions:

Mythic 4.14 Released for Free

  • 18,831
  • 3
Now that paper is stable, we've gone ahead and released v4.14.0 for free! This includes 1.18.1 support along with some new features. This does not include any of the 5.0 API changes.

Grab it here:

Mythic 4.13 Released for Free

  • 15,245
  • 2
Since so much content is available in dev builds, we've decided to release MythicMobs 4.13 before applying our major API changes. This replaces the 5.0.0-alpha1 build we released a few weeks ago and contains far more bug fixes!

Grab it here: